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5 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Strong -- After Kids

Experts advise how to care for your marriage throughout the chaos.As a social worker, Julia Pryce thought she would be immune to the stresses that a new baby brings to a relationship. "I've read all the books and know what we need to do to prevent problems from... more

Outsource Your Holiday Stress

Here's how to solve 8 of the most stressful holiday concerns.When Maggie Rogers thinks about the holidays, she's filled with dread. "I'd love to get together and see my family, but it's just so complicated," says Rogers, a New York-based stay-at-home mom of two preschoolers... more

Getting A New Years Eve Sitter

Here's what to do if you can -- or can't -- find a babysitter for New Years Eve.     When Gina Linss and her husband Alex were invited to a New Year's Eve party last year, they were pretty excited. "It was going to be a really fun... more

Should You Bring Your Nanny On Vacation?

Look at the pros and cons of traveling with your babysitter. When Lynn Singer and her husband of Armonk, N.Y. travel with their three school-age kids, there's one essential aspect to a successful trip: They bring along their live-in nanny. "Having an extra pair of hands just makes... more

Summer Camp: Finding The Right Sleep-Away Camp For Your Child

Sleep-away summer camp conjures up wonderful images of outdoor activities, new friendships and growing independence — not to mention a break from homework battles, carpools and the ever-constant need for a babysitter.    That being said, it can also be an anxiety-ridden process for many parents. If you're doing... more

Tips For Raising A Child With Food Allergies

What you need to know.     Having a child with food allergies is a scary, often overwhelming experience, especially when those allergies are life-threatening. It can also be very isolating.  Just ask the parents of an Edgewater, Florida, first grader whose life-threatening peanut allergies recently put her at... more

Traveling With Kids: Tips For A Happy Family Vacation

8 ways to ensure you have a great trip. Remember when spring break used to mean Tequila shots, dancing at clubs and lazy days sleeping at the beach? Yeah, we really don't remember those days much either, now that they've been replaced by strollers, sensible bedtimes and three... more