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Getting A Guinea Pig: 11 Things To Consider Beforehand

Guinea pigs are cute and cuddly, but they aren't for everyone. Here are 11 questions to ask yourself before bringing home this type of furry friend.It's undeniable that a guinea pig can make a great first pet. Although these lovable rodents require way less care and attention... more

Master Your Child's Bedtime Routine With These 10 Clever Hacks

Whip that bedtime routine into shape!Bedtime: Before you had kids, you may have associated this word with comfy sheets and counting sheep. Even though sleep is necessary for human growth and development, the smallest members of our species seem to hate it.If crying, screaming and even full-blown temper... more

Save Money On After-School Activities: A Parents' Guide

Extracurricular activities can be quite costly! Here are four tips to save money on after-school sports and clubs.Participating in after-school activities is a great way for your child to make new friends and get involved in her community. Though you might be really excited to hear that your little... more

Leaving Cats Alone: 6 Signs You Need To Get A Cat Sitter

Is it time to bring in a cat sitter?It's a common stereotype that cats like to be left alone. And while your cat may have her moments of aloofness, make no mistake -- She does need you. While you might not be missed after a quick jaunt to the... more

Kids With Food Allergies: How To Prepare Your Sitter

Here are 4 steps you should take to prepare your sitter to care for a child who suffers from food allergies.Unfortunately, food allergies are a common health concern in the United States. In fact, the Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) reports that approximately 1 in 13 American kids... more

Sleep Deprivation: A New Mom's Guide To Not Losing Your Mind

Is sleep really all THAT necessary?Sleep. We all need it. But as a new mom or dad, you might find yourself only getting a few precious hours here and there. While it's important to take steps to sleep when you can -- a 2014 study published by the Public... more

Dog Broken Nail 101: How To Identify, Treat And Prevent Damaged Nails In Dogs

Broken nails can hurt! They hurt when dogs get them, too. Here's how to ease your pup's pain. Although dog nails are made of the same stuff as human nails, a dog broken nail actually requires more specialized care than a broken human nail. Dog nails don't... more

Cat Sneezing: Everything You Need To Know

A veterinary specialist answers the most frequently asked questions about cat sneezing. Like humans, cat sneezing can occur from time to time -- and, usually, it isn't much to worry about. But, if you or any of your cat care providers (e.g., cat sitters, groomers, boarders) notice that your cat... more