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Do You Give Your Employer A Gift?

One of the best things about the holidays is how it feels when we give someone a present we know they will love. When it comes to gifts for the people who sign our paychecks, however, gift-giving rules can get a little sticky. It's hard to know what to... more

12 Gift Ideas For All Your Caregivers

The holidays give us the opportunity to show our appreciation for the individuals we hire to support us in our goals: the people who care for our kids while we're at work, walk our dogs or provide comfort for our elderly loved ones. Take a second and try to imagine... more

What Is A Night Nanny — And Do You Need One?

There's no way to prepare new parents for the fatigue, lack of sleep and resulting irritability they will experience when they bring their new baby home. If the freshly painted nursery is set up for multiples, exhaustion levels will be compounded. Hiring a night nanny may be the answer. But... more

How To Potty Train Your Child At Night

Let's face it, one of the best moments in a parent's day is when their child finally falls asleep. Staring at that angelic little face can give you the utmost joy, especially since your home is now filled with the sweet sound of quiet! And it's even... more

Get A Babysitting Job During The Holidays

Find a babysitting job and make some extra money during the holiday season with these helpful tips. The holidays are here! And while the Norman Rockwell idea of Christmas is very nice, homes are often more about chaos than cheer. There are presents to wrap, social functions to attend, lists... more

How To Ask For Reviews

Add reviews to your profile and increase your chances of getting a job. Reviews are a crucial part of your profile. Caregivers who have them are six times more likely to be contacted by potential employers. You know you're top-notch at your job, but having reviews... more

7 Ways To Make Hiring You Easier

Improve your profile and make it a no-brainer for employers to hire you with these helpful tips. No matter the job you're seeking, you are bound to be competing against worthy candidates. To stand out from the crowd, start with a great profile that helps you shine on paper... more

More American Families Are Doing Nanny Shares — Here's Why

Considering sharing a caregiver? Be sure to do your homework: Nanny shares and shared care arrangements may be subject to various licensing requirements or prohibited in certain states and jurisdictions. Research local laws and regulations.   You may have noticed that more and more kids are getting picked up after... more