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Jennifer A. Digiovanni's Activity

101 Activities For Your Sports Fanatic

Sports encourage kids to be physically active. Participating in athletics also helps kids learn about team dynamics, healthy competition and good sportsmanship. If your child is a serious sports fanatic, here are 101 family activities to further develop their love of athletics: Join community sports programs. Attend a Major League... more

22 Campfire Stories To Spook And Delight

Looking for stories to tell around your next campfire? From scary to silly, here are 22 great ones.     Who doesn't love staying up late, making s'mores and telling funny or scary campfire stories? If you've been charged with providing the entertainment at your next group... more

92 Awesome Tie-Dye Ideas To Fill Your Summer With Fun

Tie-dying items is a perfect summer activity for kids because it involves creative expression, a little messiness and most times doesn't require perfection. The countless dye methods produce a huge variety of patterns and designs. Also, it's easy to find materials, like Kool-Aid, which can be used by... more

52 Fun Face Paint Ideas For Kids

You don't need to be an artist to create fun face paint designs for your kids. Here are 52 great face paint ideas!Testing out face paint ideas with your kids is an easy activity for a rainy day or when you're looking for some outdoor summer fun... more

Saying Goodbye To The Old Home: Helping Kids Through A Move

Moving on? Here's how to help kids say goodbye to their old home.The announcement "Guess what? We're moving!" can conjure up a wide range of emotions in your kids, from fear to sadness and even a touch of anger. Moving away from the only house they've... more

Hello, New House: 5 Ways To Get Kids Excited About Moving

Here are 5 ways you can get kids excited about their fabulous new home.According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 12 percent of Americans move each year. If you're planning on joining the ranks, you're probably thinking about how to break the news to your kids... more

5 Moving Day Tips To Ease Stress

Moving is hard work, but it doesn't have to be stressful. Try these 5 tips to reduce stress for the whole family.No matter how much you prepare for moving day, transporting your entire life from one house to another is stressful for both parents and kids. Add a... more

16 Ways To Get Free Baby Stuff

Baby gear can be incredibly expensive. Here are 16 ways you can get tons of free baby stuff to save your budget.Your baby is completely adorable, but she's also expensive. Luckily, free baby stuff is out there for the taking -- you just need to know the best ways... more