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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

In business since: 2011
Total Employees: 2-10

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No human aggressive dogs
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1 Adult to 3 pets
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Boarding $ 65 per day --
Grooming $ 60 flat --
Dog Walking $ 40 per session --
Training $ 80 per hour --
*availability last updated on 06/10/2015
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Ratings & Reviews

( 17)
Isabel R
We feel extremely lucky to have found Loukia's Wholistic Pet Services. We have an 11 year old mutt, Jez. When we were planning a two-and-a-half trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary, we just could not see leaving her in a regular kennel. A friend put us in touch with Loukia and we were off to Italy, totally guilt free. Our only concern was whether Jez would want to come back home! We now have Jez go on hikes with the pack every Tuesday. It takes care of another issue about which we were concerned: whether she could get used to being with other dogs. Jez is great with people, including children, but her exposure to other dogs is very limited at home. Loukia provides wonderful exercise and socialization. She is the perfect solution for boarding and weekly outings!
Anna D
I am so grateful I found Loukia when I moved here!

First off, let me just say that I am extremely protective of my dog. Abby is almost 8 now, but up until ~3 yrs ago I had never boarded Abby w/anyone other than my parents back in TX (which required me to drive down 5hrs to drop her off with). So when I moved here, I spent hours looking through reviews and talking to different dog walkers/boarders in the area as I was traveling for work a lot.

Then I found Loukia. After bringing Abby over for a meet and greet - I instantly knew Loukia was very different from the other people I had talked to. You can see she really cares for the dogs & truly loves being around them, and the dogs love & respect her as well. She treats all of the pups like her own. And even better - she disciplines them when needed! She doesn't just come and walk your dog around the block for 20 mins (for a VERY energetic black lab, that does nothing). She takes her pack out for long hikes every day - rain or shine! Abby always comes back as happy and tired as can be. She also always sends tons of photos/videos to us when we we're traveling. I have never seen Abby SO excited to see someone anytime Loukia comes by.

I wouldn't trust anyone else with my furry baby!
Eileen G
I truly hit the jackpot when a good friend recommended I call Loukia Tsapari and her Wholistic Pet Service to care for my two dogs while I was to be away. After years of agonizing over where to board them when we travel, Loukia is heaven sent. Quite simply, my dogs adore her. She comes to your home and picks them up as well as brings them back to you upon your return. With travel days so often hectic, not having to worry about getting our dogs to where they are boarding is a wonderful bonus. The additional joy of seeing how excited they get as soon as they see Loukia's car makes leaving them so much easier. Then, while traveling, Loukia sends us pictures and video updates of them throughout their day, whether it's on their many walks, or playing with the other dogs, or sleeping on their own mattresses in a big, open, comfortable room. When they return, their behavior is always amazing. Loukia is like the dog whisperer. They listen, they respond to my words, they behave beautifully.

Once back home, whenever I have replayed Loukia's videos, the moment my dogs hear her voice they race to the front door so excited, thinking she is here. When not traveling, once a week they go with Loukia and any number of other dogs to the dog park. Again, she picks them up and drops them off. All the dogs in the car will get out, welcome our dogs, then Loukia simply says a word and they all instantly get back in the car. It is amazing. Just knowing they are happy, loved and so well cared for is a gift, and a given, with Loukia.
Words cannot express how grateful we are to have been referred to Loukia and Wholistic Pet Services. We have now been working with Loukia for months and wish we knew her years ago! For years my family stressed over planning vacations (long or short) as we never had a place to send our dogs that we felt ok about. Loukia does not just "board" your pets, she cares, loves, and mothers them. We have a little dog (Charlie) and a larger rescue(Rhett), both loved beyond words. My rescue had become a bit grumpy in his old age and was no longer playing nicely at dog parks or the beach, which truly upset me. I was nervous to let him play with other dogs- a completely foreign feeling to me. While I love my Rhett, he is not always the best listener and his training has been less than easy! I told Loukia about my concerns the first time Rhett stayed with her since I knew she would be taking care of multiple dogs. Not only does Loukia provide an incredibly loving and safe place for your dogs while you are away, she truly cares and works with them. It is safe to say Loukia is a true dog whisperer! I received a video a day or two into Rhett's first stay that showed him playing outside with all the other dogs, happy as can be. He would nap next to them, eat besides them...I could not believe it. Not only does Rhett get along with every single other dog perfectly each time he stays with Loukia, but he goes on walks without a leash, and listens when Loukia says "come" "sit" "stay." This my friends, was incredible! His behavior at home has drastically changed and I am so grateful for the training and love Loukia has provided. Rhett now visits Loukia once a week to spend time with the pack, even if we aren't away. It is rare to find someone who cares about your pets as much as you do- and that is why we love Loukia and Wholistic Pet Services so much- 'we' including Rhett and Charlie!
Loukia and Wholistic Pet Services is a truly amazing place! I have been using her services frequently for the past 3 years. My rescue dog - Nico - was very skittish and didn't know how to get along with other dogs, but once she joined Loukia's team she became a different dog! She now runs to the doggie bus to meet all her friends and loves being with her doggie friends. Loukia treats Nico as if she is her own dog - with the benefit of all the extra professional knowledge. Finding someone whom I could trust with my dog and free access to our home was no easy thing and I am truly lucky to have found Loukia. Thank you so much!!
Allison P
Wholistic Pet Service is AMAZING!!! Loukia is top notch! She walks our dog, Fritz, twice a week. Fritz has a ton of energy and requires a lot of exercise. Check out Loukia's Youtube channel - my dog is the black standard poodle that never stops running! Since Fritz started walking with Loukia his behavior has improved significantly. He is much calmer (thank goodness - we didn't think it was possible). He is so worn out on walk days, he hardly gets out of bed to welcome us home. Previous to Loukia, I would never have let Fritz walk off-leash. I was always too nervous he would run off. Now his recall is incredible. I trust him to always come back and it is all because of Loukia.

Anytime we go out of town, Fritz stays with Loukia. In the past, we tried a few different boarders. I was never satisfied. I didn't like that he was crated most of the time and he seemed nervous when I dropped him off. Needless to say, I had a lot of anxiety about going out of town. With Loukia, I have absolutely no anxiety. I know Fritz is going to be well cared for with home-cooked meals and a ton of play time. I am pretty sure he likes it there more than our house.

The best part about Loukia is she truly loves my dog, which means I can trust her completely. She regularly sends videos and pictures of my dog. She calls and emails me if there is ever any issue.
I could not praise Loukia enough. I actually envy my dog. I wish she could walk me couple times a week. I truly believe there is no better dog walker/boarder anywhere!
Kate W
I agree with Laura S. Loukia is a second mother to my two dogs - Blair and Charlie. This is not your typical boarding...the dogs stay in Loukia's home with her dogs. She treats them as one of her own. They truly become a part of the pack and essentially her large group of dog children. I cannot say enough great things about Loukia and the service that she provides. My dogs started with off-leash walks and have done everything from one night of boarding to weeks of boarding. I trust Loukia with my dogs more than anyone else in this world -- she's a ROCKSTAR!
Laura S
To even call what Loukia does dog "boarding" does her a disservice--Loukia is basically dog-mom to my lab, Rufus, whenever we go away (which is often). The dogs under her care are never, ever crated--they go on hikes, have playtime together, eat healthy, often home-cooked meals, and snooze on couches and beds artfully arranged throughout the house. Loukia basically runs a pet spa. And she's so knowledgeable about canine behaviors, interaction, and health issues, I now turn to her whenever I have a question about my puppy's care. Cannot recommend highly enough!
It is with great pleasure that I offer my testimonial in honor of the remarkable care and the services provided by Loukia and her team at Wholistic Pet Service. I must begin by saying that I am a very protective "Mom" with regard to my 5-year-old (rambunctious!) female Airedale. It took enormous confidence on my part to allow her to be boarded outside our home. Finding Loukia was the best thing that ever happened for my Airedale and myself! Right away, I just knew that Loukia and her team truly understood my dog as an "individual"- her behavior, patterns, likes and dislikes. Even though I provided an extensive list detailing all of my Airedale's habits and preferences, there were many nuances that Loukia intuitively figured out immediately and also as she got to know my dog well. Loukia is remarkable in her ability to understand what makes a dog "tick". It surprised me time and time again when Loukia would mention a trait or an aspect of my Airedale's personality that would only be recognized by me, or a family member who knows our Airedale well. This proved that Wholistic Pet Service intensely focuses on what is best - specifically -- for your dog. And, most importantly, the perfect balance between firm control, continual affection, abundant exercise, and nutritional emphasis is consistently evident during every boarding experience at Wholistic Pet Service. I am extremely grateful to Wholistic Pet Service, because they make it possible for me to feel completely relaxed and confident that my dog is receiving the best care possible, just as she would receive at home. And, her excitement says it all, and surely shows, when she knows that we are on our way to Loukia's "Resort"!
Loukia and the whole team at Wholistic have been absolutely amazing to our Puggle Ozzie. From the first day when we went up to meet Loukia and the dogs we have felt so comfortable leaving Ozzie with her. It took such a long time to find a place where you are totally happy to leave your best friend and in Loukia we have that very special place.

Ozzie now absolutely knows we are getting close to the house for drop off. He starts getting excited as soon as we take the turn off the 95! I think Loukia's home cooked meals have been the key to Ozzie's heart.

Thank you so much for taking care of Ozzie, you are his second home.
Boxer M
We were looking for a dog sitter during the summer of 2013 and met with quite a few people. We enjoyed meeting Loukia from Wholistic Pet Services as she is by far the easiest to work with, very flexible and the most knowledgeable. She has a passion for animals and is able to help us with nutrition, training and socializing our boy, Jaxon.

Jaxon is a 1 year old boxer with an above-average energy level. He needs constant attention and can sometimes be a bit of a pain! Loukia has no problem handling him, tiring him out and making sure he gets along with all of the other visitors.

Jaxon is like our child and leaving him with a stranger for the first few times was very difficult. After watching the videos Loukia sends and reading her emails while we were away, we were completely at ease and have a lot of trust in her care.

Before finding Wholistic Pet Services we had worked with a number of other dog sitters in the Stamford/Greenwich area. Wholistic Pet Services is the only one we would confidently recommend and are happy to send Jaxon to each and every time.
"Loukia takes wonderful care of my two Jack Russells and they are very happy to stay at the Resort whenever we go away. I am so grateful to have found Loukia because she is genuinely interested in the dogs' well-being, whether it is their diet or furthering their manners training (which is ongoing!). We regard her as an integral part of our dogs' care."
-L.C., Riverside, CT.
We recently moved to the US with our year old Vizsla, Smudge, who had taken some time to adjust to his new environment. When we had to find someone to look after him whilst we went for a week's holiday, we were determined to find someone who wouldn't leave him in a crate but would provide him with the same love, attention and exercise he gets at home. We found Wholistic Pet Services and went to meet Loukia and her beautiful dogs, Max and Grace. From the beginning, it was clear that Loukia "gets" dogs. She lives and breathes them and understands how individual breeds and individual characters interact with each other and why. We found this to be so important having come across so many dog sitters who bundle a load of dogs together without giving any thought to how they will react to one another. Loukia is devoted to making sure her dogs and the dogs she looks after have the best possible life. This starts with advice on the best possible diet, hints and tips on holistic preparations for your dog (versus the sometimes unsafe alternatives), twice daily exercise and socialization, and ends with comfy doggy beds, sofas, pillows and humans to cuddle up with. Smudge runs to Loukia's gate and doesn't look back. We know he's having a great time because we get videos and photos of him having a ball. We are so grateful to have found Wholistic Pet Services and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Loukia.
Best dog care ever, and more! We are so relieved to have found Loukia. I do not relish leaving my Yorkie at all, let alone at a kennel. Even though he is so transportable sometimes there is no other way. After much research I found Loukia, tried her, and my search was over. Harvey, my dog is a guest, not a boarder. We go to Loukia for all the family dogs, my daughter's Malamute/German Shepard, her Wheaton mix and and my son's Australian Shepard. She even arranged everything and had my son's dog shipped to the west coast. Perfection.
We really appreciate the special treatment; the pick-up and drop off possibility is an added plus. Don't know how it could be any better. She even cooks for them!
Jamee, Gary, Sydney and Justin
Samantha A
I am incredibly grateful to Wholistic Pet Services , and feel truly lucky that when I am out of town they are the caretakers of my most adored dog, Mushi Luv Bunni. Holistic Pet Services is not simply a boarding facility and that is why I love it. I could not bear the thought of leaving Mushi some place where he would be locked in a crate for most of the time he was there.

The folks at Wholistic have so much passion and integrity for their work. They have an uncommon and gifted understanding of dogs. They love what they do and are fantastic at it. I trust how much they love it when I see how Mushi reacts to their presence...his whole body wags with joy.!

Unfortunately, when I travel I can't bring Mushi along with me, but thanks to Wholistic Pet I can leave Mushi behind with peace of mind that he will not only receive the best care possible, but will also have a blast and be given the love and adoration I feel he deserves even when I am not there to give it to him.

Mushi started training to be a therapy dog at a very young age and I didn't want him to lose ground when I am away. Loukia helps him stay on task with his manners and obedience and Mushi also gets the opportunity to socialize with other dogs. I know he gets plenty of exercise, and lots of attention. It's great that I can call and get an update about how Mushi is doing. And as an added bonus they take the best photos and videos! We are discovering that Mushi is a very photogenic puppy!! On one occasion, Mushi was having some minor GI issues and without hesitation Loukia nursed him back to health with her healing real food recipes.

So with the utmost of gratitude, I thank you Wholistic Pet Services! You go above and beyond simply keeping Mushi happy, nourished, and healthy...when he stays with you it's like going to visit his extended family and the best doggy resort all in one.
Johanna T
We have 2 Bernese Mountain Dogs, Jillz and Charlie, that we love very much. Until we moved to the US, we only let family members take care of them when we were not around. Since that is not possible anymore, we are so happy we found Wholistic Pet Service! We couldn't have found a better place for our ladies than this! They are treated wonderful!! They get great walks, they socialize with other dogs, they get great food and most important of all, lots of LOVE!! The dogs adore her, and are so excited when they are picked up for a walk or a stay over! A great feeling that our dogs are well, when we can't be around. We even get movies and pictures, which is precious!!
Michelle M
I have been a client of Loukia's since 2010 and highly recommend her services! I've always felt completely comfortable leaving my dogs in her care while I am away - she is trustworthy, devoted to excellence and treats my dogs as if they are her own. Unlike many boarding facilities, a stay with Loukia includes exercise, socialization in a safe and caring environment and sleeping accommodations in the "dog living room" filled with pillows, blankets and beds! I know that my dogs are happy and enjoying their own "vacation" while I am away. In addition, she is very knowledgeable in the area of holistic care and nutrition. Before meeting Loukia, I was unaware of the benefits of feeding my dogs a diet of "whole foods" including fresh vegetables and protein. She also introduced me to the use of natural herbal supplements and nutraceutical remedies to improve my dogs' immune system and overall health. I believe these all natural products work better than traditional (and often unsafe) alternatives. Three years after following her nutritional guidance my dogs are healthier than ever!
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