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18 Of The Best Gender-Neutral Toys For Kids

Gone are the days that we assume every girl likes playing kitchen or every boy likes playing cars. Every child is an individual, and their interests can be wide and vast. So when it comes to gifting toys for kids or buying a few for sharing, there's no need to... more

7 Summer Safety Tips For Protecting Kids

Longer days, the sun stays out into the evening and you have more to worry about. Yup, it's summer. And before the kids race out the door, you're doing all you can to protect them from sun, bugs, head injuries, etc. There's something about this season that makes... more

Child Care Choices: Au Pair, Day Care Or Nanny?

Love. You knew you loved your child the moment you held them in your arms. You've rocked, soothed, shushed and cuddled your heart out. You've had their puke, tears and poo on your finest clothes and barely batted an eye. Yes, your child has become as important to... more

Driving With Dogs - Distractions Or Much-To-Do About Nothing?

  Last Sunday afternoon, I decided to take our one-year-old Cavapoo dog, Gingi, to my son's baseball game. She stood excitedly on the back seat, enjoying the feeling of the wind in her "hair," and seemed to relish her newfound freedom of being out and leash-free. I was so... more

5 Ways To Fight Childhood Obesity At Home

Together with Let's Move!, and your child care provider, learn how your family can prevent bad food habits.     For mom Jennifer Schwartz of Granger, Indiana, the road to developing healthy eating habits for her two daughters, 9 and 10, involves small but steady steps. She's trying... more

Parents Pay Attention When Food Policies Get Personal

How to make healthy food choices for your family.     Only twelve out of 3,000 kids' meal combos at 8 fast-food chains are healthy, according to recent research from Yale's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. As a mom, I'm not surprised. I've read... more

5 Tips For Teaching Kids About Politics

What is an election? Here's how you or your nanny can answer a child's political questions. Politics is an everyday topic of conversation in Stefanie Clarke's house. The Superior, CO mom of two (ages 5 and 11) is active in politics as a professional and a volunteer... more