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Preparing For A Pet Care Emergency

What to do during an emergency with your pet. Many pet guardians wonder if they should have supplies on hand in case their beloved animal friend becomes sick or injured. Dr. Kiko Bracker, DVM, DACVECC of the Emergency and Critical Care Services Team at Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston... more

Protect The Environment: Make Earth-Friendly Pet Choices

Why you should use natural products for your pet. Many Americans are jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon, and with good reason. Never before have environmental issues such as global warming, dwindling natural resources, pollution, overpopulation, habitat destruction and disappearing wildlife felt so urgent and immediate. As we find ways to... more

Teaching Kids About Dogs

Building a healthy and safe relationship between children and their pet pups.Dogs have long been the storied companions of children. Many of us grew up with dogs and considered them our most faithful childhood friends, and for many parents, the question is not "if" their children will have a... more

Say Yes! Spay Your Pet

Why neutered pets are happier and healthier. We've all heard what amount to old wives' tales about neutering and spaying our pets: Our animal friends will gain weight or lose their playful personalities; it's important to let a pet cycle through heat at least once; a female should... more

Cat Care: To Declaw Or Not To Declaw?

Why declawing a cat is inhumane.     Most cat lovers know that veterinarians do not recommend declawing because of its painful effect on the animals. Some still feel that declawing is the only way they can manage their pets' scratching habits, however. Care.com asked Dr. Lisa Maciorakowski, DVM... more

Social Networking For Dog Owners

Where to find virtual pet friends for dog owners. Next time you decide to log on to Facebook, watch out -- Fido might beat you to it. Dogs (actually their "people" writing in for their pooches) from across the U.S. and around the world have been jamming the servers at... more

Want To Adopt A Dog?

Mutts have fewer health problems and other reasons adopting a pet might be the best solution for you.I once saw a sign in an animal shelter that read: "Do you love German Shepherds?Labrador Retrievers? Boxers? Get them all, Get a Mutt!" In so many ways, this sentiment proves... more

Harnesses With Heart

How to find harnesses that won't injure your pet. Like most dog lovers, Nicholas Aretakis, president of PaPPI (Puppy and Pet Products International, LLC), walks his dogs for three basic reasons. "We take them out so they can do their business, to get them some exercise, and for the... more