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I Let My Daughters Hire Their Babysitter -- And It Worked

With summer on its way -- and her regular babysitter gone -- one mom was desperate to find replacement child care. Here's how her daughters helped her out. "Will you let us cook?"  "Will you jump on the trampoline with us?" These are some of the questions Maleia C.'s two daughters... more

How To Protect Your Child: Parenting Insight From A Childhood Bully

As parents and guardians, all we want to do is keep our kids safe. Here's how I used my past as a childhood bully to protect my own kids from theirs.In my childhood, I was a bully. I was an angry child that verbally took it out on anyone... more

Kitchen Science: The 5 Best Science Experiments For Kids That'll Blow Their Minds!

The best part is that you already have all the materials you'll need in your kitchen!I'd spent hours planning a fun weekend for my family, full of activities designed to delight -- and ultimately exhaust. But what I HADN'T planned on was a spontaneous rainstorm to wash... more