The Learning Experience - Sterling Heights

13860 Canal Rd.
Sterling Heights, MI 48313

The Learning Experience - Sterling Heights

13860 Canal Rd., Sterling Heights, MI 48313
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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

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Jamie B
I went for the first time to pick my niece up a couple of weeks ago and was impressed from my first step in the door! Even though they new that I was coming, they still checked my license and made a copy of it. They happened to be having a luau day and had you engaged with Hawaiian music from the front office to the hallway and into the classroom. I loved how the classroom was decorated with children's art work and I was able to talk with the teacher for a couple minutes and was able to hear all the activities that they do during the day. The children and staff were in festive lai's and head adornments and eating a tropical Hawaiian treat that they had made in the morning. I felt like I wanted to stay. My niece was talkative the entire car ride home and everything they did that day. It warmed my heart to hear and see how happy she was. Also, that the staff took the time to know who I was and to share a part of their day with me. Thank you for making me feel as though it was not my first day there.
For the record my child has been attending The Learning Experience for the last 3 years. The school itself is a decent environment for the kids and the teachers themselves are really good. I really enjoyed seeing my child grow over the years in terms of social and educational development. They have a great setup separating age groups and room by room with programs that are tailored specifically for that age range.
So you ask yourself if the school is so good then why the one star review. WHEN IT COMES TO THE SAFETY OF MY CHILD I dont care how good the curriculum is. My child's safety and well being ALWAYS comes first and The Learning Experience's owner and director, Kathryn Schulz, puts enrollment before safety (my opinion).

So what happened:

Recently my son (age 5) has been involved in a series of 6 incidents (all with incident reports), 5 in which involved another child hitting or hurting my child either on purpose or by "accident." I put accident in quotes because I don't believe them. Keep in mind this all happened in the course of 3 weeks.

Incident one: The first incident was with a newer student, Lucas (age 5) who is known by the school to be aggressive. He punched my kid in the face giving him a bloody nose just because my son said, "no thank you, I dont want to play with you."
Action taken by the school: Timeout. Incident report filled out for my child. Director says she calls the parents but teachers tell us that she doesn't always do that.

Incident Two: Logan (Age 5) punches my kid in the stomach for no reason just after drop off.
Action taken: Incident report filled out. Time out for student.

Incident Three: Owen (Age 5), known to be aggressive goes has a fit and slaps my kid in the face as well as the teacher.
Action taken: By now we are aggravated with the school for failing to provide us with a action plan to ensure some discipline against these students. We caused spoke with the director prior to the incident and told us our son would be okay. Director sends Owen home (we agreed with that action).

Also, we witnessed Owen hit other another student causing pain and tears with no repercussions.

Incident Four: Again, Lucas, known aggressive student gets mad in the classroom and decides to pick up a chair and "accidentally" throw it at my childs back leaving a bruise.
Action taken: Incident report filled out. I called Katie the director and she apologizes because I am furious. She tells she is in contact with Lucas' parents to send him home. My wife picks up Kaiden because he told us he was afraid to go to school and we promised him he'd be okay. After picking him up we later forgot that we didnt pick up the incident report so we go back to get it. When we go back (hours later) we find Lucas BACK IN THE CLASS.

Incident Five: A child accidentally steps on my childs fingers during nap time. When I asked my son what that was about he had no idea what I was talking about. I asked if he cried today he said yes, because a student pushed his head into a wall for no reason.
Action taken: NONE. I feel like the incident report was faked.

These are all situations that occurred over the course of 3 weeks and the director chose not to do anything about it other than call the aggressive students parents (in some cases this is false according to the staff). In the situation where the chair was thrown she did pro-rate is for one day (but only later to find out so she can send the student back to class). There was only one situation we agreed with where she sent the student home. I asked her if there was a "3 strikes your out rule" and she said no. They try to work with students and remind them its not okay to hit. Obviously something isn't working hence the chair being thrown and to me its obvious she cares more about keeping students than children's safety.

In the end you need to be the judge. Like I said the school has a great curriculum, but when it comes to other aggressive students the director will not do a whole lot to ensure the safety of your child.
Rachel T
I love TLE! I toured several daycare centers before finally touring TLE I knew right away it was the perfect match for what we were looking for! I highly recommend this facility to anyone looking for a loving and educational environment for your children!
Bridget K
Great teachers and environment! My child loves this place.
Melissa K
I could not all for a better place for children to grow and learn. The staff is amazing and so caring.
Very clean, fun, friendly, caring, and productive center. Your child will love this place, and so will you when you see the progress he/she will make!
I have visited many centers in the past few years and TLE (Sterling Heights) is the best.
Lisa K
The Learning Experience in Sterling Heights, MI is absolutely fantastic. My daughter has been going there since she was 10 weeks old. She has learned how to communicate using sign language, show her creative side with Art work and crafts and has been educated with their solid curriculum each and every day. The staff is caring and they truly show an interest your child s growth and development. It will be a sad day when my daughter has to head to kindergarten and leave her family at TLE!
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