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How To Be A "plugged-In" Parent

When "I'm fine" is a typical answer, get tips on talking to your child to make sure something else isn't going bullying. Your kid's energy seems to shift to a new website every week. She has new friends and you can't keep track of... more

How Much Is Too Much Homework?

Some schools are canceling homework while others keep piling it on. What's the right balance and how do you know if your child is struggling?     A district-wide homework ban? Yeah, right, in your child's dreams.  During the summer of 2011, Galloway, NJ decided they might... more

8 Ways To Banish Bullying

Make bullying the new B-word. Here's how to handle a bully and rid your school, home and life of the toxicity.Maybe some of the bullying warning signs resonated with you. Or maybe you've just noticed something is off. Follow this intuition. You know your kid best, and... more

How To Supervise Your Child Online

Think Tumblr is the name of a gym? Think again. See the 8 most popular websites kids use and learn how to find your child on them. These days, the words "social networking" and "social media" seem to stare at you from every page of every publication. But as commonplace... more

Signs Your Child Is A Bully Or Being Bullied

"I just had the worst day of my life," announced Kristin's* twelve-year-old son Ben as he slumped into the passenger seat.Earlier that day, Ben had silenced a classmate making rude comments with a terse, "Shut up." While Ben's response could have been more polite, it did not... more

How To Stop A Kid From Cursing

What to do when your child leaves you thinking, "What the F did you just say?"     It was a normal evening at home: Kate* was preparing dinner, while her six-year-old daughter and nine-year-old son bickered at the table. Suddenly, her son called out, "Mom! Sarah said the b-word... more