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Where Do Babies Come From? The Best And Funniest Answers From Parents

Feeling lost for words when your kids ask about the birds and the bees? Check out these 12 serious -- and hilarious -- parent explanations.Whether you have a baby in your belly or just a child with a budding curiosity, at some point your kids will likely ask you: "Where do... more

Give The Gift Of Girl Power: 13 Tips To Raise A Go-Getter

Here are 13 tips for helping your daughter go after her goals!Adolescence can be a difficult time in a young woman's life. When your child is at this age, she likely struggles with self-esteem issues and the pressure to fit in with the crowd. By teaching your daughter... more

15 Dogs Dressed For Winter Who Have Better Winter Style Than You

Check out these fashionable pups who school you in winter style!When it comes to winter style, you know it's important to be warm but look cool. And you may think you're looking pretty fetch in your cozy leg warmers and cute knit hats, but you've got... more

Dog Skin Cancer: An Overview Of This Condition And How To Prevent It

Here's everything you need to know about skin cancer in dogs, including 4 steps you should take to prevent your pet from developing this condition. Does your dog love to lounge outdoors in the sun? If so, he might be at risk for developing skin cancer. Here's everything... more

Holiday Stress Tips: 15 Things To Skip This Holiday Season

Feeling overwhelmed by your holiday to-do list? Check out this list of 15 things you should skip!Planning the picture-perfect holiday for your family can be overwhelming. Do you feel lost in an endless cycle of shopping, cooking and cleaning? Then you're definitely in need of some holiday stress... more

The Benefits Of A Puppy Feeding Schedule

How to establish a puppy feeding schedule for a dog who can't think beyond his dish Your puppy is constantly asking for food, but you're worried he might be eating too much. A puppy feeding schedule can help to instill consistent eating habits. If you have a tiny... more

Lost Cat Search: 12 Things You May Forget To Do

Here are some tips for safely finding your missing kitty. If you have a lost cat, chances are you're feeling a little lost yourself. Your kitty moves quickly, and there are endless places she could be hiding. You've tried calling her name and tapping a fork on the... more

14 Symptoms Of Distemper In Cats

Here's an overview on distemper in cats, including 14 common symptoms that you should look out for! Feline panleukopenia, also known as distemper, is a highly contagious but often curable disease. Not sure how to tell if your pet has caught it? Here's an overview of distemper in... more