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16 Poems For Kids Of All Ages

If you want to introduce a child to poetry but aren't sure where to start, classic poems are a fun way to engage them in literature. A poem is "classic" because of its timelessness, connecting with readers across decades and, in some cases, centuries.  "Kids are very responsive... more

6 Easy Cookie Recipe Ideas

Your daughter just told you about her school's bake sale -- and it's tomorrow. Before you show up with a package of Oreos or pawn the task off on the nanny, take a peek at these six easy cookie recipe ideas. They're sure to be crowd pleasers and... more

Cat Ear Infection Care

If your kitty keeps pawing at her ear or shaking her head, she may have a cat ear infection. Learn the signs and when to seek treatment. Is your cat not acting like herself? Is she pawing at her ears, or does she seem disoriented? If so, she may have... more

Dog Lice 101: The Good, The Bad And The Itchy

The good news? Unlike human lice, dog lice is rare. The bad news? It can happen. You dread the day your kids come home with lice, but did you know your pooch can catch lice, too? Dogs contract this pest from other dogs, just as kids contract lice from infected... more

Squee Alert: 8 Of The Cutest Baby Animals

Here are 8 baby animals that have that extra-special cuteness factor!Whether it's their big, round eyes or adorably tiny stature, there's something about baby animals that just makes you melt inside. In most cases, you can get your fix of cuteness overload just by looking in your... more

6 Toddler Habits You Should Adopt

Not all toddler habits create chaos! In fact, emulating these 6 practices can make your life calmer and more carefree.If little kids ruled the world, things would be pretty chaotic. Just think: Every day could be filled with food throwing, whining and tantrums. But there are some toddler habits... more

6 Kids' Homework Fails And Unique Class Projects

Kids have the darndest ways of expressing themselves.Once kids head off to school, their little minds open up. And as they try to make sense of the world around them, they come up with some of the funniest and most interesting classwork to express their understanding. Sometimes, this results... more

The Benefits Of Music For Cats

Here's everything you need to know about music for cats!Does your cat disapprove of your taste in music? There's a reason for that! Research shows that cats are more likely to be interested in cat music than human music, says Charles T. Snowdon, a Hilldale Professor Emeritus... more