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How To Have A Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and if the biggest battle in your house is the Super Bowl versus superhero flicks, we've got the answer: a kid-friendly bowl game. Here are crafts, games, activities and snack ideas to turn whining into winning on game day. Pre-game warmup Here are some crafts... more

Fun Games To Teach Kids About The Summer Olympics

Two weeks of pure excitement, adrenaline, heartbreak, and triumph. Who wouldn't be interested? The Summer Olympics are coming to London July 27 to August 12. Haven't secured your $2000 (per person) flight to London for you and the kids yet? Have no fear, they can still catch the... more

9 Ways To Keep An Aging Brain Smart

In many ways, the mind is still a scientific mystery and we are constantly trying to understand it more. One thing is certain though: your brain can deteriorate if you don't take care of it. Keeping it healthy will not only help you in your day-to-day activities, but also... more

8 Fun Ways To Teach Kids About The Winter Olympics

Get kids in the Olympic spirit with the following 16 indoor and outdoor activities. Two weeks of pure excitement, adrenaline, heartbreak, and triumph. Who wouldn't be interested? This year, the Winter Olympics will be hosted in PyeongChang from February 8-25, 2018. Haven't secured your $2,000 (per person... more

How Your Dog Can Help With School

4 ways to improve your child's math, reading, geography and science scores with a four-legged friend.     Kids' lives seem simple: eat, play, sleep and go to school. But we parents know that our kids are learning tactics to be smart, confident and hard-working adults. And the pressure... more

How To Prevent Homesickness At Camp

5 tips to help kids avoid being homesick when they head off to summer camp.     It's a difficult and anxious decision: should you sign your child up for an overnight summer camp? You want them to have a wonderful first experience, but you can't get one... more

Oscar Party For Kids

Here are some great ideas to get through Oscar night, with kids. Even if the last movie you've seen is Toy Story 3Date nights don't often include dinneranda movie.Hiring a babysitterwith the risk the movie is a bust, can be too chancy. We get it. But that... more