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18 Of The Best Gender-Neutral Toys For Kids

Having PLAY-DOH handy has always saved the day for Liz Weirshousky, mom of three in Bethesda, Md. When she hosts mixed-gender playdates at her house, her daughter uses it to create flowers while the boys make cars, but everyone is busy and happy. Being creative isn't just for kids... more

Five Tips For Teaching Kids About Politics

What is an election? Here's how you or your nanny can answer a child's political questions.     Politics is an everyday topic of conversation in Stefanie Clarke's house. The Superior, CO mom of two (ages 5 and 11) is active in politics as a professional and... more

5 Ways To Fight Childhood Obesity At Home

Together with Let's Move!, and your child care provider, learn how your family can prevent bad food habits.     For mom Jennifer Schwartz of Granger, Indiana, the road to developing healthy eating habits for her two daughters, 9 and 10, involves small but steady steps. She's trying... more

8 Tips For Being The New Kid At School

Help your child ease into a new school with these words of wisdom.Right before Emma was entering third grade, she was forced into a role many parents worry about: the "new kid." The school boundaries changed in Emma's Potomac, Maryland neighborhood. Though 50-60 children were affected, Emma would... more

Child Care Choices: Weighing The Pros And Cons Of Nannies And Day Care

Use this list to help you decide who takes care of your child after you go back to work. While pregnant with her first child, Rori Malech of Potomac, MD spent a ton of time trying to make choices -- the right crib, the perfect onesie, the best diaper brand. But... more

8 Fun Summer Ideas For You Or Your Babysitter

Be inspired by these great kid-friendly ideas for summer activities.When school is out, regular activities end and sports practices subside, what's a sitter to do? Summer camp may be the answer for some, but for other families -- for logistical or financial reasons -- the recipe for summer fun will... more

Child Care Choices: Au Pair, Day Care, Or Nanny?

Learn about the pros and cons of each option, plus who they're best for. Love. You knew you loved your child the moment you held her in your arms. Or maybe you knew when you first saw the double lines on the at-home pregnancy test. Either way, your child has... more

Limit The Morning Madness

4 tips on getting your family's act together to get out of the house. For many parents, making it out of the house in the morning to work and getting the kids to school, the school bus or daycare on time means one thing: madness. It takes an incredible... more