Ready Set Grow Daycare and Learning Center

4747 Hondo Pass
El Paso, TX 79924
4747 Hondo Pass, El Paso, TX 79924
915-751-0080 915-751-0080

Ready Set Grow Daycare and Learning Center

4747 Hondo Pass
El Paso, TX 79924
4747 Hondo Pass
El Paso, TX 79924
915-751-0080 915-751-0080
At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.

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At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.
Ratings & Reviews
Daisy G
If you're looking for a daycare with red flags, you've found the one. If you're looking to find the perfect place to care for your kid in the most half ass way possible then be ready, set and grow yourself in stress, worry and frustration. Not only do you pay to have your kid be ignored by so called teachers like Krystal King who spends most mornings glued to her phone searching for "children's music", your child will also be belittled and blamed for the daycare's lack of care. And if you think, like I did at first when looking to enroll my little one here, that with all the "great reviews", the "4 stars" (as the daycare likes to brag about) must be perfect for my kid, well, you're WRONG. Below are the reasons why I withdrew my kid in the MIDDLE of the week:

1.) Lack of Professionalism:
*There were MANY times Krystal King was using her phone while having a room full of children under her care, so much that Krystal would not even greet or respond or even look up while I was dropping off my kid under her care. When you can't see or hear someone coming in to drop off their kid, how well can you care for kids you have while being on the phone???

*Krystal King has major attitude problems, there was even a time she rudely grabbed my sons belongings from me and walked away. Her attitude got worse and even started making rude remarks about me and my child after I addressed my issues with the Director. No surprise there. Krystal also has favorites so if you see "great reviews" about her after my review, it's most likely from the parents and children she favors.

2.) Lack of Care:
*My child told me about how the older kids would pick on him and that certain kids kept being mean to him. Krystal King even told me at one point, i should look out for bruises on my kid, because a kid kicked my kid more than once, and if the bruises showed up the daycare would make a booboo report...... WTF

* My child also came home from daycare with a piece of wood stuck in his throat. Luckily the doctor confirmed my kid was okay but the nightmare continued when Krystal began blaming my three year old for putting a wood block in his if toddlers never put things in their mouth. Krystal also told me that the teacher watching my kid told my kid to remove the block from his mouth but failed to take the object away. I told Krystal the blocks should be removed because they are clearly not safe. I even had my child pick out the blocks to show Kyrystal that the blocks are visibly old and falling apart. The blocks are also conveniently located within a 2 year olds reach. Again, the blame was directed to my child. To Krystal, the thought of my 3 year old putting things in his mouth was silly because to her, at my child's age, my child should not be doing that. It wasn't until I spoke to the director that the old blocks that were finally "removed" and a report was made.

3.) Lack of Communication:
The daycare did a horrible job at telling me about upcoming events, and if they did, it was last minute, like the day before and even on the day of. Very inconvenient and poorly coordinated.

4) Lack of Responsibility:
When I addressed my concerns and issues with the director of the daycare, all I got was "I don't know, what to tell you, sorry" which goes to prove that they could care less about all the issues and concerns going on at the Daycare. Even though the director agreed that Krystal King is not following the proper procedures, and was even shocked to hear Krystal's excuse for using her phone when the daycare has their own music, the director's assurance of correcting these problems was pretty much a shrug of shoulders. Most of my issues with this daycare began with Krystal King but when you have a director that does not follow through to fix the issues, it goes to speak for the daycare as a whole. It's clear that Krystal King needs to be educated and re-trained on how to be a teacher/care provider. I feel sorry for the few great employees there that actually do their job as should be and have a real passion for caring for children.
Miranda M
My children have attended this daycare for 5 years now they started in the pre k program. when they started kindergarten their teachers were amazed how much the knew. They still attend Ready Set Grow before and after school and both excel in school. I simply love Ready Set Grow. Last year I lost my job my boys needed coats and the owner bought both my boys winter coats
I had my son enrolled in the pre k program. It was such a joke. First of all the owner, Betty New, is rude and is always yelling at the kids. She was my sons teacher and was hardly there. My son learned nothing, she always had negative comments to say about him. I also witnessed her yelling at a daycare teacher. If she treats them like that I can guess how she treats the kids. The place is filthy and the classes are tiny. My son was shuffled around to different teachers. The teachers were all inexperienced seemed lost. I now have my son in a great pre k program and he is excelling!
Jamie L
I strongly encourage every EP parent to check out this daycare! You will NOT be disappointed. I wish I still lived there just for this day care. Ms. Betty is a truly dedicated professional that followed her passion and calling. She cares for a loves every single child. My child attended this daycare for quite some time and graduated from Ms. Betty's pre-K class more than ready for kindergarten. In K my kid told me every day, 'I already learned all the kindergarten stuff in pre-K with Ms. Betty can I just go to first grade?' She still cries because she misses Ms. Betty so much. She has a picture of her and Ms. Betty together that she cherishes and kisses every day! This daycare is above state standards, is very clean, very professional, and most importantly a safe and loving place for your children.
Excellent daycare! My kids love this place and I will never take them anywhere else. My kids were in 3 day cares and I couldn't find one until a friend recommended this place. its bright clean and my kids are learning so much. The director care about the kids and even works with the kids which I find unusual and amazing! The teachers are always kind to the parents and the kids and they are always interacting with them. NO chaos like other centers my kids have been in. Very calm and loving environment. Love it and am very thankful for this day care as a picky working parent.
This daycare has been a true blessing to my entire family. My kids were in headstart and one day I took the day off, I'm a teacher to go see how things were going. I was so disappointed. I began to look for a learning center for my children ages 2,3,4. I was completely amazed by the amount of learning that goes on during the day at ready set grow! After a year my kids still love it and hate when they are sick and can't go. My husband and I are very picky so pleasing us I know was not an easy thing to do. We love it and will never take our kids anywhere else! The daycare is clean, bright and has akindergarten classroom type of environment with lots of toys! The staff is amazing and very attentive to the children. I'm just thrilled not to see kids running around with boogers all over their faces,,,saw this at many daycares before finding ready set grow. I hope my review helps other parents who are in need of a good daycare and are as picky as my husband and me are!
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