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Dr. Robi Ludwig

Waltham, MA

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Omg: The Mean Girl Saga Starts At Age 4

      It's probably one of a mother's top dreaded moments; confronting the time when her child gets picked on or bullied.  Parents often feel powerless when this happens, and for an understandable reason. Are there gender differences within the attacks?  Yes.  As toddlers... more

Helping Kids Deal With The Loss Of A Pet

What to do when a pet dies. Losing a pet can impact the entire family, but it can be particularly traumatic for children because it's usually their first encounter with loss and death.  As parents, we can feel overwhelmed and helpless knowing that we cannot shield our kids... more

Oh No, My Nanny Is Leaving

How to prepare for a healthy transition. It's a day most mothers and fathers would rather not think about: The day when you have to say goodbye to your trusted nanny and bring someone new and unknown into the home. Working moms who have nannies often rely on them to... more

Talking To Kids About Natural Disasters

Earthquakes, monsoons, volcano eruptions. How do you explain tragic environmental events to children?Discussing natural disasters like the Nepal earthquake is tough for parents to do with  children. Although these themes are difficult to talk about, it's still important for parents to address their children's fears, thoughts, anxieties... more