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5 Potty-Training Strategies That Work

What parenting milestone really instills fear and intimidation? Potty training. Moms and dads worry about big (public) messes, stressful tantrums and a long, drawn out battle for the bowl — and sometimes that's just what it takes.  "We started to train Lee when he turned 2 but quickly gave up... more

9 Tips For Teaching Kids Responsibility

Your best friend has a teenager who scrapes ice off the car windshield without being asked. Your cousin has a 1-year-old who puts her bottle in the sink when she finishes the milk, no reminders needed. Where did all these wonder children come from? "Ingraining responsibility in children is not... more

Permissive Parenting: 7 Signs Your Kid Is A Brat

Excuse me, ma'am, but is that your kid throwing all the condoms off the shelves in the drugstore, ignoring you when you ask him to stop, kicking and screaming that he must have the blue and the red boxes and telling you that he hates you when you calmly... more

How To Confront A High-Pressure Parent

Knowing someone who is a high-pressure parent can be super stressful. Especially if you see his or her child having trouble living up to the demand. Should you step in? The experts from our story "5 Signs You're a High Pressure Parent" say this is not the time to... more

8 Things To Consider When Choosing A Preschool

The top factors experts say that parents overlook when choosing a school.     You probably think you have this preschool application thing solved. By comparing the cost, location, length of the school day and quality of the playground, it may seem obvious where to send your kid for a... more

7 Ways To Boost Kids' Confidence

One trick to prevent bullying? Raising confident kids. Here are ways you can build self esteem at any age. Happiness. Healthy habits. Success. These are qualities we want in our children. But you know the underlying trick to get there? Building their confidence. While insult and injury are part of... more

7 Tips For Teaching Table Manners To Kids

With your family vacation and road trips approaching, learn tricks for dining -- in public -- with your little ones.     The icy stare. You've seen it before. Maybe you've even given it. There's probably no place it's dished out more than a nice restaurant when a... more

11 Ways To Keep Summer In Balance

Learn strategies for keeping the transition from school to summer seamless. There are two words that can send your summer spirit soaring: "I'm bored!" Your child has suddenly gone from an action-packed school year to the carefree days of summer. As much as you are both happy to be... more