Montalvo Family Daycare

3008 Jarvis Ave
San Jose, CA 95118
408-266-4657 408-266-4657

Montalvo Family Daycare

3008 Jarvis Ave, San Jose, CA 95118
408-266-4657 408-266-4657
At, we realize that cost of care is a big consideration for families. That's why we are offering an estimate which is based on an average of known rates charged by similar businesses in the area. For actual rates, contact the business directly.
I offer Friday night dinner, fun, and movie nights with the children so that parents can have an opportunity to have date night. Drop off is at 5:30 pm and pickup will be at 9pm. I try to do this monthly. It depends on my family schedule.
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7:30AM - 5:30PM
7:30AM - 5:30PM
7:30AM - 5:30PM
7:30AM - 5:30PM
7:30AM - 5:30PM
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  • Emergency backup care,
  • Summer care / camp
  • Developmental (Play-Based),
  • Cooperative,
  • Academic,
  • Faith-Based,
  • Outdoor/Nature
  • English
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1 adult up to 6 children
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Toddler $90 per day 2
Infant -- per hour --
*availability last updated on 06/20/2019
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Ratings & Reviews
Jenny C
When I first found myself in need of child care, I began visiting various places. When I visited Nancy's I knew that was where I wanted my child to go. She didn't have availability at the time, but she kept my information and called me as soon as she had an opening. My little guy was only in Nancy's care for a short time to fill a need for our family. We had a unique situation and Nancy was very accommodating to it. We will always be thankful to Nancy and her loving care of our little boy!
Sarah S
My son Dominic has been in Nancy daycare for almost a year. Nancy is amazing! She has a keen attention to detail that is very important when taking care of our children. My son is in love with her...and to me that is the best feeling ever. To make it even better she loves him back. My son is thriving in this daycare and is learning so much in her care. son has manners. ABC yup he knows them and isn't even two yet? Sometimes he starts singing songs and saying new things. I am thankful for the positive impact Nancy has made on my son. I would recommend her daycare to anyone and I feel proud that she accepted us as well. :)
Jay G
My son was 2-1/2 when we found Nancy and what a difference! He had been to another daycare for a few days but he cried (for hours) every time we mentioned taking him back. A friend told us about Nancy and we interviewed her right away. She was great and needless to say we sent him there (and our daughter during summer and breaks) and they loved going to Nancys. I feel both are better people because they went there. We highly recommend her!
Laura G
Nancy is AMAZING!!! My 18 month old son has been going to her day care since he was about 10 months and we (my husband, son and I) are all beyond happy and thankful for her and her family! Nancy has been a true blessing, it's shocking to my husband and I how she is PERFECT with blending in being very firm and loving with all the kids. Our son has learned so much from being there and I have learned a lot to. Her home is always spotless and beautifully decorated for every season, she teaches all the kids to respect the decorations and I'm sure that thanks to her my Christmas tree is surviving. She always has healthy meals for the kids and my son just loves her, he even asks to go to her house on days when he doesn't have daycare, sometime when we pick him up he will say hi to my husband or I but run back inside with the kids. This is a daycare where your child will be in a home away from home, learn important life values and will feel very loved!!
Laura M
My daughter was well taken care of by Nancy from 5 months old until she started preschool and now my Son is at Nancy's daycare. She really became a second mom to my kids. I have referred several of my friends who all feel the same way. It really becomes a community full of love and support for new moms. I would be happy to be a reference if you are considering having your child join Nancy's daycare.

Nancy has cared for my children for over 3 years. She has been a Godsend in her loving care of my children. They are stimulated, engaged, healthy foods are provided and she has a way with children. I have explored and interviewed MANY providers and never got the peace I get with Nancy. Her home is clean, organized, loving & festive. She is very flexible.
Sarah L
My husband and I have searched for a daycare for our son for the last 12 months. Every daycare we previously visited either gave us a bad feeling or was not the right comfort level or fit for us. We were skeptical that we would find an affordable home daycare that would provide a safe and loving environment. Luckily we recently found Nancy, and she's been amazing! We still can't believe how lucky we are that we found her. Nancy is so sweet, kind, and loving. Right away we noticed how clean and tidy the home was and how sweet & in touch Nancy was with the kids that she cares for. We also noticed that she really makes an effort to help the kids learn and understand manners, sharing, and that mommy and daddy always come back. Finding someone to care for your child for the first time is a very difficult experience and Nancy has helped to make this a smooth transition for our family and we are and forever will be so grateful that we found her to care for our son!
Allison H
Over a 10 year period my best friend and I have sent our three kids to Miss Nancy's daycare. We have never met a parent named "Anna" and the parents are all pretty close. Anna - you obviously wrote on the wrong page.
This person appears to be honest. Wait until she tries to steal your husband away. she loves to text, especially the men. at all hours. Watch out if you want to keep your family intact. Dangerous! She spends to much time texting at least with my husband.
Allison G
As a first time parent we were extremely nervous about finding the right daycare provider. Luckily we got a referral from a close friend and Nancy had an opening at the time. I cannot imagine having sent our daughter anywhere else at 5 months old. My daughter is now 2 yrs old and learning and blossoming every day under Miss Nancy's care. Her daycare is like a well-oiled machine - operating with lots of love and order. She has fun learning activities, endless toys, healthy meals/snacks, structured schedule and teaches the kids life skills. She has some great phrases and tactics she used with the children that we have adopted in our home and everyday lives. My daughter has even named her doll Nancy and asks to "go bye bye to Nancys" often. We are so blessed to have this daycare provider.
Lorena A
Like any parent, our first concern is to know who will be taking care of our children when we go to work. I, for example, would have anxiety over wondering who would take care of my son, Kaed. I wanted someone that gave him as much love and would teach him values and respect for others as well as I did. A few parents had told me that I should not focus on these qualities on a daycare provider, as this was not their responsibility.

After meeting Nancy, I knew that I had found a great person to trust my child with. What I didn't know was that Nancy actually has all the qualities I had always wanted for someone that was going to be taking care of my child. She took care of my son from 15 months of age until he was 4 years old and ready to start pre-school.

Nancy is patient, kind, loving, nurturing and above all, she teaches children about respect and manners. Now that my son is 5 years old, we still talk about Nancy all the time. My son has nothing but great memories of her, and we still talk about good manners that she enforced with him. When people ask me how is it that my son is so respectful, I like to take credit for this, but the truth is that we owe it all to Nancy.

When looking for someone that you can trust your children with, go with Nancy.
Michael C
We found Nancy through the website and felt so fortunate to have crossed paths with such an amazing caretaker. We began taking our son to her when he was 6 months old and she made this difficult transition as first time parents so easy. Nancy offered for us to come by and meet her several times, drop in anytime once we began taking our son there, and even gave us updates and sent photos of how well he was adjusting during those first several weeks. She was very professional in dealing with payments, kept records diligently, and always gave us plenty of notice when we needed to refill supplies such as diapers and formula. She owns a beautiful home that is well kept and safe for children of all ages while also celebrating many holidays with the children through arts and crafts as keepsakes. Once you meet Nancy you will know she is the right person to care for your child as she is kind, caring, trustworthy, and genuinely cares about each family and child who comes through her door. I highly recommend Nancy to all families with full approval.
Sharon T
Leaving your child with someone else is never easy, but after meeting Nancy I felt completely at ease. There were a few things that really impressed me. 1) She was so in tune with the kids. You can tell immediately that she really loves children, and nurtures the learning state they are in. 2) She provides structure and a clean, orderly environment. Her house is amazingly well kept. She teaches the kids how to respect things that aren't theirs and instills values on taking care of themselves and their surroundings. 3) Healthy home made well-balanced meals are provided. She introduced foods like cucumber that is still one of my daughters favorite foods today! 4) She is constantly coming up with new fun activities that help the kids learn core skills like counting, letters, colors, respect, responsibility, thankfulness. 5) She has super high energy! I don't know how she does it all, she is an amazing person and I feel so blessed that we found her on My daughter was lucky enough to be in her care for nearly 2 years. I feel like my daughter wasn't just "watched" while I was away, she really was parented and nurtured to be a confident, joyful, respectful little girl that has set the foundation for her future growth. We love Nancy!
Prairie P
Although my son was not able to go to Nancy's daycare because she was at full capacity, she allowed me to come visit and meet with her during the workday when her daycare kids were there. She was AWESOME with all of the kids and took the time to give me great advice and tips for looking for a daycare that I am comfortable with. She continually takes the time out of her day to keep me informed on things I should know/ask about daycare. It is very obvious that she has a great love and compassion for kids and she truly cares about each and every child, regardless of whether or not they attend her daycare. If she ever has openings, she is on the top of my list for sure!
Kate E
Nancy was the first person I interviewed when looking for daycare. She made me feel so at ease, and I loved the way she interacted with the children in her care. All of them were having so much fun, and you could see the admiration they had for Nancy. Our needs didn't match her availability, but I would recommend her in an instant, solely based on the help she offered as I continued to look for care for our son. She is a friendly, loving, class act, a true professional.
Laura W
Nancy Montalvo is so amazing with children! She really puts her love and attention into her daycare. My husband and I were very impressed with how she runs the day for the kids. She's structured, and fun at the same time! Also, our son happened to have a medical emergency while under her care and she handled it like a pro. She knew what to do, and did it calmly. Thanks to her he got the medical attention he needed. We highly recommend Nancy.
Tricia K
Nancy is amazing with children. She truly has a God given gift for caring for children as if they were her own. Nancy has taken care of both my children, up to the ages of 3 (they are now 3yrs 10 mo and 6yrs 10 mo). She is considered family to us and her daughter is the Godmother of our youngest son. I highly recommend Nancy for anyone looking for a family orientated environment. Nancy cares very much for our family still, even though my children are in preschool and elementary school. She is extremely patient, consistent and loving. I could not have asked for a better environment for my two boys. We are so thankful to have found Nancy to care for our children.
Nancy came highly recommended from a family friend, and has been taking care of our son since he was one. We couldn't be more satisfied with the level of care she provides, and the results speak for them-self. The daycare itself is very clean, comfortable, and safe. I can't say enough in this post to convey all the positive aspects associated with this daycare. Nancy has a proven formula for success, and provides the structure and consistency we were looking for to prepare our son for preschool/kindergarten. We have come to know Nancy and her entire family over the last 6 years, and feel as if they are now part of our family. Our son is a well mannered, considerate young boy, and has excelled in school due in large part to this daycare. Our family is very fortunate and blessed to have found this level of care. I highly recommend Nancy and her daycare!
Allyson R
We have been sending our son to Nancy for about a year and we couldn't be happier with our experience. Nancy provides such a loving and nurturing environment for children. I truly feel like she loves our son as if he were her own. Nancy is incredibly organized and trustworthy. The children are exposed to great educational activities, arts and crafts, and plenty of playtime! My son is always so happy when he comes home from Miss Nancy's. I feel so at ease knowing that my son is in such wonderful hands!
Anthony K
Our family has known Nancy Montalvo for over five years, and during that timeframe she has taken care of my grandson as if he was her own.

She provides a safe "family environment" within her home for all the children under her care. As a former US Marine Corps Officer I and my son (a California Law Enforcement Officer) demand a very high quality of care, before we would entrust him to any person or day-care center.

Nancy maintains a small group of children under her care who get individual attention, but more importantly are provided a loving and caring environment that only a "home" could accomplish.

Beyond that, Nancy "sets the stage" for an early educational foundation that as parents we hope our children will receive. Our son was more than prepared for Kindergarten and 1st grade based largely on what Nancy taught him during his five years with her.

She provides healthy home cooked meals, demands and teaches good manners and respect for others.

As my grandson has matured into the public school system, we as a family still keep in active contact with Nancy and visit often through every month, in order to maintain his relationship with her.

I (we) can without any hesitation whatsoever, highly recommend Nancy Montalvo and her day care program to any parent(s) who desire to have their children looked after, cared for and educated as if your child were hers!

If you would like any further recommendation please contact Nancy Montalvo and request my (our) contact information.


Anthony K and Sean K
Nancy has been great with our son and runs a very well organized daycare. The kids have created a strong bond with each other and with Miss Nancy. I don't worry at all about the welfare or happiness of our child while he's at daycare.
Sandy V
My 2 year old daughter has been coming here since she turned 1. When I came here, I knew this was the right place. It felt like a comfortable home environment, with the right balance of preschool area/learning and a bonus was a nice, clean and safe backyard for kids. I feel like I am taking my daughter to my family's house. Nancy treats us like family, which I could not be more grateful for. She makes healthy food for the kids, is always happy, and she loves what she does. My daughter has learned so much since she has been here. It is evident that Nancy takes pride and cares about the daycare and the kids really love and respect her. I feel really lucky to have found such an amazing place where I trust and feel good about leaving my child.
Paula A
Hello Parents-and Parents to be, Nancy has been my daughter's day care provider since she was two and half months old and honestly Nancy has taken care of my daughter like she was one of her own. My daughter is three years old now and she loves going over to Nancy's house. The things I like at Nancy's day care and she provides - are structure, a learning environment, discpline, good manners, plenty of play time and of course naps. I also like that Nancy provides home cooked meals instead of feeding the children processed foods. Nancy provides a safe, learning environment for all kids of all ages. My child is an only child but she has learned to play with other kids, learned to share, and communicate. Nancy is very throughout in providing feedback on your child's day. Althought she runs a tight ship at home, you can see how much she loves what she does and it shows in how she cares for her (your) kids. As a new mom, I welcomed the advice she gave me with my daughter. I have recommended her services to another parents without a doubt. I can't say enough good things about Nancy's day care but I can say that I leave my daughter in her care everyday because I know she is well-cared for and I can go to work and not worry.
Casey R
Nancy is the best! She is well organized and provides a structured day for the children. She goes the extra mile by making sure holidays and birthdays are special for the kids. She is always teaching them, from flash cards to the alphabet. There are lots of arts and crafts too! Her home is very neat and clean. She is always available if I have questions and provides a daily account my son's activity. Nancy takes a lot of pride in her work and it shows, my son absolutely adores her!
Sharon T
Nancy is a child care rockstar. My daughter and I absolutely adore her! All of the previous comments are true, her home is very clean, the kids eat healthy, they play learning games (numbers, letters, shapes, patters, colors, etc), and learn behave with respect. All of this is done in a very consistent and fun way. My daughter always looks forward to going to Nancy's in the morning. The thing that really shines is her communication. She is able to really connect with the children in a way that helps them understand the world around them, she takes the time to explain why things are the way they are from why certain rules are in place, to why and how a door lock works. Her communication with me is exceptional as well. She will send a picture of my daughter having fun at a park, or a text about her having used the potty for the first time. Every day I get a folder with "homework" that my daughter did that day and a note from Nancy about the day with overall comments, food ate, time slept, upcoming announcements etc. She's organized and genuinely gifted with children. I can't say enough good things, we are really going to miss her when we have to move!
Happy M
Miss Nancy is absolutely wonderful. She has been caring for our son for almost two yers. She is organized, reliable, and very loving. Her daycare and home are immaculately clean!! She provides daily communication about my sons day and is very detail oriented. Nancy feeds the children healthy foods and takes pride in her homemade meals. My son comes home neat and clean and happy. My son loves Nancy and I feel that she loves him too. I have recommended Nancy to several friends and have the highest confidence in her care.
Kim R
My daughter is now 8 years old and still talks about and visits Nancy. Nancy will always be a part of our circle of friends as we trusted her 7 years ago to help us with child care as a double working household. It was very scary when we started to look for a comfortable Day Care Provider until we found Nancy. We are a Law Enforcement employed household and have seen the worst of the worst in the world. Nancy was there for us early in the morning and sometimes occasionally late pic ups. She provided a nurturing, well disciplined safe environment for our daughter. The part that makes Nancy special is her knowledge of what babies and toddlers need for development. She understands that nurturing and love is a component to raising a healthy child and provided that to our child while we had to work. As hard as it was to be away from our 1 year old and work, we drew comfort in knowing she was with Nancy getting hugs, kisses and the structure she needed to develop emotionally. Nancy took care of our daughter for almost four years and we will forever be thankful we found her. To this day, I routinely visit Nancy just to say hi and I am always impressed with the love she provides all the babies and children in her care. It is so obvious she truly loves her job. We found a trust in Nancy that fit our needs and our daughter is now in 3rd grade with found memories of "Ancy" as she use to call her as a toddler. If your a parent and want to contact me for questions, then get a hold of Nancy and ask her for my phone number and I'd be happy to share. After all this is probably the single most important decision of our life as parents...Who do we leave our child with when we have to work????
Jenn C
The thing I like about Nancy's daycare most is that it is truly a home environment and is run like a home in many ways. The children are fed healthy meals and sometimes help in the preparation of those meals. She doesn't put on TV very much, tries to play music sometimes and when the weather is nice she'll take the kids out in her backyard. She disciplines the children as needed with a firm voice on their level, something I respect and want in my daughters life on a regular basis. I find my daughter is very happy there and I'm comfortable with the care and don't find myself worrying so it is a great situation for us.
Billy H
I am thankful to have found Nancy for my daycare needs. She is very organized and gives me full details of the day. My daughter always is very happy at her place and that is very important to me.
Stacy B
We are so lucky to have Miss Nancy in our lives. She takes care of my son like I would. Her daycare and home are in immaculate condition. She is very organized and provides daily communication about my son. Nancy provides a stimulating environment for my son to learn, grow, and play. She feeds him only healthy foods for breakfast, snack, and lunch. My son has never once hesitated when going to Miss Nancy's house. She has gone above and beyond in accommodating my family's needs from the very beginning. I am 100% confident in Nancy and have gone to her for parenting advice on more than one occasion. Nancy is more that just our daycare provider, she is now a family friend.
Danielle D
Nancy is truly amazing she goes above and beyond with the kids.Her daycare is extremely clean and well organized. She always makes sure to communicate with me how my daughter is doing wether it be asking me about her Dr apt, her grow stats, and her eating habits. I typically drop off but don't pick up and she always makes sure to put a report of the day of how the day went in her bag that i can read when i get home. My daughter loves to go there to play with her friends and see Nancy. I never worry and feel very lucky to have found her.
I offer Friday night dinner, fun, and movie nights with the children so that parents can have an opportunity to have date night. Drop off is at 5:30 pm and pickup will be at 9pm. I try to do this monthly. It depends on my family schedule.
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