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Pet Sitter Or Boarding Kennel: Which Is Right For Your Dog?

Bags packed — check. Boarding passes printed — check. Ride to airport scheduled — check. Arrangements for Fido — uh oh! Whether your dog is an energetic pup or an older fellow, making preparations for a pet's care during your absence can be stressful and overwhelming. The decision between hiring an... more

How To Get First-Aid And Cpr Training

It's not fun to think about emergencies. But as much as you hope they'll never happen, you do have to be prepared. CPR and first aid are things that everyone — especially people who care for children — should know. You may not realize the importance of first-aid... more

7 Benefits Of Hospice Care

Hospice care can lessen the financial burden by avoiding unnecessary hospital visits and it offers dignity to the patient, to name a few.  When the doctor mentioned hospice as an option for Elaine Bleiden’s mother, Bleiden was surprised. "I was totally blown away, as I realized this is what end of... more

6 Ways To Stay Healthy When Caring For Sick Kids

Cold and flu season is here. Here are helpful tips for taking care of a sick child without getting sick yourself. With germs hopping all over classrooms, day cares and playgroups, parents and nannies need to stay in tip-top shape. It's inevitable your household will come down with either... more

Should Your Nanny Be Your Housekeeper, Too?

Yes, nannies can be magical. They love and feed your children, and make sure everything is alright when you are away. And yes, some nannies can do housework, too, spreading that sparkle into the messy kitchen and laundry room, as well. But is it always a good idea to try to... more

6 Expert Tips On How To Communicate Effectively With Your Child's Tutor

  All parents want their children to achieve academic victories and be rewarded with a multitude of choices in schools and careers as they become adults. Whether you hired a tutor because your child is struggling in math or needs help with SAT prep, the relationship between parents, student and... more

5 Kid-Friendly International Foods

With chicken nuggets and plain pasta just a button on the microwave away, expanding your child's palette can be a challenge. Being a parent or caregiver is a thrilling roller coaster ride filled with uphill battles and fast slides down, and theoretically, family mealtimes should be a time to slow... more

10 Safety Tips For Hiring A Teen Babysitter

Times have changed since the days when your neighborhood teen could pop over last minute to babysit for the first time. A teenage babysitter is still a great solution for when you want to go on a date night or run some errands, but parents need to think about safety... more