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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.


State license status: Temporary ( verified on 1/1/2021)
This business has met New Jersey's initial licensing requirements. They're considered Temporary for a 6-12 month period to ensure they remain compliant before being granted a full license. For the most up-to-date status and inspection reports, please view this provider's profile on New Jersey's licensing website.
Licensing requirements typically include:
  • Complying with safety and health inspections
  • Achieving the required levels of educational training
  • Maintaining a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Other state-defined requirements


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Preschool (or Nursery School or Pre-K)
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Summer care / camp

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
All Ages $ 225 per week --
*availability last updated on 11/19/2014
Full Time (5 days/wk)

Ratings & Reviews

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Allison R
I highly suggest NOT bringing your child to this daycare!!! The building itself is falling apart and not being upgraded, it's not clean to health department standards & is/has been infested with mice! The building owner does not care about his establishment, employees or customers. Parents over pay for this child care center while teachers quit from being underpaid. Included in the tuition is snacks and lunch. The snacks served are stale at times and the options are limited for picky eaters. The lunches that are catered look so disgusting at times I wouldn't serve it to my own dog, let alone my child. The lunches that are good there's never a sufficient amount to be served. If you opt to bring your own lunch/snacks you're still being charged for school lunch/snack in your tuition. As for the curriculum I have overheard teachers say they have limited supplies to work with. The teachers at The learning Experience pre-covid were PHENOMENAL!!! The staff always had smiles on their faces & we loved/trusted every one of them with our child! Now that we've returned to the center post covid we are LIVID!!!! The building owner failed to communicate with us parents that teachers and children from the Whippany Learning Center would be merging into our center. The old staff we knew, trusted and loved were completely replaced with those from the Whippany center. The new teachers are extremely rude, unfriendly and do not look children oriented. The new staff are incompetent and unprofessional. We recently learned that the one of the Whippany employees was fired for having drugs in her possession at work! If these aren't enough reasons to not send your children to this establishment I'm not sure what is. If you care about your children find another center.
Maggie W
My child was enrolled there for the last 2 years, and covid definitely came in and just ruined a lot for us all. What bothers me most, is that TLE of Parsippany has partnered with a neighboring school, TLE of Whippany. This bothers me on so many levels.

For starters all of the loving teachers that my family has grown to know, trust and love are no longer there. They're replacing the whole staff with Whippany teachers who are rude and unprofessional! My child cried so much that I've been so afraid to send him back.

I've done my research and heard nothing but horror stories about the Whippany's TLE, including the one about the drugs that were found in the possession of a teacher and left in child's reach! To the own of Parsippany, why would you even want to partner with a school with a reputation like that?

Just horrible
Where do I start?

I applied to this job with intentions of becoming part of what I believed would be a great working family and even greater "LEARNING EXPERIENCE". Of course, I was approved and spent the last few years of my life dedicating my time and love to that place. I was wooed by bright colors, the big smiles and the spacious rooms. Every one seemed to be on track and so kind to one another. It wasn't until about a few months later when THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE started to show their true colors. That place is a sh** show.

Management is extremely manipulative, controlling and inconsiderate of their staff. There are many times where the classrooms were over capacity, yet management would blend or "combine" two classrooms together to allow specific teachers to go home early. This was done out of favoritism and because they were cheap and didn't want to pay the staff. There are times where 1 teacher was in a classroom with 15 plus children, specifically mornings / evening, but did anyone step in to help? Nope! I can't even count the number of times calling the front office for the managers to tell me, "You can do this!" Or, "I don't know what to tell you." Simply because they were TOO LAZY to help out in an overcrowded classroom. The owner, he surely doesn't belong in this type of establishment! If you don't have a true love and passion for education and children, surely you shouldn't have invested in a school! He's barely there, yet when he is, he is cooped up in his office. Cursing out the management for not "handling" his situations for him.

This place is beyond unorganized, unprofessional and simply disgusting. Speaking of disgusting, oh? There's a professional cleaning company that comes nightly? Sure, but guess who's officially scrubbing those classrooms in between lessons? You guessed right! The teachers! Being under paid and treated like crap to be a teacher, provider and janitor? I think not! These teachers are treated so poorly, barely getting time off because they don't have paid vacation time unless it's accrued over a year! They're so afraid to call off for emergencies like being sick or family matters, because they can't afford a day off! Then when they do call off, they're penalized for it. Which goes to the next issue.... Covid ? Yeah, you have teachers taking Tylenol to hide their fevers because they can't afford to take off from work, afraid to be treated wrong or that they'll be fired! It's just a lot happening there that is simply not okay.

The food is YUCKY! Most times, you have to split about 30 chicken nuggets between 15+ children (ages 3+) I've had children cry to me about being so hungry yet, I had to tell them that the food was all done. Complain to management and they toss you cold pasta as a substitute for food that simply wasn't filling. The meal plan is a part of tuition. Parents are paying money for their children to eat cold pasta, old vegetables or hard mozzarella sticks. I've come out of pocket myself so many times to feed students extra snacks because their kitchen is always ALWAYS low on supplies. I've walked into the kitchen numerous time to catch a mouse shooting across the floor. This is the kitchen where food is served!

SPEAKING OF SUPPLIES, before covid began, there were weeks on end without the proper cleaning supplies for classrooms (paper towels, toilet paper, gloves etc) you'll go to the supply closet to find a large shelf filled with empty boxes! another thing I had to come out of pocket for so that my children could properly clean themselves smh. My biggest concern and biggest warning to anyone that is reading this, if you were considering to put your child in the school I suggest you don't. If you are considering to apply here, I suggest you don't. It's unsanitary, management is unprofessional, and this place surely just needs to be shut down.
Angela B
I truly would not recomment this place to anyone! I am surprised that state has yet to shut them down! I don't even know where to begin with the disappointment. I've counted 3 times that I caught a mouse running through the hall as if it were late for work! I complained and I'm sure the health department came for a check in. Of course, clean the school for inspection and let it go right back down the drain immediately after! Teachers are not using the proper procedures when it comes to handling the food, no gloves are worn (at least from the numerous times that I have popped in). The front desk staff is beyond rude, smiling to your face yet gives you a ton of attitude when you call to check in on your child. The list just goes on! The owner? I have no idea how he was even able to pull off a move to become an owner of a school! He obviously has no Interest in the children, staff or parents! It's all for the money. Long story made slightly short...... you're better off going to another school. Good luck to you all during your search!
My daughter loves being in her new school. The teachers are nice and i really like the curriculum. Giving an exposure to not only the basics like colors, alphabets, numbers etc. but also different things like sign-language, Spanish language, different cultures (Egypt) and philanthropy is amazing. Kids may not imbibe everything they do but they will surely recognize it later since they are already exposed to it.

I also love the playhouses - the fact that there is an indoor play area as well as outdoors sold me the admission to TLE. Very happy with the school.
The staff at TLE Parsippany has been phenomenal. We started when my daughter was about 18 months and they made her transition and our transition as seamless as possible. They are incredibly responsive to concerned parents who are getting used to leaving their babies in daycare and we have seen enormous growth in our daughter since she started attending TLE. We could not be happier.
Dr.Priyanka I
The teachers are awesome. New management brought in very nice changes.
Good, reliable place for kids. Also they have huge indoor which is a BIG plus for NJ weather. STEM system is employed and monitored systematically
Sharmishta V
Ms Preethi is the best. I loved it
It is one of the few places that care for the children not just via teaching but also they feed the children. i have had 2 of my children there. and the instructors are fantastic, Ms Jammy , ms Angie and Ms Rebecca took great care with my young ones. The place has great hours a summer program. They have a ton of ways to get discounts as well.
This particular learning experience has a substantial amount of turnover rate both in regards to the teachers and management. Recently a new owner took over and the prices went up. Not surprisingly. Families were unhappy but what can you do. The teachers themselves who end up staying are an absolutely dedicated group Of women. In particular, Ms. Rebecca and Ms. Johanna in preppers are positive individuals who give excellent feedback and work with parents diligently to get the kids potty trained. They have the perfect mix of gentle persistence without making the children or parents uncomfortable. And I for one have gone to them for advice on many occasions. I cannot speak highly enough of Miss Jammy and miss Jen in preschool 3. Miss Jammy, in particular, has a math degree and high expectations of her students. She is one of the few teachers who truly loves her job and exhibits nothing short of infinite dedication to ensure that her children learn early on sight words addition and subtraction prior to going to kindergarten. For any parent who is considering this site they have great hours and great teachers. However communication with management needs a substantial amount of improvement. That being said I do not regret my decision in choosing a learning experience in Parsippany
Lisa G
The positive atmosphere is intoxicating at this school. Christen and Dana have re-energized the teachers and they really seem to enjoy the children and the educational component. Kudo's Ladies, you care and it shows.
Kim R
I sent my son here for their summer program. For the short amount of time we have been there the friendly staff really made us feel like family. The facility was very clean.
J. J
The Learning Experience in Parsippany, NJ has been a great experience for my family. The location, hours, and staff are perfect for a working family with a toddler on the move! I would definitely recommend to others.
Joanne B
My grandson loved it. He learned so much and was reading very well when he left. I would highly recommed the center.
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