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5 Easy 4th Of July Dessert Recipes

The Fourth of July is a day for celebrating America and red, white and blue everything! These yummy and festive Fourth of July desserts make a great end to a day of grilling and celebrating. The best part? The recipes are so simple, you can easily involve the kids for... more

101 Odd Jobs You Can Hire Someone Else To Do

Everyone needs an extra set of hands sometimes. Whether it's planning a party or unpacking boxes after a move, having someone to help you with your odd jobs can make any job a little easier. Here are 101 tasks you can hire someone else to do. Want help with... more

6 Winter Olympic Games For Kids

Help kids learn about the Winter Olympics with these fun games. The upcoming weeks will be filled with competition, excitement and suspense for anyone following the Winter Olympics. Instead of sitting in front of the TV for two weeks, get the kids involved in this global event by holding your... more

22 Olympic Crafts For Kids

Celebrate the Winter Olympics by doing these kid-friendly crafts. The Olympics are an exciting time! You get to cheer on your country and watch athletes showcase their incredible skills. Make the games even more fun for kids by doing these 22 fun Olympic craft ideas to celebrate the Winter Games... more

The Home Binder

Don't have time for a "family meeting"? Use these printable checklists to organize your family and caregivers.         As a parent, you wear many hats when it comes to organizing your family. You want to make sure everyone can contribute to planning weekend activities and what... more

21 Ways To Hire Help Around The House

You know how wonderful you feel on special occasions like Mother's Day or your birthday, when everyone treats you like a queen for a day. Family members help out around the house and you get to spend time with loved ones — or all by yourself. Imagine if you could carry... more

How To Post An Odd Job On

Need random things done but don't have the time? From organizing the garage to cooking meals, here's how to hire someone to help with odd jobs.   You know that to-do list you've been avoiding for weeks? The one that keeps you up at night and prevents... more

6 Tips For A Great Valentine's Day Date Night

Enjoy the most romantic night of the year with your special sweetheart and some special plans.Yes, Valentine’s Day can feel like a hokey overly-commercialized holiday only meant to sell greeting cards, flowers and candy. But you still love it -- admit it.This year, go beyond the card and flowers... more