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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.


State license status: Regular ( verified on 4/23/2020)
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Nazareth L
Great teachers!! Staff and administration are friendly, welcoming and personable. We are always greeted each morning and afternoon by staff when we arrive.. they remember everyones name. Kids are happy, education program is great with lots of enrichment for their young developing minds. I always leave my child at The Learning Experience confident my child is in good hands and will have a great day.
Crista F
Our son loves TLE! His teachers are wonderful and he learns something new and exciting everyday, we highly recommend it!
Rich B
I have sent my child to The Learning Experience in Matawan for 3 years. I could not imagine sending her any where else. My child loves to go to school, and that is very important to instill a love of learning before entering elementary school. She has gained so much knowledge, I know she will be ahead of the game when she does begin Kindergarten. The staff and administration are top notch. I am deeply impressed with their academic programs, daily summer camp activities, and monthly fundraising events. This daycare/school exceeds my expectations. Therefore, I highly recommend The Learning Experience of Matawan.
Marie C
When TLE Matawan first opened, I was one of the first to enroll my unborn child to the program. That was 7 years ago. My son stayed at TLE until he went in to public kindergarten. Since then, I had a second child and my daughter has been at TLE for 3.5 years.

Both of my children have been happy at TLE. It is very clean and the staff are driven to create a happy, healthy environment but also focused on education/development.

I highly recommend TLE Matawan!
Denise S
This place is awseome. My son went to preschool at TLE and I felt very comfortable with him being at this school..The staff is great, and the teacher is phenomenal...My son is already reading...He graduated this year and we are sad to be leaving.
Kelly S
My son has been going here for 4 months and loves it. He even asks to pass by it on the weekends. The staff keeps you very informed of what's going on with your child and work with you. They send out a newsletter every week to let you know what's going on that week. My son says hi and bye to everyone, which he never did at his old school. If you are looking for a preschool for your child I highly recommend this.
Our son has been attending this TLE location for about 2 months. The teachers and staff made us feel welcomed and secured to move forward with enrollment. The teachers have been consistent, nurturing and understanding with the transition. We have noticed a big improvement in his social and communication skills. The director, Ms. Trish and assistant director, Mr. Nico email weekly news and are always a phone call away when you need them. The attentiveness and professionalism that our family has experienced is like no other and you won't be disappointed.
Richard K
My daughter entered the school a very shy little girl after being there less than a year she is an outgoing intelligent child. The learning experience teaches not only abc and 123 but so much more. They use computers and a smart board to teach. She is learning so much more here than at her previous daycare.
Denise B
I am thrilled to write about The Learning Experience of Matawan. I have sent my daughter there for 3 years, so I feel that I know the school very well. When I first sent my daughter to daycare at one year old, we chose one a little closer to home and that was a huge mistake. My husband and I pulled her out of the school after 6 weeks. I was disgusted with daycare and didn't want to send my daughter to another one. However, then we found The Learning Experience of Matawan and my fears vanished. I could tell right away that The Learning Experience of Matawan was a loving and nurturing environment, and I wasn't wrong. After my last daycare experience, I would call TLE every day to check on my daughter, and they were reassuring and kind to me. I could see the difference in my daughter compared to the other school. When I picked her up from the other school, she would cry. When I picked her up from The Learning Experience of Matawan, she was smiling and happy. One of the huge reasons is because of the staff. The staff are always bubbly, happy, kind, caring, and fun. They always greet children and parents as they enter the building. My daughter runs up to her past and present teachers for hugs. As a mother, I want my daughter to feel encouraged, nurtured, and loved, and she receives that everyday at TLE-Matawan. The administration is no exception. They are always visible and available. I have recently had surgery, and have gone out of their way to help my family and I.

As someone who works in public education, I see the difference that The Learning Experience of Matawan makes with each child. They provide an excellent curriculum that facilitates growth in all educational areas. I am so impressed with all the knowledge my daugher possesses. I love the enrichment education she has received. This includes the L.E.A.P. Curriculum (Learning Experience Academic Program). My daugher has so much fun with the L.E.A.P. Interactive boards that use touch-screen technology and interactive learning games to further enhance her education. My daughter has learned sign language, phonics, foreign language, manners and etiquette, physical fitness, and philanthropy which teaches children the value of selflessness and giving. I love all the charity work they do at TLE, including working with Make-A-Wish, helping families in need, breast cancer, and more. Every month they have a charity or a philanthropy giving event. I am impressed with their enrichment kit programs that are provided extra with no additional cost. My daughter has learned music, math, science, dance, Yoga, performing arts, and physical fitness and is able to take home her kit at the end of the session. She has received kits in theater, dance, Yoga, music, and more! As someone who has a strong appreciation for the arts, I love this extra education. Once my daughter was potty trained, she was able to go into Make Believe Boulevard , a miniature Main Street, USA. I love this interactive classroom designed to develop and expand socio-dramatic play amongst children. As an occupational therapist who works with children, working on these skills are very important to me. Also, as a pediatric OT, I love how TLE Matawan facilitates various developmental skills, such as speech, fine motor, visual perceptual, visual motor, and gross motor skills. The staff assesses these skills to ensure developmental progression. When my daughter received early intervention speech therapy, the teachers worked with the speech therapist at the daycare to increase her speech. We saw tremendous improvement with everyone in her life on the "same page" and using the techniques.

As a working mom, I love that I can bring my daughter to TLE-Matawan and I know that she will be provided with a healthy lunch! I don't have to worry about making her lunch everyday. My daughter loves the lunch that is provided at TLE-Matawan. She often will ask for seconds and thirds!

I highly recommend The Learning Experience of Matawan. There is no place I would rather bring my daughter everyday. I feel truly blessed that my daughter has them in her life.

Thank you.
My daughter has been there for a year now and has learned so much. She is excited to see her teachers and classmates every day and misses it on weekends. The teachers are amazing and really care about each and every students development and education. The school is very clean and welcoming. Highly recommended.
My child has attended TLE for the past 3.5 years. He is now graduating and can already read. He is more than ready to begin Kindergarten and I credit the amazing teachers at this school. We've been other places with our other children and this is the best. They are caring, honest, and involved. The reviews from 2013 and 2014 are old and no longer relevant. Management changed and the school is great. We're sad to leave. :(
My two granddaughters attend this school and I can't say enough good things.My oldest granddaughter started almost 3 years ago and I have watched her grow and bloom. She loves going there!! All the teachers are amazing and the director is so hands on and always knows what is going on and where.What impressed me the most is they are so caring and always have the children's best interest in mind.My younger granddaughter is enjoying herself as much as her sister. It's such a good feeling to know when you can't be with them, they are in a safe and caring environment!! I highly recommend TLE. I promise you won't be disappointed.
My kids have been at TLE for 5 years now and we are so happy. My son will be graduating this year and we are sad to see him leave this school that has felt like our second home. I cannot praise this school and staff enough.
Patricia V
TLE is one of the nicer schools I've seen. I went to see my friend's son perform in his talent show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The school is extremely clean and the curriculum is super interesting. I think this is a place that would have challenged me as a child.
This is an amazing center. The teachers are knowledgable, caring and honest. Even those who teach or provide nursery care in other classes know my child's name-- and, if they are free, will always stop to say hello. The school is super clean and safe. My daughter goes to school happy and looking forward to her day. She comes home happy with a new word or a new state that she learned about. Highly recommend.
Richard L
My son has been attending TLE for 1 1/2 years. Me and my wife were having a very difficult time potty training him. He is very strong willed and was not cooperation even though we knew he was ready. The teachers and administrator encouraged us to stop using pull-ups and bring several outfits to school and they would work with him. In less than 3 days our baby boy became a big boy and was fully potty trained. Thanks so much TLE for the special time and attention you gave to my little guy.
Disatisfied P
Beware of this place. My child was in the infant room and many times I saw the 4:1 ratio more like 7:1. Children left on the floor, crying and wanting to be attended to. I often left this place with a terrible pit in my stomach. There is obviously a huge gap in communication between staff and the director and it's clear that the ladies who try their best with the children are not supported by upper management. Many unsettling things happened here and I wondered if they'd given my daughter lunch when they said they did. Came in on my break and saw things in a disarray. Try elsewhere.
Concerned P
I was initially impressed when I went to visit this center. (The Director gave a good sales pitch.) However, after several months of my son attending school here I had to withdraw him from the center. The information and commmunication between the staff was inconsistent and continuously changing. The teachers in the preschool 1 class were cold and not personable at all. I witnessed one of the teachers yelling at kids in the class on more than one occasion. The over all expectations of the students were unrealistic. My son's self esteem was affected because of the way the teachers made him feel when he didn't write as well as other students or get a concept immediately. The teachers were so busy trying to meet the expectations of the corporate office that they didn't engage with the kids or spend the extra time working with them when it was needed. Everytime I walked into the classroom I'd find the teachers working on projects to post outside in the halls (cutting construction paper and etc.) vs. playing or teaching. My overall experience was not a good one. I wouldn't recommend this center.
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