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8 Tips For Tutoring A Child With Adhd

Keep a special needs child on the path to success.     A child diagnosed with ADHD may struggle with getting assignments done, studying for tests and completing projects on time, all of which can be stressful. This can impact the child's grades and attitude toward education. But there... more

How To Write A Mother's Day Poem

8 tips for teaching a child how to create a great poem for mothers. One of the hardest parts of Mother's Day is coming up with a poem to write on the inside of the card. You can only use "Roses are red" so many times! This year create... more

How To Prepare For Backup Child Care

10 things to have in place in case you need a last-minute caregiver.Despite all your planning, things come up and schedules change. And that includes child care. If your regular nanny can't make it, your child is home sick or school is closed, you need backup care.Be... more

6 Reasons To Use A Nanny Agency

You've decided that you want to hire a nanny to help with your kids, but where to begin? How do you know who is the right fit for your family? How do you manage all of the details of hiring someone? is a great DIY option for... more

Kids' Halloween Costumes That You Won't Spend A Dime On

Save some cash this Halloween with these 9 creative costumes for kids that you can make yourself. Halloween is supposed to be fun, but with the price of kids' costumes sky rocketing, it's hard for parents to get excited about a holiday that's going to cost big bucks... more

11 Questions To Ask When Picking A Kennel

Rest easy knowing your furry friend is in the right hands.     If you need to take a business trip or are planning a family getaway, you may have to board your pets while you're away. Leaving your critters behind can be as stressful for you as it... more

Spa Services For Pets

5 great ways to pamper your pooch. To many people, pets are another member of the family. As such, we like to treat them to a little luxury every now and then to show our appreciation for their loyalty and unconditional affection. Business owners and pet groomers are catching on... more

Housekeeping Quiz

Do you need a housekeeper? Take our quiz to find out!     If you're like most people, you work full time, pick the kids up from school, drive them to their after-school dance lessons or soccer practice and come home after seven o'clock at night only to... more