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Photo for Energetic, Responsible Babysitter Needed For 2 Children In Horsham

Energetic, Responsible Babysitter Needed For 2 Children In Horsham

One Time
My son is an easy napper and he is little happy face boy, always smiling. My daughter can be very over She needs clear and strict boundaries and rules (like she will try to run and jump onto your face if you let her, she has to know YOUR boundaries because shes smart enough to realize that she can get away with different things with different people). Both of my children are required to eat a certain way, they have been doing this their whole lives, they are good eaters. I need someone that can come up with several healthy options on the fly. Sliced avocado, carrot sticks, last night's butternut squash soup; my children are NOT allowed to eat fruit all day long, they will live off it if I let them. The reason I put this here is because nutrition is one thing I really value and I want someone who can appreciate this!. Our ideal caregiver: The ideal nanny would be there for my children, not to plop them in front of the television but to actively engage their minds and to teach them new things. My ideal person will take my kids outside every day as important part of their health. They will understand and support my children's nutritional needs by following my specific guidelines for feeding meals. I need someone who is committed and willing to work a flexible schedule which may change every couple of weeks due to my changing classes as a full time student in an accelerated program. Over the summer both of my children will be in need of care whereas in the fall, it will mainly be my son but there will be some picking up and dropping off involved as needed as my daughter will be in kindergarten.. Additional needs include pick up / drop off, light housekeeping, meal prep and a non-smoker. Looking for a caregiver for my 2-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter. My schedule may vary.
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FAQs for babysitting jobs in Horsham

How much do babysitting jobs pay in Horsham, PA?
The average pay rate for babysitting jobs in Horsham, PA on Care.com is $12.75 per hour as of August 2020. This rate will vary depending on your previous babysitting experience, the number of kids you'll care for, any child care certifications you have and the total amount of hours required of you per day/week.
How can I find a babysitting job in Horsham, PA?
Care.com has 4 babysitting jobs in Horsham, PA. You can search for local families looking for babysitting help by filtering by distance from Horsham and comparing your options. Most families are looking for a combination of experience and relevant skills when they hire a babysitter. Since you'll be responsible for the safety of the children you'll be caring for, consider taking a babysitting course and getting certified in CPR and first aid to help you stand out from other babysitters in your area. When you apply to babysitting jobs, make sure your babysitting resume highlights any experience you have caring for children and include the ages of the kids you've babysat for.
Are families hiring babysitters in Horsham during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Many parents working from home are looking for someone they can trust to care and entertain their kids for a few hours a day or more. There are currently 4 babysitting jobs available in Horsham, PA from families who are seeking help. Care.com continues with their mission of connecting caregivers and families, especially during these critical times.