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Easing The Back-To-School Transition For Kids With Special Needs

As the lazy days of summer draw to a close, mothers everywhere begin preparing themselves and their children to head back to school. For moms of special needs children, the emotions can be more intense and the preparations more involved. Most parents of kids with special needs start planning for... more

What Special Needs Parents Need To Know About Wills And Trusts

A few years ago, my then 7-year-old daughter had big plans for my demise.  These were revealed in a seemingly innocent picture she drew one day.  When I asked her to tell me about her drawing, she explained, "That's me, that's daddy, and that's the dog we... more

Special Needs And Insurance Companies

When the insurance says no, here are 6 tips for advocating for the care and services your child needs. One of the earliest lessons you learn when you parent a child with special needs is that you will hear "no" more often than a toddler. But being the grown up... more