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How To Get A Travel Nanny Job

4 tips for finding a job as a vacation nanny. Are you exploring your options for nanny jobs? Have you ever thought of becoming a travel nanny? You can combine nanny duties with an interesting location. But before you pack your bags, here are tips for deciding whether this job... more

6 Things You Should Never Do During An Interview

Get a job with these helpful interview tips from experts. Whether you're talking to a family about a possible nanny job or meeting with a cleaning company to become a housekeeper, job interviews can be nerve-wracking. But keeping in mind some basic etiquette will go a long way in... more

Are You Traveling With A Family On Vacation?

6 things nannies and babysitters need to consider before joining in on a trip. Did your employer ask you to tag along on a family vacation to help with child care? At first you may be thinking: free vacation -- fabulous! But there are a lot of details to think about... more

A Checklist For Interviewing A Summer Sitter

Hiring a summer babysitter requires a different approach than that taken during the school year. Because your children’s schedules will be less structured during the summer (and will involve warm-weather activities), you’ll want to be thoughtful about the type of sitter you hire. With more hours to fill, as well as... more

Should You Hire A Travel Nanny?

7 things you need to do when bringing a nanny or babysitter on your family vacation. Let’s face it: family vacations can sometimes feel like more work than play. With young ones in tow, a significant portion of your time away can easily be consumed by finding ways to entertain... more

Here 4 Sample Schedules For Your Vacation Babysitter Or Nanny

When you're bringing a nanny or babysitter with you on a family trip, use this information to help schedule days. Hiring a travel nanny or babysitter during your family vacation can be the perfect way to balance time spent with your children and meaningful moments alone with your partner... more

6 Tips For Finding Work-Life Balance As A Small Business Owner

Is your small business taking over your life? Here are expert tips to manage the chaos. One of the most common questions we get from small business owners on is how they can achieve the illusive concept of work-life balance. Achieving this balance means something different for everyone... more

37 Ways To Thank Your Customers

Improve your customer service and your bottom line by saying 'thanks' to customers. As a small business owner, your company lives based on your customers. Want to improve your business? Focus on improving customer relations and keeping them happy. And if you run a business that focuses on care -- whether... more