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8 Great Homemade Gifts For Nannies And Babysitters

They take care of your kiddos. Here are some easy-to-make ideas for giving them a little something to remember you by.  All year long, your nanny or babysitter takes care of the most precious people in your life. So it's important to take care of her! Give your... more

How To Create A Family Command Center That Will Save Your Sanity

Don't let papers pile up! Keep your life organized with a family command center. Chaos reigns in most households, but here's an easy trick to make it disappear from yours: create a family command center. In one fell swoop, you can regain control of the ephemera that clutters... more

9 Unique Kids' Bathroom Ideas

Go from "blah" to "beautiful" with these fabulous kids' bathroom ideas.     Water themes abound when it comes to kids' bathroom ideas, but not every design has to be the same. Ocean colors and sea creatures are certainly adorable, but don't be afraid to consider something new when... more

17 Toddler Girl Room Ideas

She's not a baby anymore! Here are some easy ways to update her room "Big Girl" style. If your daughter is getting too big for her crib, you may be thinking about toddler girl room ideas. Sure, her nursery decor accommodated her well when she was a baby, but... more

12 Breastfeeding Tips Every Mother Should Know

Successful nursing takes practice -- and some good advice. Here are 12 smart tips to get you started. Nursing a baby creates a strong mother-child bond, but starting the process gives some women pause. Fortunately, smart breastfeeding tips from seasoned moms and lactation professionals can be the difference between quitting after... more

Separation Anxiety In Children After The Toddler Years

Even older kids have trouble parting from their parents or caregivers sometimes. Here's an overview of separation anxiety and how you can help your child overcome it.     You might have expected a certain amount of whining and clinging when you leave your toddler at day care or... more

How To Deal With A Dog Ear Infection

Puppy ear aches can be a drag for both pets and their owners. Here's how to recognize, treat and learn to prevent a dog ear infection. Is Fido scratching at his ears more than usual? Has Spike started tossing her head a lot? Your pup might have an ear... more

7 Signs Of Hypothyroidism In Dogs

An underactive thyroid gland in your pet can mean a slowed metabolism. Here's what you need to know about hypothyroidism, a common condition in dogs, as well as the signs to watch out for. Does your dog appear to be slowing down or not acting like himself? Hypothyroidism, a... more