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Bland Diet For Dogs: How And When To Use Them And Recipes To Try

Many dogs have sensitive stomachs -- and even those with digestive systems of steel sometimes ingest something they shouldn't, leading to vomiting and diarrhea. A bland diet for dogs may help comfort your best friend during these uneasy times. Dr. Hilary Evans, an emergency veterinarian from the Charleston Veterinary Referral... more

101 Cat Facts: Fun Trivia About Felines

You may love your cat, but you may not be fully aware of just how cool your she -- and her overall species -- really is. For example, did you know that cats have an extra organ that allows them to taste scents? Or that they developed meowing as a way to... more

Pancreatitis In Cats: Symptoms, Treatments And What To Ask The Vet

Pancreatitis in cats can be serious, but if you catch it early and get quality veterinary care, your furry friend will be back to good health soon! Pancreatitis in any animal is a serious situation. If pancreatitis hits your beloved cat, time is of the essence to get her back... more

Let's Talk About Dog Diarrhea! Causes And Treatments

Diarrhea in dogs can be a nasty problem, but it probably isn't a serious one. Here's a rundown of why it's happening, how to help and when to worry. It's not fun to think about (or clean up after!), but dog diarrhea is something every owner... more

Cat Claws: The Lowdown On Keeping Them Healthy And Strong

Cat claws are important for self-defense and catching prey -- but even your pampered house cat needs some help in keeping them in good shape. Cat claws are one of the few holdovers from our domestic friends' wild ancestors. These needle-sharp protrusions help cats catch prey, climb trees and defend themselves... more

4 Amusing Cat Sitter Tales

Here are 4 funny, surprising and sweet tales from cat sitters that detail the crazy things they see on their watch.When you have a feline companion, a cat sitter can be a real life saver! After all, you want to have someone you can trust to provide your kitty... more

Dog Bullying: How To Spot It And What To Do

Dogs have to deal with bullying, too. Here's everything you need to know about this aggressive behavior.When you hear the word "bully," you probably think of the kid who terrorizes the playground. But, believe it or not, dogs can be bullies, too! Like his human counterpart, the dog... more

Hide-And-Seek: The Best Dog Play Activity Ever?

Teaching your dog to play hide-and-seek is a fun workout for brain and body. Here's how to teach your dog this playground favorite.One of the best parts of having a dog companion is playing with your furry friend. Dog play can take many forms, from tug-of-war to fetch... more