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Tips For Responding To Crying

  Observe Learn Respond Are there patterns to your baby's crying? What usually prompts your baby's crying? What works to console your child? Could she be sick, tired or hungry? Does she need a break? Is there too much light or noise? Try swaddling, rocking or talking softly... more

Tips For Responding To Aggressive Behavior

  Observe Learn Respond What happened right before the aggressive act? What are common triggers? Is there a pattern to this behavior? What's causing a loss of control? Is your child hungry, overtired or overstimulated? Is she unable to express her needs and feelings using words? Set age-appropriate limits... more

Tips For Responding To Defiance

  Observe Learn Respond What triggers defiance? Are there patterns, like rejecting tooth-brushing? Are some times of day more difficult? How do you typically respond? Does defiance help her get her way? What choices can your child make? Offer acceptable choices so she has control Avoid power struggles - don't... more

Tips For Responding To Biting

      Observe Learn Respond What happened before the biting? Are there certain biting triggers? Did biting lead to lots of attention? Is your child teething? Is your child frustrated or angry? Is your child tired or overwhelmed? Speak simply: "No biting. Biting hurts." Offer a teether or crunchy... more

Tips For Responding To Sleep Challenges

      Observe Learn Respond How does he get to sleep? When does he sleep well? Why might he wake up at night? Can he soothe himself to sleep? Any recent changes in his world? What gets him back to sleep? Establish a regular bedtime routine Avoid feeding him... more