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How To Organize Your Household Care

From the best apps to helpful tricks, here's a guide for a Household CEO.     Being a CEO isn't easy. Let alone a Household CEO. The nanny, babysitter, tutor, house cleaner and dog walker keep your life in order -- but someone needs to keep them straight as... more

How To Handle 7 Awkward Moments With Kids

What to do when your child walks in on you having sex...and 6 other "did that just happen?" situations. One afternoon while Nicole Kay of Westfield, N.J. was tidying up her home, her 3-year-old son shrieked. Panicked, Kay ran into her bedroom to find Alex holding her vibrator... more

13 Summer Brain Boosters

Kids loose 2 to 3 months of learning over the summer. Here's how to stay on track and prep your child for fall -- while still having fun.     The lazy, hazy days of summer are a welcome relief for kids from the chaotic school year routine. No more... more

Make The Most Of Your Profile To Land A Top Job

Your profile is up and now you're waiting for some action. When you're looking for a child care job online, your profile is your first chance to make an impression—so make it count. If you're struggling to land your next care job, take control of your success... more

Preventing Senior Falls

Here are 12 tips to help prevent falls while a senior ages in place.     As a person ages, falling -- even tripping -- becomes a lot more dangerous. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in every three adults age 65 and older falls each year, which can lead... more

How To Pump At Work Without Losing Your Job

You've got the fanciest breast pump on the market, a scheduled return to work date -- and a case of the nerves. How will this work?Jen Jamar, a business analyst in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, had planned on breastfeeding long before her son, Levi, was born. But like lots of new... more

Potty Training Tips: How To Win The Potty Wars

Do you feel like you missed the window on toilet training your child? How to get your kid on his way to elimination independence.     When Kate Motz decided to put her son, Kyle, on the potty at 2 1/2, she felt pressured to have him potty trained... more

Veg Out: Easy Ways To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables

  It's an age-old battle: Parents and caregivers want kids to eat more veggies.  Kids want to eat, well, anything else.  "Don't give up!  Keep offering veggies," says Jeanne Muchnick, mom to two girls and author of  "Dinner for Busy Moms."  "And don't... more