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8 Great Homemade Gifts For Nannies And Babysitters

They take care of your kiddos. Here are some easy-to-make ideas for giving them a little something to remember you by.  All year long, your nanny or babysitter takes care of the most precious people in your life. So it's important to take care of her! Give your... more

5 Crazy Dog Sitter Tales

Dog sitting isn't always a walk in the park. Here are 5 stories from the front lines of the dog sitter world.A dog sitter can really save the day when you're on vacation, work out of the house or have too much going on to give your... more

Bedtime Schedule: An Age-By-Age Guide

Wondering how much sleep your little one needs? Here's everything you need to know!Do you get chills every time someone utters the word "bedtime?" You're not alone! It can be quite a struggle to wrangle your little ones into bed at the designated hour. Here's everything... more

Weird Dog Behavior: 8 Stories That Make Your Dog Seem Normal

Think your dog is crazy? Check out these outlandish, hilarious and downright mortifying tales of dogs gone wrong.Dogs lick their private parts and chase their tails, but some pups go beyond these typical canine antics. When taken to the next level, weird dog behavior can leave you wondering whether... more

101 Questions Grandchildren Ask Their Grandparents

Some are silly, and some are serious. Here are 101 of the best questions kids ask their grandparentsIf you've got grandchildren, you've heard some funny things over the years. Kids are a curious bunch, of course, and tend to fixate on their favorites things -- like you! Don't... more

The 10 Best Potty Training Fails

From going in a potted plant to comparing #2 to dog poop, here are the top 10 funniest potty training fails   Your child is working so hard at going in the potty. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. But with every epic fail comes a story you... more

A Guide To Time Management For Kids

Organizing your kids' schedules can be tricky. Here's some guidance on how much time should be devoted to certain activities at different ages.It takes a bit of careful planning and consideration to organize your child's after-school schedule. After all, time management for kids involves arranging fun activities... more

15 Tips For How To Encourage Kids To Participate

No parent wants to see her kid cooped up inside all weekend while others on the block ride their bikes and take dance lessons. But it's hard to know how to encourage kids to join in activities when they seem reluctant, too shy or just plain uninterested. Most kids... more