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How To Nurture The Dad-Bond

Sometimes it seems that Dads get a raw deal. "Attachment parenting" is the new big buzzword, and is usually associated with mothers. Magazine covers are all about celebrity moms. When Mom is away, people still ask if Dad is "babysitting" (no, he's being a Dad!). Deserved or not, these... more

Passing All The Safety Checks Before Hiring Nanny

Follow these tips to make sure that the nanny you hire is a safe bet. When you're looking for someone to care for your children, safety always comes first. Above and beyond meeting your general standards, the potential child care provider must be someone whom you can trust -- but how... more

Follow This Checklist For Your Nanny’s First Day On The Job

Once you’ve found the perfect nanny for your family, you know it. It’s an exciting time, and sometimes important tasks can get lost in the mix. It’s easy enough to remember background checks and pay negotiations, but have you explained all the specific rules, like screen time guidelines, or showed... more

How A Nanny Should Discipline Your Kids

You don't want to always be "bad cop." Here are 7 tips for getting your nanny to discipline your kids the same way you do. What are the kids allowed to do when Mom is out of sight? While it's never easy playing bad cop, establishing guidelines around... more

The Back To School Cheat Sheet

What parents need to remember when it's time to go back to school. The kids get their list of school supplies each fall. Why should they have all the fun? Here's what you'll need in terms of supplies, information and systems to get your school year off... more

7 Common Stress Scenarios - Solved

Are you dealing with mom stress? Or dad stress? Or sitter stress? Here are some tips to help.You're stressed out. With kids, a job, a life, parents aging, siblings fighting -- not to mention the enormous amount of household responsibilities you need to keep track of, stress is more... more