Precious Paws PS

Address Available on Request
Lakewood, CO 80228
Address Available on Request, Lakewood, CO 80228
303-525-4116 303-525-4116

Precious Paws PS

Address Available on Request
Lakewood, CO 80228
Address Available on Request
Lakewood, CO 80228
303-525-4116 303-525-4116
At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.
If you're looking for loving, reliable, responsible, individual care for YOUR animal/home, I will bring you peace of mind without having to give a discount. I am well worth my rate. Sometimes I'll do cats for free when sitting with other animals.
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  • Pet sitting/Walking
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Daily walking, Daily feeding, Special diets, Overnight sitting, House sitting, Special care for aged pets, Special care for disabled pets, Special care for timid pets, Administration of medication, Administration of injection, 24/7 Supervision, Emergency transportation
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  • Dogs,
  • Cats,
  • Birds,
  • Fish,
  • Small Mammals,
  • Horses,
  • Farm Animals
Cost & Availability
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Dog Walking $15 per hour 3
Boarding -- per day 3
*availability last updated on 03/10/2015
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Ratings & Reviews
Horrible communication - first Barb forgot the meet and greet, I called half an hour later and she did come an hour later. After finalizing the dates, a few days before leaving she confirmed but had the wrong start date; I resent the emails which had confirmed the dates. I never got any invoice, receipt, or even a total told to me verbally. I gave 80% of what I thought was the total at the meet and greet. The first day I was gone I get an email asking where the rest of the money was (I was never told they wanted it left on the counter). Fortunately, I had already pulled out cash to pay them when I got back and hid it, so I told them to just take it. I got multiple emails on how reasonable they were and how they really appreciated good tips since they are cheaper than others-they aren't (I am supposed to tip before the job is done?-they got what extra I had left in the house). I wish they showed as much concern for my pets as for their pay. All the emails I got while gone were on paying them and about the issues of cleaning up the pads-multiple emails on how difficult this was. I received one email that said the dogs were eating and good. I never got anything about playing with them or what attention was paid to them, frankly I don't even know if they did visit twice a day; I finally wrote and asked if the dogs had warmed up to them, since they are shy and one usually won't even come out from under the bed for strangers (and never was told if she did), and got a one word answer"yes." I asked to have the radio put on New Years Eve in the instructions before i left, and got told there were no fireworks. so they didn't do it; since they don't live in my neighborhood, how do they know there were no firecrackers as there are every year? I got home and found multiple rawhide sticks in my bedroom; I NEVER leave rawhides laying around since dogs can choke on them. Maybe they used to be good back in 2015, but I would never use them again or recommend. I expect better for professional pet sitters.
Steven H
I hired Connie, Todd and Barb to walk my two dogs about two weeks ago and things are going great. One of my dogs was a new rescue to us, we had her less than 3 weeks and we thought there might be issues but we were wrong. Their willingness to start on short notice and their constant communications and feedback to us are great selling points for the team at Precious Paws Pet Sitting. Connie and team treated out dogs and our house as if it were theirs. I recommend this team very highly.
Charlita S
There are many wonderful qualities we look for in a person who will be caring for our furry children. The two most important qualities are a pet sitter who will take care of our dogs and cats as if they were their own and the sitter's level of commitment and dependability. Barb Pickering definitely possesses these qualities. Barb is thorough, knowledgeable, responsible and caring. This reflects in the good work that she does when she pet sits.

We can always count on Barb...she is quick to accommodate our scheduled trips. The longest sit that Barb has done for us was when my spouse and I traveled to England and Turkey. Barb cared for our furry children for two weeks! You have to have a level of trust in someone to believe that they will provide the best care for your furry children for that period of time.

We highly recommend Barb as one of the very best pet sitters you will find. And, we would be happy to personally provide any additional information you might need to confirm Barb's level of service.

Dr. Charlita Shelton
Denver, CO
Barb and Todd took excellent care of my 2 dogs and 2 cats. My little ones took to Barb and Todd immediately and they spoiled them just as I do. I was able to enjoy my trip knowing my pets were in good care. I will use them again.
Barb took great care of my 2 kitties and dealt with some messes they made so I came home to a clean house and happy cats.
Carol C
I have been very pleased with Barb's expertise with my dogs. Both dogs are small rescue dogs who had much abuse before I adopted them. After surgery I needed help with walking and caring for them. Barb came and they immediately responded well to her and their behaviors have greatly improved since she has been working with them. When I get their harnesses out they get SO happy as they know she is coming to see them. I highly recommend Barb for her skills and flexibility to meet the dogs' needs and I know they are safe and happy. She responds quickly even for last minute calls. She gets five stars and lots of tail wagging from this family. The cats are jealous they don't get as much of her attention as they love her too, but at our house she is the dogs' best friend!
Stephenie Z
Barb is the absolute best, and I'm so grateful for her. I was heading out of town for 10 days, never having had to leave my two cat babies in the care of anyone else. When we realized Barb was too far away to stop by, she offered to have them come stay with her. I had a lot of anxiety about this, taking them out of their familiar home and letting them stay at a total strangers but after meeting Barb and seeing her home, I knew they would be safe and in great hands. 24/7 care was out of my budget, but Barb was flexible and we found a daily rate that worked well for us both, which was incredibly helpful. After a few days, I had to change my travel plans around due to a funeral, and Barb was more than accommodating. She let the boys stay an extra two days, and was sure to work with my travel plans. They were all packed up and ready to head home when I arrived. She sent updates by email while I was gone, and I didn't worry about a thing. Barb is a true animal lover, and I felt so secure leaving my boys with her. I will absolutely hire her again, and if she's available, you won't regret working with her. She will treat your babies like the fur kids they are to you!
Kelli A
I hired Barb over the Christmas week to take care of our new kitten and older feral cat. She was able to fill in last minute after the first person I hired flaked out on us. I was very, very thankful for that. She was able to come over at the time I wanted each day to feed and play with them. My kitten is somewhat of a crazy guy, a bit wilder than most and it appears as though she did really well with him. He was very happy and content when we got home. She also cleaned all the litter boxes, vacuumed, and shoveled the walkway and driveway. Barb definitely went above and beyond what I was expecting. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and will use her again.
Allison C
We hired Barb for our vacation over Thanksgiving. She was able to set up a meet and greet with us and our pup Tonka quickly and gave us piece of mind that she would be well taken care of on our trip. While on vacation our e-mails and texts were responded to in a timely fashion and with patience. When we returned the house was exactly as well left it, clean. Would absolutely hire her again!
Patty W
I like this caregiver
Chanda T
Barb was my life saver! She was available on very short notice to come and do 2 overnights with my pets as one of them could not be boarded due to health reasons. She was very easy to communicate with and took very good care of our dogs and my house. It was as if no one was even here, she even folded my laundry! She cleaned up after the labs who are losing a ton of hair right now! I appreciated her coming out and staying, she gave me the piece do mind I needed. Thanks again Barb!
Julie D
Barb is fantastic. Not only did she take great care of our large dog and our house, she also provided companion care for my mother. We couldn't have made a better choice than Barb.
Tom J
Barb was our first real dog sitter as we left the country for a few days. We chose Barb because of all the wonderful feedback we read. We had a great amount of anxiety using a pet sitter for our Sydney for the first time. But it was all for naught as we came back to a dog that was even more vibrant than when we left! All the reviews were spot on. Barb really is as terrific as everyone says. Sydney was very well taken care of and very happy! Barb has very quickly become like a family member to us! We are so happy and relieved to have Barb in our lives and to no longer have anxiety over traveling. Thank you Barb!
Caroline L
I have had Barb take care of my cat twice. She has problems using the litter box and is better to be at my own house. Barb is great and came out to my house to take care of her. The second time around was a very sudden trip I had to take. I was having health issues and needed to go spend over a month with my family in California and undergo two procedures. Barb was available at the last minute and has helped me so much with my cat. I hate to leave my cat for this amount of time but the health issues were something I had to deal with. She is great at communicating with me about how the cat is doing and how I can help guide her to better my cat's stay at home. I am very grateful to have Barb's help during this hard time for me.
Amy L
Barb has stayed with our 3 Yorkies, three different times now, and every time we didn't worry about anything with our dogs. We will use her again and again for our travel plans in the future. She truly caters to them and whatever they need, even if they are sick - she is so caring and patient. Lastly, she even stayed with them an extra night because she didn't want them to be alone, as our flights were cancelled due to a blizzard! Thank you so much Barb, I would highly recommend her for all dogs, but especially small dogs.
Jacki S
Barb watched our 3-year old Walker Hound Bella for us while we were at a concert at Red Rocks. We were on day 10 of a road trip with a dog who is already very anxious and has terrible separation anxiety, and Barb was wonderful and patient with her (and with her equally anxious parents!). I would absolutely go to Barb if I'm ever back in the area again!
Nancy T
She is certainly an animal lover which is a must for a pet sitter. She is reliable, punctual, and reasonable with fees. I highly recommend her services and will be calling her again for pet/house sitting!
Lindsay G
Barb cared for my two dogs for the past week and a half and did such a great job. My boys came back very happy and relaxed, and seemed to have a wonderful time with her. She was very good about giving me periodic updates as well, which I appreciated. Barb takes this very seriously, which is important in a caregiver, so you know you can feel comfortable with her while you are away.
Britney R
I love this caregiver
Barb P
Barb watched my dog, Bob, while my husband and I were on a week's vacation. Bob is older, medically fragile and has separation anxiety when we leave, all and all, he's a challenge. Barb was wonderful with Bob, after a challenging start he fell in love with Barb and her sister and son. He didn't want us to come home, I'm sure. I was grateful for her years of pet sitting experience, as Bob required her expertise working around a medical issue, she problem solved as well as I would or could. I had multiple daily updates and photos. She is a miracle worker and I cannot say enough good things about her. It's wonderful to finally find someone I can completely trust with Bob's care and welfare. I only wish I found her sooner!
Laura M
Barb watched my parents and my 3 dogs and 2 birds while the whole family went out of town for a wedding. We had used a boarding kennel before but swore against ever using one again after our doggie returned with a bleeding tail and no one was aware of her injury. To say the least, our family was very apprehensive about hiring a dog sitter to watch after our furrier family members. Barb dog sat, bird sat, and house sat. She is a lifesaver, a very professional, confident, warm person who made a very stressful time for us a lot smoother and we didn't have to worry about our pets even one time while they were in her care. I give her 5 stars and believe she is worth her weight in gold. My mom said to add that there is a special place in heaven for people like her. To add the icing on the cake, she left our house even cleaner than we left it and fixed our vacuum cleaner!
Lynnne S
Barb watches our dog and two cats while we travel. She is really one of the best pet/house sitters we've ever had in the ten years of owning animals!
Jennifer H
Barb was kind enough to watch our elderly cat on a last-minute basis. Cat returned happy and healthy.
Morgan W
Barb took such good care of my little one while I was away for work! Roxy is crazy and never stops running during the day, I know Barb wore her out because she came home and slept for 2 days! Barb was great about sending emails and photos to let me know what Miss Roxy was up to. I will be using her services in the future. Peace of mind for your baby when you are gone is priceless.
Gwen Z
We hired Barb P. to take care of our aging, formerly abused, special needs dog, Elliott. We started with a conversation in and went on to meet face-to-face. Elliott loved her from the moment he met her (something that is unusual for him as it was a woman who abused him so he usually shies away until he gets to know them better). We then arranged for a couple of "play dates" where he "made himself at home" with her. We are thrilled to have found someone who is so caring and who allowed Elliott to come to her on his terms and look forward to our next engagement!
Susie C
I hired Barb to take care of my Shih-tzu, Bandit for four days. He has medical problems and needed special care. Barb handled everything beautifully, and Bandit was returned to me as a happy well-cared-for dog. Barb even took Bandit into her home since I did not live in the Denver area. I would recommend Barb to anyone who wanted special TLC for their pet. Susie
Susan H
Barb pet sat for me on several occasions and did a great job! She's punctual, dependable and my two large dogs love her! Barb is very flexible and routinely stays overnight with my pups. You can't go wrong with Barb.
Elizabeth F
I called Barb to pet sit/house sit in a semi-emergency situation. My dear golden retriever needed heart surgery 10 days before a large prepaid vacation. Another sitter reneged because she was too worried about the post-surgical care. We thought about not going on our vacation. Barb talked us out of it - she was not put off one bit by the extra care and attention needed for my dog's recovery. She was certain that whatever came up with either the cat or the dog (both elderly) she could handle it. Each pet has odd medicine needs as well as food needs - this was easily handled by Barb. Barb took my dog to the vet's 2 week follow-up to get the surgical staples removed and spent lots of loving time with "the kids". Barb e-mailed us both to ask questions and to give us updates.
Because Barb has so much energy, she did extras around the house that no other sitter has done before. The house and surrounds were spotless upon our return.
I will never look for another sitter - I could only be disappointed after being so spoiled. I know that giving such a strong reference will likely make it harder for Barb to have time for us but believe me, this woman will eliminate all the worries you might have about your house and your pets while you are away.

Grab her!
Michelle S
Barb was prompt in returning my phone call and coming over to meet me and my pets. I had an instant feeling of trust with her. She is competent, caring and communicates very well. She went over and above what I had expected in a house and pet sitter and I will use her again. My dogs like her as much as I do!
Barb H
Barb stayed at our house and watched our 2 labs for 8 nights while we were on vacation. She took wonderful care of our 'babies'. An email came to us after the first night, letting us know that the dogs were good and everything was fine with the house. Having Barb stay at our house kept our minds at ease as we knew our babies were in great hands! Thank you Barb!!
Robert C
We asked Barb to watch our two bunnies while we were out of town. Barb is extremely professional. She gave us a call after the first night to let us know they were doing fine. We will definitely use her again.
Stephany M
We had to leave the dogs at home last weekend because of pet rules at the hotel where we were staying for my husband's birthday. I called Barb at the last minute when my daughter couldn't watch them. Barb agreed, and the next morning sent a text message reporting that the dogs were fine. We were having a great time and decided to ask her if she could watch them an additional night. Again, Barb agreed without hesitation. When we returned, the dogs were fed and happy - she had even made them cookies! We recently had a negative experience with a local kennel and wanted to keep the dogs at home, or with family. Barb has been a blessing. She is reliable and efficient, and we will use her services often.
Amanda N
Barb is wonderful. We have an aging, sweet, small dog who just doesn't do well in kennels for long periods of time. Barb provided us with a spotless, warm and loving place for our dog for more than a week. She updated us on Olive's well being, was easy to contact and was priced very reasonably. We'll definitely count on Barb's care for Olive again.
Cassie S
I was in need of someone to watch my cat for 2 weeks while I was away and Barb was really helpful. She offered to let my cat stay at her house for the two weeks so he wouldn't be lonely. My cat gets really lonely without people around and I was so grateful to have her offer to have him stay with her. She worked with my budget and really wanted to help out. I am very happy to have someone as kind and helpful as Barb to take care of my cat while I'm gone.
Nancy R
I would highly recommend Barb for your per sitting needs. She is truly a loving and caring "pet person". She took our kitty into her home for 2 weeks and took wonderful care of him. We felt assured on our trip that our cat was in the best care possible. She is a responsible and mature woman that understands a pet owner's concerns about leaving their pet and you will feel lucky to have her as your pet sitter. does not verify business credentials including licensing information. You are responsible for performing your own research to select an appropriate care provider. does not verify business credentials including licensing information. You are responsible for performing your own research to select an appropriate care provider.
If you're looking for loving, reliable, responsible, individual care for YOUR animal/home, I will bring you peace of mind without having to give a discount. I am well worth my rate. Sometimes I'll do cats for free when sitting with other animals.
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