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What Happens When The Child You Care For Is Sick? Question of the Week: Real caregivers tell us what they do when they call in sick. We've seen a lot of caregivers post questions on our Community about how they should handle it when the kids they care for are sick. So, we decided to ask our fans... more

What Do You Do When A Kid Throws A Tantrum In Public? Question of the Week: Parents, nannies and caregivers share their thoughts on tantrums.You've all experienced it: a child having a breakdown in the middle of a store. Kicking, screaming, crying. Ugg. But what do you do when it's your child or the child you're... more

Do You Disagree With Your Boss' Parenting Style? Question of the Week: Find out what are some of the nannies approach different opinions with families. What are your opinions on child-related things like discipline, acceptable activities, bedtime, chores, etc.? Are those opinions the same as your employer's? When we asked nannies in the more

What's The Craziest Thing An Employer Has Said To You? Question of the Week: Wacky stories about what people have been told by employers.Although most of us love our current job, we all have past experiences where it all wasn’t as beautiful as it is now.  Underpayment, extra work, and rare assumptions are some of the expectations... more

What's A Deal Breaker When You're Offered A Job? Question of the Week: Some of the reasons nannies, babysitters and caregivers will say no to a new job.Our article on the 8 Reasons Nannies Quit got a lot of people talking. So we decided to dig a little deeper. On Care.coms Facebook Page, we asked... more

What Is The Best Thing You Have Learned As A Caregiver? Question of the Week: Some of the many life lessons nannies and babysitters have learned from their jobs.Although being a nanny, babysitter or caregiver isn't always the easiest job, you do learn a lot and it can be very rewarding. On’s Facebook Page, we... more