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Caring For Your Pet During Hard Times

Options for keeping your pet or finding a good placement. As I write this, the big economic news in the United States is the mortgage crisis and the thousands of home foreclosures across the nation. ABC News reports that animals are the silent victims of this crisis, with pets sometimes... more

Fluffy Or Chubby? Pets And Weight

All about a healthy weight for your animal. At 24 pounds, Sam was --- forgive the cliché --- a fat cat. I used to tell his owner, one of my best friends, that he weighed four times as much as the six-pound laptops we had in college. Sam is no longer with... more

Veterinarians: How To Choose A Vet

What to look for in your veterinarian. When I adopted my first pet -- a three-month-old grey and white cat -- I took him to the vet recommended by the local animal shelter. Unfortunately, the vet's office was small and cramped and felt dirty - even for a place with animals traipsing... more

Turtles, Tortoises And Snakes

Advice for having a pet reptile.TheHumane Society of the United Statesestimates that 11 million pet reptiles live in this country. Unfortunately, keeping reptiles as pets may not be such a good idea. In fact, the HSUS recommends that reptilesnotbe kept as pets for a variety of humane, conservation and... more

The Barf Diet

Is a raw diet right for your pets? It doesn't sound pretty, but the BARF diet is all the rage for some pet owners. No, they're not forcing cats and dogs to binge and purge. BARF is an acronym for Bones And Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw... more

Beginner's Guide To Seasonal Home Maintenance

Inspection tips for spring, summer, winter, and fall There's nothing like home ownership to remind me that I'm a grown-up. When things start to leak, crack, or make funny noises, it's my job as a fine upstanding adult to figure out how to fix them, or at... more

How To Choose A Pet Carrier

Options for bringing your pet along.If you're traveling or moving, check out these other articles: "Moving Day with Pets" andPart 1andPart 2of "Have Pet: Will Travel?". But if you just want to take your pet with you to the store or the park, keep reading. Standard... more

Pet Food Recalls

Pet food safety and your pet's health. Last spring, I bought a brand of cat food I'd never tried before. My two cats seemed to like it, but I noticed that they were a bit sluggish for a few days. Then I heard about the infamous pet food... more