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9 Oddest Interview Questions Ever

Preparing for an interview as a nanny, babysitter or other caregiver? Here's how to answer offbeat questions.     You're sitting in a job interview, trying not to sweat through your favorite shirt, eager to make a good impression. You think you're ready for anything a family... more

8 Things To Do Before Your Summer Nanny's First Day

School's almost out! Hire a summer nanny and help your family start off on the right foot. Your kids are counting the days until school lets out. Meanwhile, you're counting the days you have left to figure out what you're going to do with them this summer... more

19 Reasons You Need A Date Night

Why taking time away from the kids makes your relationship stronger.When you imagine a perfect Saturday night, does it involve dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, streaming the latest Pixar movie on demand and tucking the kids into bed without any tears?If so, it might be time to kick things up... more

6 Babysitter Red Flags

You trust your sitter with the people most precious to you. But what warning signs should you keep an eye out for?     Whether you're a veteran at leaving your little ones with a sitter or it's your first time ducking out for date night, one thing... more

17 Signs You're A Working Mom

Recognize any of these scenarios? Then you're probably a working parent.Every mother is a working mother: we've all heard the saying. And it's true. Whether or not you're bringing in an actual paycheck, parenting is a job all on its own.But there are certain... more