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Deborah Elbaum, M.D.'s Activity

Cerebral Palsy Caregiving Considerations

Finding the right caregiver for your child with cerebral palsy. Parents struggle with the decision to turn over some of their caregiving duties to a caregiver from outside the family. For parents of children with CP, this can be especially challenging. For the parents interviewed below, finding caregivers who are... more

Summer Camps For Kids With Special Needs

"The most amazing experience ever!" raves E.G. about the eight-week overnight camp experience her daughter had at the Tikvah Program at Camp Ramah in New England. Her daughter has cerebral palsy and speech delays, uses a wheelchair and is not toilet trained. E.G. adds that after the summer... more

Exercise And Fitness For Seniors

Health and safety considerations when it comes to seniors and fitness.A photograph of my father-in-law windsurfing in Narragansett Bay graced the cover of a local health publication about nine years ago. He was 73 and very physically fit, despite having just had bilateral knee replacements. For everyone, though, physical... more

Teaching Your Child About Peers With Special Needs

Disability awareness, compassion, and making friends in the classroom     According to her mother, 8-year-old J. is "really sweet and loves attention." She goes to her friend's house, does horseback riding, and likes to play board games. She also has cerebral palsy, and is non-verbal and non-ambulatory. She... more

Down Syndrome Caregiving Considerations

Finding the right caregiver for your child with Down syndrome. "It is always difficult to find the right person to care for your child, especially when children are small," says Michelle, mother of a 12-year-old with Down syndrome and leader of the Cape Cod Down Syndrome Support Group in Massachusetts... more

Is It A Cold Or Is It An Allergy?

Figuring out how to help your childWhen my daughter developed a cough that seemed to last forever, my husband and I were baffled. Was it a remnant of her most recent cold, or was she developing an allergy to dust mites hiding in her bedroom? Should we continue asking our... more

Transportation Options For Seniors: Local And Long Distance

Strategies for seniors to get out and about.     Seniors may find it difficult to travel independently, especially if they have medical issues that require special attention. Nevertheless, there are many ways for them to get around -- locally, nationally or internationally -- using various transportation options. When health, physical limitations... more

Sports Safety And Kids

Protective gear and treating injuriesAt baseball tryouts last fall, my 9-year-old dove for a fly ball, caught it, and fell to the ground on his outstretched arm. An x-ray confirmed what his intense pain implied: he had broken one of the arm bones near his wrist.Cast-free a few months... more