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16 Things Dogs Teach Us About Life

Here are 16 life lessons you can learn from your pup!

There are lots of things dogs teach us — without any real effort on their part. They don’t create lesson plans or vocabulary worksheets, but you can learn from your pet just by watching him interact with the world around him.

Here are 16 simple dog habits that everyone could learn from:

  1. Enjoy the View
    The passenger seat is a great place to be! After all, sometimes you just need to stare out the window and watch the world go by.


  2. Enjoy a Good Belly Rub
    OK, maybe you shouldn’t take this one literally, but have you ever known a dog to pass up affection? Don’t be afraid to let those close to you show their affection and appreciation.
  3. Get Excited When You See Your Best Friend
    Don’t you love it when your dog jumps for joy when you get home — even if you were only gone for half an hour? You should make your friends and family feel just as welcome and appreciated by greeting them with the same enthusiasm.


  4. Savor the Good Things in Life
    Have you ever watched a dog with a rawhide bone? He is really into that bone. Take a page from his book and take time to enjoy the things you love.
  5. Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep
    Dogs don’t pull all-nighters or stay up late worrying about a deadline at work. Instead, they sleep when they’re tired. And they’re typically not too fussy about where they lay their head down.


  6. Enjoy the Silence
    Sometimes it’s nice and relaxing to just enjoy the company of a loved one without speaking to one another.


  7. Show Your Loved Ones Just How Much You Care About Them
    One of the greatest lessons you can learn from dogs is that you should give and receive affection openly. Your furry friend wears her heart on her sleeve, and that’s probably one of the things that you love most about her!


  8. Friendship Can Be Easy
    All you need to become a dog’s new best friend is a ball in your hand and a willingness to get out and play.

  10. Treat Yourself
    A dog gets a treat for a job well done. You should do the same for yourself.
  11. Be Loyal
    Dogs are pack animals, and they have a strong bond with their fellow canines. In fact, packmates will stick together and defend each other in times of need. Take a page out of your dog’s book by being loyal and devoted to the important people in your life.


  12. Go After the Things That Are Important to You — and Stay Focused
    When you throw a ball, your dog doesn’t look to the right or to the left. Instead, he keeps his eyes on the prize and chases the toy until he’s gotten what he wants.


  13. Do the Things That Make You Happy
    From running through fields to burying bones in the dirt, your dog tends to do the things that make her happy as often as possible. Why shouldn’t you do the same?


  14. Move Past Your Mistakes
    Dogs don’t let anything bother them for too long. If you scold your pet for misbehaving, he likely sulks in guilt for a few moments, but then he gets right back to his old self. You, too, should learn from your mistakes and move on.


  15. Any Job Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Well
    From rescue dogs to service dogs, our four-legged friends throw themselves into their work with gusto. Perhaps you should do the same!
  16. Stay Hydrated
    On a hot day, your pup laps up as much water as possible. Follow her example and strive to drink your daily dose of water every day.


  17. Spend Lots of Time Outside
    Dogs love to be in the great outdoors, and you should too! Whether you go for a long bike ride or take a quick walk around the block, getting some fresh air can do wonders for your mood and general well-being.


It seems as if your furry friend deserves a special reward for being such a great teacher. Check out Dog Massage Techniques For the Home.

Can you think of some other things dogs teach us? Tell us in the comments below!

NJ Rongner is a lifestyle and parenting writer who encourages her readers to chase a sweet life well-lived on her blog, A Cookie Before Dinner.