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10 Of The Coolest Dog Houses You'll Ever See

These pooch palaces are lux, posh and amazingly awesome!Fido needs an upgrade. The world's coolest dog houses feature much more than particle board walls and a simple slanted roof. Check out the top 10 woof-worthy houses that are pure puppy perfection!1) Furniture for Two"No Dog, No... more

Who Is The Halloween Switch Witch?

It's Halloween and the Switch Witch is ready to take center stage. Find out how you can use this handy candy swap idea!Have you ever heard of the Switch Witch? Though you might think that she's some sort of urban legend or supernatural character out of a... more

The 25 Best Items To Buy In Bulk

Before you hit the warehouse club, check out the top picks that you need to buy in bulk!     Why do you need to know the best items to buy in bulk? Possibly because you've got a house full of kids, a spouse who lays waste to whatever... more

101 Random Acts Of Kindness Ideas To Practice With Your Family

Pitch in, help out and commit to at least a few awesome little random acts of kindness!Random acts of kindness ideas are all around, from volunteering at your local food bank to helping an elderly neighbor move some furniture. They're a great way to bring the family together... more

Which '80s Or '90s Tv Character Is Your Child?

Take a totally tubular trip back in time and check out which pop culture character traits carry on from your youth into today's generation!Which '80s or '90s TV character is your child? Long before "iCarly" ever hit the small screen, you obsessed over Punky Brewster, the Tanner girls... more

Party Host Etiquette: How To Host A Party When You Have A Dog

Are you worried about fur flying during your upcoming dinner party? Here are 6 tips on handling typical problems dog owners face when hosting a party.The phrase 'party host etiquette' takes on a whole new meaning when you have dogs. Often, you've planned, you've prepped and you... more

Equal Parenting: 11 Ways To Create An Equal Household

Here are 11 steps you can take to encourage equal parenting in your home!Equal parenting is no longer a foreign concept. Just take a trip to any grocery store at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday and you'll see at least one model of today's dad: He... more

Baby Wisdom: 19 Things You Can Learn From Your Little One

You teach your baby something new every day -- but there's a lot you can learn from her, too!Everything's so simple when you're a baby. If only we could all take a tip from our glorious little newborns and see things from their perspective! Imagine that your... more