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5 Common Questions About Hiring In-Home Care

If you're grappling with the decision of hiring in-home help, consider these questions.When your adult or elderly loved one can no longer live independently, you're faced with a stressful decision for how to get them the best care moving forward."The majority of seniors prefer to live... more

Is Caregiving Impacting Your Career?

Plan ahead to maintain your sanity.The boss wants you to attend a breakfast meeting, but your dad has a 9 a.m. doctor's appointment. You really need to stay late at work to meet a deadline, but you can't leave your mother alone in the evenings. Sound... more

7 Embarrassing Things Kids Say

Learn what to do when your children have loose lips.     You want your children to be honest, but because they lack fully developed social skills, kids' comments can sometimes be hurtful, embarrassing or reveal way too much information.  "There are things parents can do to minimize those... more

Do You Give Your Nanny A Holiday Bonus?

A Christmas bonus for a nanny? Yes! Learn why your nanny should get a year-end bonus and what the average bonus is in each state. Your nanny cares for your kids and keeps your life running smoothly all year long. Come December, it's important to say thank you for... more

9 Holiday Conversations You Should Have With Your Employer Now

The holiday season shakes up everyone's schedule. The kids are off from school, families travel and social calendars fill up with family get-togethers, holiday parties, church activities and school programs. So, naturally, your role as a care provider will be affected as well. You want to be flexible, but you must... more

What Is A Household Manager?

Learn about household managers -- include their roles, training and salary. The term "certified household manager" was created by Mary Louise Starkey of Starkey International Institute in 1981. “At the time, terms like butler and majordomo existed, but there was no way for women to enter the management aspect of private... more

10 Tips For Getting Kids To Pay Attention

An inattentive child is a frustration all parents have dealt with. Continually having to repeat directions can be exasperating and hinder a child's progress in school. According to a study conducted by Meghan McClelland, an associate professor at Oregon State University, preschool children who were rated high by their parents... more

How To Prepare For An Iep Meeting

Take an active part in the creation of your child's Individualized Education Program by educating yourself on your child's needs and the IEP process. The federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires that schools develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) for students with special needs. It includes information... more