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The 5 Best Mom Blogs in San Diego

The 5 Best Mom Blogs in San Diego

These mom bloggers have the inside scoop on life with kids in San Diego!

San Diego is one of the most amazing cities in the U.S. to raise children, and the San Diego mom bloggers we’ve lined up for you here showcase just why. Many of the very first bloggers in our city created simple entries of day-to-day mom life with photos. As time went on and blogs became hugely popular, San Diego’s mom blogs became an important way for local parents to not only connect with the hilarious realities and all-too-true struggles of parenthood, but also to be used as an important conduit for topic-specific parenting information. 

Readers will learn about first-hand experiences with diaper rash, sleep issues, all the ‘first times’ of parenting, and precious family memories. If you’re looking for a new, young mom raising her first children, that’s on the list. If you’re looking for a mom who offers “listicles” of her favorite places to get active outdoors here in beautiful SD, that’s here. (And if you’re a nanny or a sitter, you will definitely find a few of these blogs relatable, too!) Read on to learn why these are our top five favorite mom blogs in San Diego. 


Girl From the North County, by Chelsea Tobiason

Image via Girl From the North County

North County blogger and mom Chelsea Tobiason provides some hilarious stories about life with her young children and also offers reviews of a wide variety of San Diego events for adults and kids. She recently did an interesting, funny, detailed review of her experience in a Solana Beach deprivation floating tank. Another of her most recent blog posts lamented the time she accidentally sent her daughter to school with… well, we’ll use Chelsea’s words:

“Just a reminder for you all of you parents out there — if you’re ever feeling like a complete and utter failure, ask yourself this one simple question: Did I accidentally send my child to school today with a pair of my ugly underwear? If the answer is no, then cut yourself some slack.”

This is a great blog to visit for a parenting laugh or just for some general advice on how to get pampered as a woman in San Diego!


Mommy Project San Diego, by Kristin Helms

Image via Mommy Project San Diego

Kristin Helms is a young mother of two children under the age of 3. She recently had a son and is blogging about the transition from being the mom of a singleton to mom of two. Leaving the corporate world behind to be a stay-at-home mom, Helms now blogs about her active life in San Diego with her husband and two children.  

Her website has a handy dandy tab at the top labeled “San Diego,” where you’ll find everything from how to have the best mom’s night out in San Diego to a list of how to enjoy Del Mar’s Racetrack season. She has an intelligent, happy, friendly tone, and her site is full of great information and heart-warming photos.


Garcia Memories, by Lysa Luansing-Garcia

Image via Garcia Memories

Lysa Luansing-Garcia is a wife, mother of two elementary age boys, and high school counselor who really, really, really loves San Diego! She’s full of enthusiasm for all things parenting and all things San Diego, where she has lived most of her life.  

Living in “the city that has the best of everything,” as Lysa calls SD, has tons of perks, and she writes about them all. From trips to the San Diego Zoo, eating out in the Convoy Street area, or talking about educating children in San Diego, she maintains her charming lust for life in every entry. Check out the All Things San Diego tab at the top of her website to find all sorts of local kid-friendly activities, games, and learning opportunities.


Hewes Family Fun, by Abby Hewes

Image via Hewes Family Fun

Abby Hewes is a mom of two who got tired of running her blog as an ad machine and went back to what she loved best about old school, local blogging: helping people! Not everyone can afford to go all-out for the expensive San Diego options for families, so Abby’s blog is focused on how a family in San Diego can live frugally but still have tons of fun.  

Abby gives great tips about everything from camping in the San Diego area to how to do Legoland on a budget and includes tons of charming photos of her joyful family enjoying all the bounties of our beautiful county — minus the extravagant spending.


Highlights Along the Way, by Kate Hamernik

Image via Highlights Along the Way

Kate Hamernik is a voracious blogger who provides an enormous amount of super-helpful content for San Diego parents. She’s a mom of three littles who calls herself a “San Diego lifer.” Kate writes openly about adopting two children, homeschooling, living on a budget, traveling with kids, and most any nook and cranny of life with kids you could want to know about.  

Kate and family are also huge Disney fans — so much so that she has an entire blog category dedicated to all things Disney! There are also tons of entries about San Diego eateries, family vacation spots, and San Diego Deals and Steals.  

Did we leave out any of your favorite local bloggers? Tell us in the comments below!

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