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Sibling Pregnancy Announcements: The 6 Funniest Caught On Video

Watch these kids lose their cool over sibling pregnancy announcements. Let's face it: Your children think the world revolves around them, so when you announce another baby is on the way, their world is going to be turned a little upside down. So if you're about to tell... more

How To Be Your Dog's Best Friend

Here are 10 things you can do to earn the title of your pet's best friend.Your dog showers you with affection on a daily basis and it's clear that you hold a special place in his heart. How can you return the favor? Well, you can do... more

10 Benefits Of Being A Young Parent

Here are 10 perks of starting your family in your twenties!If you're a young parent, your typical Friday nights might differ a bit from those of your single friends. Instead of going out to a fancy restaurant or getting drinks with the girls, you're more likely to... more

12 Parenting Skills You Can Learn From A Nanny

Here are 12 lessons your nanny can teach you about your kids! Nannies spend years taking care of children, learning valuable tips and tricks along the way. How to get them to eat their vegetables, how to keep them entertained -- these are all questions nannies can answer. So why not... more

How To Make And Maintain Couple Friends

Yes, even with children, it's possible to have couple friends.Parenting can sometimes feel like a lonely journey, so it's nice to have couple friends with kids to help keep you company (and sane) along the way. But between kids and work, it's easy to put friendships... more

One Sick Puppy: 7 Puppy Illnesses To Look For

Prevent your pup from getting sick as a dog by recognizing the symptoms of these common illnesses. When you bring a new puppy home, there's nothing you want to do more than shower her with affection. But the little ball of energy is more vulnerable to illness than vaccinated... more