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Dog Walker Tales: Stories Of The Unexpected!

Sometimes Dogs do the Strangest Things on Their WalksBeing a dog walker has its perks: You're surrounded by furry smiles and wagging tails each time you go to work. And sometimes, silly occur to break up your routine neighborhood strolls. As a dog lover, you can surely relate to... more

Beyond The Dog Scrapbook: 7 Clever Ideas For All Your Pup Pictures

Show off your pet pics in these creative ways!When it comes to puppy love, you're in deep. You can't get enough of those furry smiles and wagging tails. So you snap, snap, snap photos constantly! But, don't let them stay tucked away in your smartphone or... more

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Learn what policies will and will not cover before you decide if purchasing pet insurance is right for you.You love your pet and go above and beyond to keep him safe and healthy. You take him to the veterinarian for annual physicals and buy him allergy pills to keep... more

Can Dogs Get Poison Ivy?

Here's everything you need to know about recognizing, treating and preventing dog skin irritations. Do you love to go hiking with your canine companion? While this can be a fun activity for you to do together, or for your dog to do with a dog walker if you're... more

Keeping Canine Teeth Healthy -- The 5 Best And Worst Chews For Your Dog

Not all bones and chew toys are created equal -- some are bad for canine teeth! Here's what you should know about spoiling dogs without spoiling their teeth. Of course you love spoiling your pet! But before giving your dog a chew toy, take a closer look. Could it cause... more

Dog Anxiety 101: How To Help Your Pet Gain Confidence

Did you know that your dog can suffer from anxiety? Here's an overview on the symptoms you should look out for and the different things you can do to help your furry friend overcome his nervous tendencies.Does your dog cling to your leg, whine and tremble when you... more

9 Ways To Know A Dog Nose Needs Attention

If you know what a healthy dog nose looks like, you'll be able to better tell when something's wrong with your pet. Two experts offer their advice about the many facets of a dog's nose. When your dog wakes you up in the morning with a big... more

How Serious Is Bloat In Dogs?

A dog's swollen belly and dry heaving indicate a serious health problem. Unlike when humans just eat too many pretzels, bloat in dogs is a very serious, time-sensitive medical issue. Also known as gastric dilatation (distended stomach), or gastric dilatation and volvulus (distention and twisting), bloat is an emergency... more