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10 Kid-Friendly Hike And Bike Trails In The Houston Area

Get some fresh air by trekking along one of these family friendly trails. Houston might be known for its massive highways, huge refineries, and sprawling construction, but the area is also home to tons of green spaces. Its hundreds of acres of parks, nature centers, and waterways offer a wide... more

10 Best Houston-Area Playgrounds For Babies And Toddlers

These local play areas are perfect for tots and crawlers. With a rambunctious toddler and a baby girl trying to keep up, our house can get a little crazy. No matter how many couch-cushion obstacle courses I build or hallway races I time, there’s just no substitute for a little... more

10 Spots To Take Outdoor Family Photos In Houston

Get your next favorite family shot at one of these picture-perfect Houston locations. When my son turned 1, we splurged on a photographer to take some family photos. Until then, we had gotten by with blurry smartphone snaps that rarely included all of us at the same time. My baby... more

5 Great Baby-Friendly Yoga Classes Around Houston

Bring your tiny yogi to one of these fun yoga studios. Yoga has been shown to have all kinds of benefits for adults, especially during pregnancy. It can improve sleep, lower your stress levels, and increase your core muscle strength. Group classes can also be a relaxing way to connect... more

10 Houston Doughnut Shops Your Kids Will Love

Grab a sweet treat with your little one at one of these great local doughnut shops. Some parents take their kids out for milkshakes or ice cream for an extra special treat. In our house, we get doughnuts! My kids go crazy over that sugary fried dough and brightly colored... more

10 Family Memberships To Houston-Area Attractions That Are Totally Worth It

These annual passes can save your family money and are rife with kid-friendly edutainment. As a city that has both dinosaurs and astronauts in spades, Houston is a pretty great place to raise a family. The area features dozens of sites where kids can learn and play all at the... more

The 10 Best Places To See Holiday Lights In The Houston Area

Get in the holiday spirit by visiting these magical light displays. When it’s 80 degrees in December, Houston doesn’t exactly feel like a winter wonderland. But what the city lacks in windchill, it makes up for in show-stopping luminescence. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, millions of colorful holiday lights... more

The 5 Best Places To Go Strawberry Picking In The Houston Area

Pick your own healthy snacks at one of these great Houston-area fruit farms. As much as we Houstonians love our farmers markets and H-E-B, it’s nice to leave the concrete and taillights of the city every so often to get our produce straight from the source. The metro area is... more