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15 things cats teach us about life

What do cats teach us about living a happy, healthy life? A lot. The next time you need a little motivation, try getting inspired by these life lessons from a cat.

15 things cats teach us about life

You can learn a lot about life by simply observing your cat. After all, your furry friend is quite the expert on living a happy life. The next time you need a little inspiration or motivation, look no further than your feline companion.

Here are 15 things cats teach us:

1. Indulge your curious spirit

Though your cat’s curious nature can often get them into a bit of trouble, it also allows them to take advantage of all that the world around them has to offer. Why not try tapping into your adventurous side by exploring the woods behind your house or researching a topic that has always interested you?

2. Choose your friends wisely

Your cat knows who they like and who they don’t — and they’re not afraid to show it. While you may not want to wear your heart on your sleeve, being choosy about the company you keep is a good lesson to learn.

3. Get plenty of rest

There’s a reason a short snooze in the middle of the day is called a cat nap. Take a page out of your pet’s book and make sure you always get enough sleep.

4. Maintain a well-groomed appearance

Cats always want to look their best. After all, they clean groom themselves repeatedly throughout the day. We don’t need to go to this extreme (showering just once a day is fine), but it’s nice to follow your pet’s example by always putting your best paw forward.

5. Don’t forget to show your appreciation

Cats show you their gratitude in a number of ways: a loud purr, a squinty smile, a dead mouse at your feet. Learn from your cat and show your appreciation for those you love — maybe just not with a mouse.

6. Eat more fish

Cats can’t get enough of that fishy flavor, which is a good thing. Fish contain healthy omega fatty acids. You should try to include more in your own diet, as well.

7. Stay aware of your surroundings 

Cats are always alert, which allows them to sense any nearby danger and act accordingly. You should follow suit when you’re in a new or unfamiliar area.

8. Spend time soaking up the sun

Your cat probably loves to sit in a sunny window to bask in the warm light. Get inspired by your pet and go outside to soak up some vitamin D! Just be sure to wear plenty of sunscreen.

9. Take the time to sit still and really notice things

Have you ever seen a cat just sit and stare at a wall? What are they looking at? Maybe they’re just taking in every detail. Take the time to do the same by simply sitting still and taking in the present moment.

10. Don’t sweat the small stuff

Your cat knows how to live in the moment and enjoy all the little wonders of the world. Apply this motto to your own life by trying to just go with the flow — whenever possible. There’s no sense in worrying about minute things that won’t matter in the long run!

11. Stretch regularly

If you want to stay as limber and flexible as your cat, you should stretch on a daily basis. You can even try taking a yoga class! 

12. Ignore the little things that tend to irritate you

Your cat knows just how to deal with life’s troubling distractions — just ignore them! 

13. Look before you leap

Cats are very cautions animals. They won’t take a step without first assessing the situation. It’s a good habit for humans to have, too!

14. Don’t lose your playful energy

Even adult cats enjoy acting like frisky, energetic kittens every now and then. And they’ve got the right idea! After all, a playful spirit can help keep you feeling young and fit throughout your life.

15. Don’t get discouraged

The next time you get knocked down in life, follow your cat’s example and get right back up on your feet. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s important that you don’t let them prevent you from future successes.

It’s clear that one of life’s greatest teachers may come in a small, furry package.