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How To Make Mom Friends

Whether you're new to the neighborhood - or to motherhood - here are ways you can connect with other moms. Rebecca* thought she had her mom friends all lined up. After her son was born, she was planning to spend time with two friends who had young kids. But once he... more

9 Things Never To Say To A Stay-At-Home Mom

  For those who don't spend all day, every day with their kids, the job of a stay-at-home mother can be mysterious. Jacquelin, from Mesa, Ariz., says even her husband doesn't understand why it's challenging for her to help him with work tasks during the day. "He... more

10 Things Never To Say To A Working Mom

As working parents, we juggle a lot -- including attitude. Here's how to respond if someone insults your work-life balance.     Lori Hick Mercer, a working mom of four, thought she was telling her neighbor how blessed she felt to have a flexible job that allowed her to get... more

8 Free — Or Almost Free — Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's Day is almost here. Have you made your restaurant reservation, made heart-shaped treats for the kids, bought a romantic gift for your honey, picked out a sexy outfit and booked a sitter? Whew ... and all this is for what? To end the night at a crowded restaurant where... more

6 Ways To Tame The Witching Hour

How you and your children's caregiver can create a more peaceful evening. You get home from work after a long day, eager to unwind with your kids, but instead of a cheerful "Hi, Mommy!" you get whining, complaining and irrational tears. You thought your kids left their "witching hours... more

Letting Go: How To Give Your Child More Independence

With Halloween approaching, is it a safe idea to allow kids to go out on their own? Jessica Mason, a Cary, N.C., mother of four, knows she's going to have to start letting go soon. Her oldest daughter, Savannah, is nine and wants to do more things on... more

Time Out: How To Create A Discipline Plan

What if your nanny spanked your child? Do you have a family punishment plan? Here are 4 discipline strategies parents and caregivers can stick to. For Cyndi and Ed Holbert of Powell, Idaho, discipline is a touchy issue -- literally. Ed doesn't hesitate to give their 3-year-old son Garrett a... more

Nanny Maternity Leave: What To Do When Your Nanny Gets Pregnant?

The new addition doesn't have to mean goodbye. Here are options when your care provider starts a brood of her own. As a working mom, you probably spent a lot of time planning your maternity leave, your transition back to work and hiring a full-time nanny. Now that the... more