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Deborah W.|McAllen, TX

$10-10/hr 3 yrs exp

Animal Lover at Your Disposal

I have personally had pets of all different types. From parrots, macaws, and finches to name a few birds to the normal dogs, cats, guinea pigs, turtles hamsters, white mice, and ferrets to the more exotic monkey, deer, and armadillos. Growing up in Nicaragua did have its benefits when you're an animal lover such as I am. I believe that boarding your pet should be a last resort. Being without your human companion is traumatic enough for your beloved pet. Taking them out of their domain and natural environment where they are comfortable, safe and secure just causes them unnecessary stress. I provide a wonderful alternative. I come to your pet instead of your pet coming to me. Your pet is a member of your family and should not be stressed due to being kenneled or exposed to the diseases or pests carried by other animals. You care for and maintain your pet to your high standards. Why should your pet suffer from being exposed to the pets of others that do not maintain their pets' health and cleanliness to the same standards? Depending on your pets needs, I come to your home on a daily basis to feed, play with, and maintain a clean environment for your pet. For instance, a cat may only need one visit daily to ensure they have fresh food, water, a clean litter box, as-well-as a little TLC; whereas a dog needs to go outside multiple times as well as being fed and watered. Dogs also seem to need more physical time with a person, i. e. someone to play with or to take them for a walk. I also transport your pet to and from any grooming or veterinary appointments you may have scheduled for them. My visits also give you, the homeowner, an extra benefit; in your absence, there is a car in your driveway daily and your mail and newspapers are brought in daily. This is an added deterrent. Your house is not being left unattended and does not have an obviously "gone on vacation" look. A quick explanation of my rates: I charge by the visit. The first visit is $12 every additional visit thereafter is an additional $8. Vet and grooming appointments are charged at $15 per appointment and include taking them to and from the appointment. These rates apply to the Mission, McAllen, and Edinburg areas. Please feel free to contact me if you reside outside of these areas and we can negotiate fees depending on the additional distance.
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