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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

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Tiffany O
My daughter has been at TLE for the last year and we absolutely love it there. We love the director, Jessica, and have been thrilled with the teachers.

When we were touring daycares before/just after she was born I didn't pay any attention to the curriculum because she was an infant(!!) but it's been a surprise and a joy to see how much she learns at daycare. For example, "Eeeshy" (fishy) was a very early word for her - funnily enough the curriculum theme that month was "Under the Sea". We also didn't set out thinking our child would learn infant sign language, but it definitely came in handy before she could speak. And she LOVES music class.

The staff are warm and loving and the halls are filled with proud displays of the children's art projects. I also like that the center has its own small private outdoor play area - a luxury in Manhattan. On a practical level stroller parking is much easier than some of the other daycares we toured - a small thing but nice nonetheless.

In short, we love TLE. Choosing childcare is a personal thing, but we are thrilled with TLE and I would encourage anyone considering daycare to stop by and tour.
Keith D
TLE has been so amazing since we've started. The staff is attentive, friendly and take excellent care of my child.

I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to send their child to daycare in the downtown area.
Kevin O
I highly recommend TLE to any parent. Our daughter has been at TLE since 6 months old. We experienced a few other daycare centers because both my wife and I had daycare benefits through our employers. From the first day TLE has felt like home for our daughter. TLE feels like we are leaving our daughter with family rather than a daycare. We became very close to the teachers in her first classroom Miss Dominique and Miss Jeanie. There is no question that our daughter is loved by her teachers at TLE.

TLE's curriculum has enriched our daughter in many ways. She loves music class (often sings songs from school at home) and has become a sponge for new words! We are constantly amazed by what she has learned at school.

The administration and director of the school have been great, we're kept informed of her day and are able to keep in touch through phone, email, or text. We often receive candid photos of her day; which brightens our day.
Mike P
Truly one of the most awesome daycares in the area! I've been in 3 around the area but this is the best and I love being a part of it. The staff is kind, caring and attentive to all the children and their needs. The daycare itself is clean beyond belief. The halls and all the classrooms are lined with the beautiful works created by the children. The teachers put a lot of time and energy in showcasing the achievements of their young students! Wonderful place!!!!
Michelle D
We looked around at many daycares in Brooklyn and Manhattan for our soon to be newborn daughter and at the last minute found TLE and set up an appointment for a tour. After we got a tour of the facilities, it was clear that this was the place for our daughter. It has not disappointed. Our daughter is now almost a year old and she absolutely loves coming to TLE every day. When we first brought our daughter to TLE after 5 months of being at home, we brought her for a few hours in the morning to get used to TLE. Not surprisingly, she cried and refused to eat. Through the TLC of Miss Etha and Miss Kendra , that stopped pretty quickly. In fact, our daughter got so attached to Miss Kendra that she literally would only take a bottle from her! Miss Kendra is effectively our daughter's second mother and it's amazing to know that our daughter has someone like that at TLE. The teachers at TLE are truly the best. Every one of them knows our daughter's name and to my surprise usually knows my name as well. The teachers treat our daughter like she is their own - and as a parent, you can't ask for any more than that. I never expected we would find a place where that would happen. For example, our daughter's teachers have held her while she slept when she was first getting used to coming to TLE, clipped her nails when they were too long, and applied Neosporin to the scrapes incurred after many adventures learning how to walk on our watch. Now when I drop our daughter off at TLE, most days she could care less that I am leaving. She is off playing with her friends in the classroom. And the same goes for when my wife comes to visit at lunch - our daughter often comes over for a few hugs but is off playing the rest of the time. Initially I had some concern that we just got really lucky and her teachers in the Infant A room were just extraordinary and we would be disappointed when she had to move to the next room. But those concerns were totally unfounded because when our daughter moved to Infant B her new teachers, Miss Dominique, Miss Jeanie and Miss Amanda, were just as extraordinary. In fact, every morning I still take my daughter to go see Miss Dominique even though our daughter is in a different room now. Beyond the incredible teachers, Jessica and Jenna are amazing. Whenever we have needed anything, they have been so accommodating and easy to work with. They truly want to make sure that every parent feels like we do about TLE. In terms of education, although our daughter is only 11 months old, she is at or ahead of all of her milestones, no doubt partially due to the great teachers and environment at TLE. She is constantly bringing home artwork (we are going to need a dedicated room at this rate to store it) and often goes outside during the day as well. To the extent it is not already obvious, my wife and I couldn't be any happier with our daughter's experience at TLE. And most importantly, I'm pretty sure my daughter feels the same way!
Tina C
I have two kids (ages 1 and 2) at TLE--and I plan to keep them there as long as I can. At TLE, my babies learned vital socialization skills through the structured educational environment they spent their first years of life in. I can see how happy my kids are not only when I pick them up at the end of every day, but also when I drop them off--now that says something! And the affection and encouraging support my kids receive from the entire TLE staff makes me feel like I leave my babies in the safe care of family while I'm at work. It really doesn't get better than that.
We've had our child in The Learning Experience for about 3 months now and have nothing but great things to stay about the teachers and the other parents. Everyone is really nice and invested in the development of the children. I'm confident that our child is breezing through each one of their milestones due to the teachers' commitment.

I'll never forget our first tour of the facilities where we saw a classroom filled with children quietly eating *broccoli* together to infants in another room all sleeping at the same time. We knew it was the place for us, and haven't looked back since.
Brooke M
We could not be happier at TLE. The staff are loving and amazing with our daughter. We are greeted every morning with smiles and hugs from the incredible staff. They have worked so hard to accommodate our work schedule and to help our daughter adjust to starting daycare/school for the first time. It has been a wonderful experience, we highly recommend it!
Cari G
My son has had such a wonderful experience at TLE so far. We attended the summer camp where he had the opportunity to get involved in so many new activities from Soccer and Yoga to Science and all types of creative and dramatic play. We are now in the Preschool Program and have been thrilled with the teachers and the staff. I am watching him thrive on a daily basis and lucky to have found a place like this for him. The school is clean and bright and they have plenty of outdoor time. My son also has food allergies and I applaud the measures of safety that upper management has taken to ensure their staff is properly trained and ready for any type of emergency. I feel so comfortable sending him here and very lucky to have found it.
Cathy T
In a city where Day Care's are plentiful, pinpointing the 'right one' is not straightforward. TLE is a beautiful center filled with love. Once I walk in, the bright colors of the center and smiles from staff members to greet me can easily change my mood. The staff are very inviting and always a pleasure to speak with.
When my LO was enrolled, she was in Miss Linda and Miss Katelyn's class. Linda and Katelyn often provided me comfort with words of advice and reassured me during some challenging morning drop offs and the day to day. They took such great care of my daughter and helped her mature into the busy little toddler she is now. It is remarkable how much she has grown in less than a year of attendance. When my LO transitioned into the Twaddlers class, her vocabulary immediately increased. At two years old, she knows her alphabet and how to count to 1-10. Linda, Katelyn, Terrah and Crystal have all contributed to her development.
As parents, the pressures to provide for a child can be quite demanding. As a single parent, the responsibilities are doubled. I want to provide my daughter with the best care possible. As the standards of education have changed where children are exposed to computers at an early age and are reading by Kindergarten. I have no doubt in my mind, The Learning Experience meets and possibly exceeds these standards.
Rachel T
We first visited and settled on The Learning Experience based on its proximity to both my husband and my offices. I was incredibly nervous to leave behind my first child at just 11 weeks old. But before we even started bringing our daughter by, manager Melissa called regularly to check in to see if we had any concerns and to reassure us that our little lady would get plenty of love. It is that kind of thoughtfulness that represents everyone at TLE. I couldn't agree more with Justin G. While the cleanliness, inclusive policies, hours and programming are way above the norm in this city, it's the staff that makes me highly recommend it. Etha, Claudia and Dominique in Infant A are warm, caring and funny. They care immensely about the babies and their families. And Jessica, Kathleen and Melissa in the front office not only send me regular pictures of my girl during the day, they also remember important family events! Returning to work has been incredibly difficult, but the one bright spot has been leaving her with her new TLE family every day.
Justin G
As first time parents that both work, my wife and I feel very fortunate to have discovered TLE. Since we live right next door, we first looked at TLE for the convenience to us of its location, but we were very impressed by their facilities, policies, and the incredibly upbeat and friendly staff.
While the facilities are great (clean, secure, and with all the child-safety devices like finger-savers on doors and cupboards that need a special thingamajig to open them), and the policies and education are a plus (1 teacher for every 4 kids, peanut/powder free, daily '"Day Sheets", with programs to teach the kids to communicate with rudimentary sign language), it's really the staff that makes a huge difference. Besides being knowledgeable and responsive, they are invariably upbeat and happy, with the type of positive energy you want your kids around. We're big fans of Ms. Cathy and Ms. Etha, who had our girl in "Infant A", as well as Ms. Dominique, Ms. Claudia, Ms. Chani, Ms. Danita and all the many others who have taken such great care of our munchkin. Add in Jessica, Kathleen, and Melissa in the front office with their affability, sense of humor, flexibility, and willingness to go the extra step (Melissa even helps us out by cutting our girl's fingernails, which both my wife and I get super nervous about!), and the people make the biggest difference.
I'd happily recommend TLE to other parents, new or not- a great space and facility, good curriculum, wonderful staff, and a nice community of fellow parents make it a find.
Angela L
The Learning Experience is excellent. As a start, the hours are excellent for the price. One of the only daycares in the area with extended hours from 630a-630p. The staff are friendly and really care about the kids. The space is nice and clean too. From the second I drop my son off he is given attention and smiles and really seems to love it...he really thrives there. I couldn't ask for more!
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