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Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

Details and information displayed here were provided by this business and may not reflect its current status. We strongly encourage you to perform your own research when selecting a care provider.

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In business since: 2006
Total Employees: 2-10


State license status: One Year ( verified on 9/24/2022)
This business has satisfied Virginia's requirements to be licensed. For the most up-to-date status and inspection reports, please view this provider's profile on Virginia's licensing website.
Licensing requirements typically include:
  • Complying with safety and health inspections
  • Achieving the required levels of educational training
  • Maintaining a minimum caregiver-to-child ratio
  • Other state-defined requirements


Monday :
6:00AM - 6:00PM
Tuesday :
6:00AM - 6:00PM
Wednesday :
6:00AM - 6:00PM
Thursday :
6:00AM - 6:00PM
Friday :
6:00AM - 6:00PM
Saturday :
Sunday :

Program Details

Child Care Center/Day Care Center
Preschool (or Nursery School or Pre-K)
Additional Details
Emergency backup care
Summer care / camp
Developmental (Play-Based)
Teacher/Student Ratio:
Program Capacity:

Cost & Availability

Class Type Rate Rate Type Availability *
Infant $ 5 per hour 3
*availability last updated on 07/22/2021
Full Time (5 days/wk)
Part Time (1-4 days/wk)
Half-Day (Morning)
Half-Day (Afternoon)
Extended Care (Before School)
Extended Care (After School)
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  • Cash

Ratings & Reviews

( 23)
Robert T
We unfortunately had to stop bringing out son (2) to Huma and Victory ridge because we moved out of the area. Our son loved his time and we were sad we couldn't continue to bring him. She was very flexible allowing us to drop him off a little early due to our jobs. I would highly reccomend!
Ann M
I cannot speak highly enough of Huma and Victory Ridge. My son (2) is always excited to go and sometimes refuses to leave when I pick him up at the end of the day! She provides a caring, and safe environment for the kids and loves them all. My infant (3 mos) is so loved by her and her staff as well.
She is very accommodating to our 3 day a week schedule as well. I feel very comfortable having my kids at Victory Ridge. Highly recommend.
Brianna N
Our daughter is 13 months old and we started bringing her to Victory Ridge Child Care when she was about 4.5 months old. You can tell Huma loves the kids and makes sure they are safe and well taken care of. She lives in a safe neighborhood and her facility is large and clean. We feel really good about the care our daughter receives while in Huma's charge!
Trisha Q
Our son started going here when he was 18 months old. This is the first daycare he has ever been in. I was hesitant to send him to daycare but due to our schedules we no longer had the opportunity for my husband to stay home with him. We searched around several different places but none felt right. That was until we came across victory ridge child care. We immediately felt comfortable upon meeting Mrs. Huma and knew this was the place where we trusted our son to go. My son turns 2 in just a few short weeks and has already learned so much from going here. I cannot say enough good things about Huma and Rona. They truly care for the children here as if they are their own. When we drop off our son and pick him up at the end of the day he is always happy to have spent time here. I would 100% recommend this daycare to anyone else searching for somewhere for their child to go. Trusting someone else to watch over your children is not easy but Huma makes you feel like family and I know my son is receiving the best care possible. We just had our second son and are so happy he will eventually be joining his big brother.
Dani S
My oldest has been there for almost 2.5 years now and now my youngest attends as well. We chose Huma because she's structured and keeps a consistent routine which is so important for young children! She truly loves both my daughters like her own and I have never once walked away and had to worry. Huma and her staff go above and beyond the basics of daycare, making sure that the kids are happy, healthy, having fun and learning. We feel so lucky to have found these wonderful people who are such a big part of my daughter's lives.
Janet P
I absolutely love Huma and her team. My son has learned so much in the few months he's been there, and is a million times happier here than at his last day care. Huma and her team are so loving to the children and it's great that my son doesn't want to leave sometimes because he feels so comfortable there. The place is always clean, they have nicely structured days, and you can tell they love what they do.
Ricky F
My children who are 4 and 1 years-old has attended Victory Ridge for a few months now. Mrs. Huma and Ms. Rona are a wonderful blessing to my family. They are caring, loving, and my children absolutely adore them. The first day my daughter met Mrs. Huma she didn't want to leave and wanted to give her a hug once we left. Her daycare is immaculate, and she ensures she provides a safe and loving environment for the children. The kids are engaged in many educational activities throughout the day; and I've seen a substantial amount of growth in my kids especially my 4-year-old. I am thankful that I have found them, because it is very hard to find great quality childcare. Thank you for everything.
Karla C
Finding Ms. Huma's was a great relief for me and my family. My son had been cared for by a close friend until we switched him over to a local day care center when he was around 18 months old. My son hated day care to the point of showing signs of behavioral and sleeping issues. We visited a few home cares around the area, but we weren't comfortable with any of them. I was ready to quit my job to care for my son, when I found Ms. Huma's through word of mouth from co-workers.

Ms. Huma has a lovely, safe, clean environment for children both indoors and outdoors. I brought my son to meet her and she was immediately able to make a connection with him. On days he's not with them, my son asks to go to see Ms. Huma, Ms. Rona, and the friends he has made there. Ms. Huma and Ms. Rona are loving and patient and also have great command presence, as the children all seem respectful and kind. I've seen great developmental advantages for my son at Ms. Huma's since he's able to interact with kids younger and older than him, which is not typical of day care centers in the area. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better environment for my son. I am at peace while I'm at work, knowing he's in good hands and enjoying himself.
Emily O
We have been sending our daughter to Ms. Huma for about two months, and we are very happy! Our 8 month old daughter is very well cared for, always happy and smiling, and especially loves Ms. Rona. Some people aren't comfortable with in home daycares, but I will only be using in home care like Huma's from now on! My daughter is in a warm and loving environment, she has consistency of caregivers (no cycling through), and I know that Huma and Rona absolutely love what they do and it shows by the way they treat all of the children!
Keenna H
As we come up on our 1 year anniversary at Victory Ridge, I can say we couldn't be happier with the care our daughter has received from Rona, Frozan and Huma! We started after 2 weeks at a corporate day care. I'd been home with her for almost 6 months and I was not happy with the amount of attention she got at the day care and even though I researched and visited on different days and times, it just wasn't the same when I dropped her off. Too many babies and not enough staff and every time I dropped her off or picked her up she was in a swing. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable or nervous about what's going on with your baby while you're at work. So needless to say the hunt was on again...I found Mrs. Huma through some searches and she was very patient while I made up my mind, which took a while. I think I visited like 3 times before we enrolled, I was just really worried after the first experience. I'm not a first time mom but have been really fortunate in the child care area since we were military (top notch centers) or being able to have family providing care during the day. I can say that my daughter loves being dropped off every day and smiles takes off as soon as the door opens and hates to leave at the end of the day! We will hate to go when it's time for preschool. She's well cared for and anything I've asked to be done or not be done has been addressed immediately. Huma is very accommodating and you can tell all the ladies love the kids and what they do! I feel completely comfortable dropping my now toddler off every morning and I appreciate everything Huma and her staff does for our family everyday!
Samantha G
I am a first time mom and was very nervous about having someone else care for our little girl. Huma has been so amazing about making sure that we knew who would be caring for our child and what she would be doing throughout the day. My little girl smiles when we get to the door in the morning and is still smiling when we pick her up. Huma answers any questions we ask and is great about making sure we are kept up to date on what our little one is doing. We are absolutely blessed to have such a wonderful place for our daughter to be cared for!
Jennifer H
We were in a tough spot when we met Huma. Our primary child care provider became very suddenly ill and was unable to care for our then 6 month old son. Being our first child, we had wanted in-home care with family members only. When we visited Huma, within minutes, my husband turned to me and said "I like her." Let me just say, I was shocked. It typically takes him a long time to warm up to people, but he was immediately at ease when we met her. It was bonus that the care would be in a home-like setting to make the transition easier. There were also several children right around our son's age which was also a plus. Huma keeps things small and has two other staff who are very caring and warm. The best review I can give is that each day I go to drop my son off, he smiles as soon as someone comes to the door and has never once cried when I've left. What's more, Huma is very responsive and a very good communicator. She answers questions quickly and never makes you feel like you are being a hassle or overbearing. I am extremely pleased with Huma and her services. You can tell family is extremely important to her and she cares for all the children as if they were her own! What more could you ask for?
Eric S
We've been going to Huma's for six months now and we are very happy. The facility is a dedicated basement that is safer, cleaner, and more well-appointed than any other we toured. Kids are kids, but even on "bad days" Huma and her staff have everything under control. Most importantly, the kids respect her, like her, and listen to her, all of which are critically important!

The cost is very reasonable, and our daughter is happy to go there. Huma is responsive to each child's individual needs - ours really did not like to nap, but Huma went above and beyond to work with her and voila, she naps now! She gets the basics, like food, clean clothes, diaper changes, naps, and all of that, but she gets plenty of stimulation, social interaction, and learning, which are just as important. We only hope there will be space when our next child is ready.
Shana C
Visited spontaneously after reading reviews here and spoke with Huma about sending my son here once I start working again. She seemed nice so it is unfortunate that she told me children needed to be picked up no later than 5p, not 6p (as is listed here) and I'm not sure how anyone manages to pick their child up that early living/working in the dc area but it obviously works for some people, unfortunate that it couldn't work for me.
Reply from Victory Ridge Child Care
I don't recall working for you. We are sorry we were not able to accommodate you. We hope you found someplace nice for your child. I may recall that you wanted your child to be here from 6 AM to 6:30 PM and yes I could not do until 6:30 PM. Anyway we hope you found a good daycare for your child.
Alex T
We have been using Victory Ridge Daycare for 3 months now and our daughter is so happy and healthy- everyday she greets the staff with a huge smile and has grown so much over the time she has been attending.

As a first time mom, finding and trusting a daycare was a hard task, I instantly connected with Huma and her staff, she is a great caregiver and her daycare is ran professionally and is a place I'm happy my daughter is able to attend.
Ali J
I am a first time mom, and my son has been in Huma's daycare since he was 3 months old. (Now almost 6 months) I found her place while I was still pregnant and from the moment I walked in I knew I didn't need to look anywhere else. She has a full staff of amazing women who are helpful and very nurturing. Whenever we walk in and my son hears one of their voices or sees one of them or Huma he immediately smiles and gets excited. I am never nervous or anxious one bit when I leave him here. My 3 year old stepson also goes here. On the days he isn't here, for holidays closings or things of that sort, he asks "Going to see Miss Huma today?!" Or "Play with all my friends today?!" He loves it here. He always talks about his friends and the things they do here, like making crafts or the toys they've played with that day. I can't imagine taking my boys anywhere else, they have so much fun here and have so much positive interaction with other children their age. Thank you Huma !!
Christine D
Huma and her staff are the absolute best with our child's care. We honestly cannot say enough good things about Victory Ridge Daycare. This is our first child and Huma has been terrific at answering our questions and, more importantly, providing excellent care for our daughter. We fully trust Huma and plan on continuing using Victory Ridge Daycare until our little one is ready to graduate.
Haley R
Victory Ridge offers wonderful childcare. My baby girl has been going there since she was 3 months old (Nov2015) and we couldn't be happier. Huma and her staff are very attentive and loving with all the children.
Lynn H
Our son has been cared for at Victory Ridge since he was 7 weeks old, and will be 1 year next month. We couldn't be happier. He's gone through several developmental milestones that have been supported through their care and has had the opportunity to share social experiences with other children, and the level of personal attention he has received has given me a huge level of comfort and reduced so much stress as a working mom. Although he is happy to see me when I pick him up, he's almost just as happy to be dropped off in the morning and goes to his caregivers with open arms and huge smiles. The daycare is clean and well managed, communication with us as parents is always open and thorough, and there is a great level of attentiveness, consistency, and nurturing. We're so glad to have found them as they play such a big role in giving us and him a great childcare experience!
Heather H
My husband and I LOVE Victory Ridge Daycare. My son is almost 7 months old and started attending at 3 months. He is thriving and very happy when we drop him off and pick him up. He enjoys being with the other children and has shown huge improvement in gross motor and fine motor imitations for his age develpment. The daycare provider and her assistant work on "tummy time" with him, they interact with him, they allow him to learn and explore with the other kids all while being nurtured in a safe and loving environment.
Victory Ridge has put my son on a great schedule. He is sleeping in his crib and eating better. We have carried his schedule over at home to keep him consistent. This schedule has been a life saver for my husband and I and we are very grateful to have structure.
I strongly recommend Victory Ridge to anyone looking. The daycare is very well organized and spotless. It is clear that the providers take the time to keep a strong routine, organization, and cleanliness, all while helping to develop the minds and social outlooks of our kids.
John C
We love Victory Ridge Child Care! We interviewed several day cares when we were pregnant, and we're very happy we chose Victory Ridge. Our 5-month-old son has gone there for one month now. He's happy every morning when we drop him off, and when we pick him up he and all of the other children are happy. The day care is spacious, beautiful, and immaculately clean. The provider sincerely loves children and babies. She and her assistant work with all of them on age-appropriate developmental skills, and she's very respectful of our requests as parents. We highly recommend her.
Tracy A
Victory Ridge day care is simply the best! I had my oldest son there for two years and now he is school. I have my youngest son there since three months and now is 3 1/2 years old. The daycare provides a safe and nurturing environment. I had my oldest son in minnieland and he got bit and was very u unhappy at two years old. This daycare has a lot if flexibility and the provider is soft spoken and understanding. She is affectionate with the children and she has the most gorgeous daycare home for the children. I highly recommend her.
Nicole X
Victory Ridge Day Care is WONDERFUL!!!! I originally had my son at Minnieland and am VERY glad I got him out (child abuse charges in the room he would have gone to...). At Minnieland, Zach would CRY when I dropped him off... every morning for 6 months... He cried for the first 2 weeks when I dropped him off at Victory Ridge. He doesn't cry at all anymore... It is a wonderful environment where Zach is allowed to explore, learn, and be himself. This is not like the institutional care where if they don't fit in a box, they are pushed out the door... Victory Ridge prides themselves on allowing the children to be individuals and develop at their own rate without limitations. I would highly recommend this daycare...
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