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4 Tips For Raising Interfaith Kids

Is having a family that practices more than one religion possible, or merely wishful thinking? If you are in an interfaith relationship, you probably get asked — a lot — about the religion you’ll choose for your kids. Rest assured that as with most parenting topics, the askers will have... more

How To Talk To Young Children About Gun Violence

Our kids are exposed to images and stories that can be very confusing and frightening. What can we do to help them cope? Incidents of gun violence can happen on a large, highly publicized scale, as we recently witnessed in Texas and Las Vegas. They can also happen on your... more

My Child May Be Transgender. What Do I Need To Know?

Learn and understand how you can help make your child’s journey seamless and insightful. Maybe the child you always expected to be a boy recently informed you that she’s a girl. Maybe the child you thought was your daughter just confessed they don’t really feel like they’re a boy or... more

Eating Disorders In Children: Early Warning Signs To Look Out For

Children as young as 8 can develop eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Here are some warning signs, as well as prevention tips. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one in five school-aged children is obese. Most parents are hyper-aware of America’s childhood obesity epidemic, and work hard... more

Christie Brinkley's Tips For Healthy Aging In Pets (And People)

Known for a brand of timeless beauty that seriously defies the laws of nature, Christie Brinkley, 63, is an unparalleled head-turner. The blonde beauty’s skin radiates with health, and her wide, open smile is legendary. She laughs easily and often, especially when talking about her two adorable dogs, Maple Sugar... more

Kindergarten 101: How To Boost Your Child's Kindergarten Readiness

Here’s how to get your child (and yourself) ready for this amazing milestone. You've done all the right things: You went on tours of different kindergarten classes; applied to the schools that you felt fit your child best; got them through the interview; and now, they're in! Your... more

Kindergarten 101: How To Help Your Child Ace Their Kindergarten Interview

Here are some tips and tricks for how you can help your child ace their kindergarten interview. Kindergarten interviews are commonplace. Their goal is to assess your child’s kindergarten readiness skills. It’s understandable that you -- as the child's parent, guardian, babysitter, or nanny -- may be nervous about this meeting, but... more

Kindergarten 101: What To Know About The Kindergarten Application Process

Here's everything you need to know to help your child (and yourself) through the kindergarten application process. Know What Each School's Application Process Involves Before you do anything else, make sure to familiarize yourself with the kindergarten application process in your area. You should also find out what the... more