Blandi Child Learning Center

504 Kennedy St NW
Washington, DC 20011

Blandi Child Learning Center

504 Kennedy St NW, Washington, DC 20011
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Ratings & Reviews
It was hard looking for a place for my infant. The teachers are attentive and they inform you about the smallest things to avoid miscommunication. I love that!
Love this place! The staff are friendly and caring. That's all that matters to me. I care about what she learns but at the same time her well-being is most important. She loves coming to daycare and she sings her way in. There are times when she doesn't want me to leave her during drop off but every day I struggle to get her out during pick up time.
Margot S
Seceral bad experiences and not consistent staff
Samantha R
My husband and I scouted for daycare centers for a month and couldn't find a place that we felt comfortable with. But then we found this little gem hidden in the very heart of Kennedy Street. I was amazed on how thorough the staff were during the tour. I almost didn't have to ask my questions. The place is neat, staff are very friendly-not only that they greet you they also help you with your bags as soon as you enter the door.
Suddo R
My son has been going to this center for 3 years. It is the best day care I ever have the staff are loving, they known your child name and also not only that but, the curriculum and home work are well motivated for your child to do something everyday. Even though my child start public school I still use this center when my child is on schools break. I love the owner Mrs. Fernandez she is awesome.........
Ebonique T
This is a great day care center. I enrolled my daughter when she at 16 months, she is now 3 and going to Pre-K 3 this August. She learned so much here and the staff here are loving, kind, and attentive to your child. The kids have a curriculum and homework which I think is great, which helps me continue the learning at home along with what I was already doing (once she turned 2). I plan to put my next baby here once it turns 15 months. Mrs. Fernandez is awesome with the kids, staff, and parents!!

Ebonique I.
Angelina R
FYI--I'm one of the neighborhood parents recommended by the reviewer below :^) And I'm very grateful to have been given the advice! I enrolled my son at Blandi's in Jan. at the age of 4.5 months. Although it was tough to leave my babe for work, I was totally confident in the quality of care he would receive at Blandi's--and I have not been disappointed. They are so caring and their interest in my son and his well being is evident daily. They leave me detailed notes of his daily activities and I love the little stories they share. They also expose him to different languages, cultures and fun stuff like finger painting, water play and musical instruments. When i bring him in in the mornings, I can tell he's excited to be there and it warms my heart. I hope this review is recognized as a thank-you to the staff--I'm so grateful for the good work they do.
Lucinda B
A little over a year ago, I began looking for a child care facility for my then 2 year old son. I am a Pediatrician and I wanted my son to attend somewhere special. I did not simply want daycare, I wanted a place that provided exceptional early childhood education and development in a nurturing, safe environment where my son would feel secure. I researched and interviewed many places but it was not until I met Mrs Blandina Fernandez (director) that I knew I had found that special place for my son. She and the staff are warm, compassionate, very knowledgeable about the care of children, and all take learning and development very seriously. After only a few weeks at Blandi's Child Learning Center, I immediately noticed the growth in my son's vocabulary and his zest for learning increased as well. Now at 3 years of age, my son performs as well as many 4 and 5 year olds. He loves to "go to school" everyday and loves his teachers and friends. I also have a 1 year old son who attends Blandi's and he already counts to 10 and sings his ABCs! I am thoroughly pleased with Blandi's Child Development Center. They have a great curriculum for kids, they provide structured, enriching, fun, and educational activities everyday, they provide nutritious meals and snacks, they have parent meetings and provide updates and evaluations about your child's progress, and they genuinely love what they do. I would recommend Blandi's Child Learning Center to anyone.
Amanda S
As a first-time mother, I was understandably nervous about leaving my little one to go back to work, especially since she was a preemie. However, the staff at Blandi's Child Learning Center have made the transition incredibly easy. I know that my daughter is safe and extremely well cared for, and they are very flexible in working with parents to get their little ones on schedules that work for them. I especially love that her teachers are constantly working with her on her development and challenging her. With the staff's help, my daughter is happy and thriving.

I have already been recommending Blandi's to other expectant parents in the neighborhood, and I would absolutely recommend this center to any parent looking for childcare in the area.
Kelley S
Blandi's Child Learning Center is safe, well staffed and perfect for the social and learning devlopment of infants and toddlers. I have no worries when I kiss my son goodbye and go to work-knowing he is in the best care and hands. The ambience is very warm, nurturing, and friendly! The staff is very knowledgeable about best practices and the devlopment of young students--emotionally, socially, and cognitively. I recommend Blandi's CDC to any family looking for the city's hidden secret when it comes for care and devlopment of infants and toddlers!

*I am a local high school math, I know the importance of a safe, productive, engaging LEARNING environment!!*
Alex M
This day care by far exceeded all of my expectations since the very beginning. I think five stars would not do justice to properly rate the establishment. My 2 year old has only been there a few months and he is developing so fast. He identifies colors, numbers, letters, animals and much more. Just the other day he was telling me what sound the elephant, monkey and chicken make. It sincerely blew me away and I believe it due to the exceptional style of Blandi's care and the environment conducive to learning. I was very happy to find that the teacher's interaction with the children is individualized and focused to their learning abilities. Recognizing that a child academic growth is done at home as well as in school, each day the teacher gives you a report of the child's progress and tells you what we, as parents, can do to contribute to their child's learning. Wonderful school, a true blessing.
Aleisha G
Blandi Child Learning Center is a really great daycare. My daughter adapted very well and picked up on learning really fast. She knows how to count in English and Spanish, and she knows her ABC's and colors. The staff members are very friendly, and dedicated to making sure all of the children are learning and included in every way possible. This is a very nice daycare it is always clean inside and they give you a daily report of how your child is doing, and the staff members are very professional. Overall I would recommend this daycare to anyone because they have a very loving environment.
Sharon L
IF I COULD GIVE THIS DAYCARE MORE THAN FIVE STARS I WOULD!!!!!! The director ( Mrs. Fernandez ) and staff always greet me with a huge smile when I drop my daughter off everyday. The atmosphere is always positive for the children and parents; we just recently went on a field trip to Luray Caverns and it was wonderful! She is very organized and everything was planned well, she truly takes the time to expose the children to different things outside of the center. My daughter is 21 months and everyday I receive a complete lesson plan of what was covered for the day and also she receives homework which I love taking the time to do with her at night. I truly feel at ease when I drop her off, and the center has cameras everywhere to monitor the children and also this place is ALWAYS CLEAN. I've experienced the worst of daycare centers and really appreciate what I have been blessed to find at BLandi's Child Care. Thank You Mrs. Fernandez and staff :)
Nikita M
I LOVE THIS DAYCARE!!!! Best decision I have ever made. I am a young single mother and a full time student at Howard University. My son is three years old and has been to two other daycare's since my time at Howard; and this place by farrrrrrrrr is the best!!!! All staff including the director greets you at the door. Everyday you receive a complete description of your child's activities, diet, bathroom schedule, and lesson plan. They even send him home with Home Work everyday, this just shows me that they put education first. Furthermore, One of the hardest problems I've had with my son was potty training him. And me being a female it was definitely a challenge. After one week my son was using the toilet like he's been using it for years. He even learned how to use it standing up. I am most appreciative for this because diapers were killing my pockets. I am just saying if you don't believe me just go and see for yourself. The quality of service is impeccable. THANK YOU BLANDI CHILD CARE!!!!!!!
Gizachew E
As a first father without any experience I was not sure where to leave my twin boys, but my wife and I searched many daycares by stopping by and asking the parents how each daycares are doing. Finally, we decided to let my boys stay at Bland's since them I am happy for my boys to let them get a care they need. The best things I like about Bland's are:
The ratio to teachers and children
The interaction between all the staff and children
My boys attitude to their school
The consistency of home works for the babies that helps them to develop their motor skills
Greeting of all staff members to all parents. There fore it is my pleasure to recommend every body to check Bland's Child Learning Center. Finally, I would like to say thank you all staff for taking care of my boys.
Celsa F
To leave and reliance your child to someone's care, would be the hardest things to a parent to do. As a fortunate parent, I found love and trust in Blandi Child Learning Center to my beautiful child. Over the past year Blandi Child Learning Center provided with an outstanding/excellent service to my child. The staffs in Blandi Child Learning Center are professional, wonderful and loving, I don't have to worry about the safety of my child at all, I strongly recommend to any parent who is looking for care provider in the area. I am very lucky to find Blandi Child Learning Center a place for an excellent care and service. Thank you very much Blandi Child Learning Center for providing such an excellent care to my child. Sincerely Parent of Felicia Ishbel Flores.
My 7 month old son has been attending at Brandi's learning center since August, 2013. My husband and I visited several daycare sites, and it was not easy to meet our expectations such as learning environment, cleanness, attitudes of staff members, diverse population among children and staff, and cost. When we decided to visit this center at the last min, Ms. Fernandez, the director greeted us nicely. She has cultural sensitivity that impressed me because she was eager to learn my native language, Japanese. We also noticed the difference from the other daycare sites. This center was well organized with open space, there are security cameras, cleanness, and all staff members were friendly. My son seems happy and I can see that he is learning a lot through art and music activities. I love his caregiver-- she is very kind and thoughtful. I was nervous to drop my son off first week because he disliked formula and accepted only breast milk. One day, I couldn't produce enough breast milk, so I brought formula as a back up. Now, he is willing to drink formula! I was surprised and very relieved that he adjusted it well. I thank the caregiver's patience and effort. I recommend this center.
Angelica L
My daughter is happily attending Blandi's Child Learning Center since April 2013. What an awesome place for kids! I love her teachers (Ms. Evelyn, Ms. Janika, Ms. Fetiya & Ms. Muleta). And, the director, Mrs. Fernandez is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She makes you feel at home and makes everyday feel like a celebration. She is full of life but implements a strict schedule that includes music ( She plays the piano & sings to the children), family field trips and everyone gets homework! Mr. Rod greets us every single morning with a hello & a smile. They all make learning fun! Aniyah enjoys reading books, singing and is counting because of what she's learning in the Ruby Class. Aniyah was enrolled in Love & Care Child Care Center and I was very upset with the sub par care she received. I can't be any happier at Blandi's for she is excited and loves to come to a clean & loving learning environment. We need more child care centers like Blandi's Child Learning Center because they are preparing our little people for the future in a wonderful way. I live on the other side of town and it takes me an hour to bring my daughter to school. I would do anything for her!! It's so worth it so I highly recommend them!
Shari C
My daughter will almost be 2 and has been going to Blandi since May 2013. I have to say I was impressed the moment I visited the place. It was clean, organized and child friendly. Prior to coming to Blandi, my daughter was at a babysitter with 2-3 other kids. The day-to-day activity was questionable as I stopped getting daily reports. This was not the case at Blandi! I get daily reports on what my daughter ate, when she slept and what they learned. What impressed me most was that homework is assigned nightly. The teaching staff are great as well. They are attentive to my daughter needs and are even helping with potty training and talking. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat and looking back I wish I would have found Blandi sooner!
Balandis is the best child learning center no question its clean, neat, and warm loving place no body should hesitate to take their child to the place when parents get there whether to drop or pick their child first thing they see is warm greeting. my daughter was 29 month now she is 3 she love everyone there and she learn a lot daily
they have daily homework (trace lines, trace A to Z numbers coloring etc...) easy stuff to give them the sense of sitting down at home doing they have learned during the day now she doesn't want my help she does what ever her home work is 'mommy I can do it". the best thing is the progress note what activity they did eat, walk, nap,paint all info comes home in written love it my daughter is happy Ms. Fernandez (owner)is the best and all the caregivers are sweet and polite knowledgeable.
Keep up the good work "terrific" as my daughter learn and say it daily
Temitope B
My daughter started going to Blandi Child Learning Center when she was 4 months old. She is now 8 months old and we are very impressed with this facility.

The owner, Ms. Fernandez is always upbeat. She greets us with excitement every single day and checks to make sure everything is ok and to see if you have any concern whatsoever. She is meticulous and on top of ensuring that her staff pay meticulous attention to your child's care.

Everyday I have gone to pick up my child, I have noticed that the facility is clean. The teachers are friendly. They all greet me as I walk in, even those who are not my child's teacher. My child's teachers (Ms. Miriam, Ms. Belinda and Ms. Tina) all care about her. I review her daily report and notice they feed her on time, engage her in age-appropriate activities and keep her clean.

I was nervous about day cares initially as this is my first child, but I am very comfortable dropping my daughter off everyday at Blandi Child Learning Center and my mind is at peace knowing she is well taken care of.

I am happy with and recommend Blandi Child Learning Center.
Lauren B
My daughter started daycare at 3 months old. After much looking for a daycare that met all of my needs, I found Blandi's Learning Center. After touring the facility, I was impressed and had my husband look at the facility also. We were impressed with the cleanliness of the facility, the professionalism of Ms. Fernandez, how enthusiastic the teachers were, and the focus that this was the learning center, not a day care. I felt like this center was too good to be true. After over a month of attending we have yet to be disappointed. Teachers from all classrooms greet my 4 month old daughter with excitement in the morning. I receive a progress report in the afternoon detailing her eating, naps, and diapers. She is able to participate in art projects that are proudly displayed in the classroom. Most importantly, my daughter is happy and well cared for when I pick her up in the afternoon.
Blue L
My son started daycare at Blandi's almost 2 months ago. I was nervous about putting him in a center but when we visited Blandi's, my husband and I really liked Ms. Fernandez's energy. Every morning, all of the teachers greet us (even the teachers not in the infant room). I like getting the daily reports of when my son ate and slept, and what activities he did.

The teachers in the infant room are very warm, and are always energetic and enthusiastic every morning. They have a monthly theme, where they center activities around. I know my son is in good care when I drop him off. And when I pick him up in the afternoon, he is always in a good mood.
Elainena E
I recently moved back to DC and searched for months on various internet sites to include prior to moving to find suitable and affordable childcare arrangements for my 20 month old daughter. My daughter has been in full time daycare in PG county MD since she was 4 months old. At her previous daycare, she was treated warmly and lovingly. However, the staff's professionalism, cleaning standards, lack of nutritious foods and structure was very disapointing and routinely unsettling. As a result, I was very cautious and nervous when choosing my daughter's care provider in DC for fear of encountering the same negative issues. The moment I visited Blandi's Child Learning Center my mind was at ease. Mrs. Fernadez greeted me with kindness, gave me a tour that included a very informative brief of the Center's background, structure and daily operations. I was very impressed by Mrs. Fernadez's passion for nuturing children through education and love. My daughter has been attending the center for 3 weeks now and has quickly adapated to the staff and routine due to the patience and care of Ms Evie, Ms Erin and the rest of the staff during her transition period. My daughter is excited when I drop her off in the mornings and actively engaged no matter what time of day I pick her up. I am also very pleased with the seamless ease of drop off and pick up, the small class sizes, the approach to learning, the class design and the interactive caregivers. I am always met at the door with a pleasant smile, thoughtful words and energetic vibes. From the short time my daughter has attended the center, it is evident that the center's priority is nuturing children through care and a high focus on learning through creative play, activities and structured educational programs for each age group. My daughter comes home singing new songs and saying new words on a daily basis and has even accelerated her potty training habits through Ms Evie's care. I am extremely statisifed with the quality of care Blandi's Child Learning Center provides and would highly recommend the center to families in the area.
Minozka S
I learned about Blandi's daycare through While this daycare option was not even on my radar, my husband and I decided to stop by unannounced one afternoon. From the moment we set foot in the center, we were treated very well. Mrs. Fernandez and her son Rod met with us, provided us with information about the center, and gave us a quick tour. I was impressed with how well the children were behaving and how friendly, patient, and happy the caregivers were. Needless to say, after checking a few other facilities, we decided to have our child attend Blandi's Child Learning Center. My three-month-old child has been enrolled at Blandi's for 7 weeks now and I am extremely pleased by the superb way that staff treat the children. I am particularly impressed with how Ms. Christina and Ms. Miriam interact with the infants in their care. In the mornings, dropping off my child is such an easy process. Staff are practically waiting for me at front of the door to take my baby and the car seat so that I'm not delayed on my way to work. When I originally enrolled my infant at Blandi's, I told my husband that it would be temporary until we received an opening at another center. However, that is no longer my plan, since I now intend to leave my child there until he is age 3 and is ready to attend the same DC public charter school that my older child attends. Blandi is a great child care center and I would strongly recommend it to anyone without any hesitation.
Tebony C
From my first meeting with Ms. Fernandez I was very impressed with the facility and her warm caring demeanor. As a first time mom, going back to work after 8 weeks, I was very apprehensive about my son going to daycare at such a young age, but Ms. Fernandez put me at ease. Her extensive background in education and the experienced staff made me feel very comfortable with my decision. I know that the staff care about my son's development and wellbeing.
Valerie L
Our two sons (2yrs and 4 months) recently enrolled in Blandi Childcare and I can honestly echo the previous reviews. Mrs. Fernandez knows how to run a "Well-Rounded" Childcare center. My 2 yr old came from another childcare center that had no discipline, and no real learning environment. Mrs. Fernandez does not brag about the stellar care she and her staff provides, her confidence meets you at the front door. Our sons are well taken care of and just to hear my 2 year old speak in phrases like "mommy be careful" and "no thank you" are enough for me. Just 4 weeks ago he was not speaking in complete sentences at all. I also love the homework aspect. My son is so excited to do his homework, that one night, he did it on his own, with out any help and it was correct. Keep up the good work!!!
Tonya J
My husband and I were having anxiety about leaving our 4 month old with a stranger, until one day while actually driving around looking for a daycare provider, we met Blandina Fernandez. As soon as I rang the doorbell, she came to the door with a smile to greet me. I asked her if she was accepting new children and she smiled and welcomed us in. We talked and after we left, both my husband and I knew that our baby would be just fine with Blandina. She has been with Mrs. Fernandez for 7 months now and we could not be more happy. She is growing and developing at a rapid pace and we could not ask for more. We feel safe leaving our most precious little one with all of the people at Blandi's Learning Center.
This place is a perfect place to take your child and not worry about the attention they get. Mrs Fernandez created a very caring environment that children adores .My 4 year old loves it. He even calls her Grand Ma I couldn't ask for a better place than this to take my child to. It is a place where children learn not only just get care.Ms. Pam is the one taking care of my child she is very good on taking care of them and teaching them as well. I will recommend to every one whose looking for a best day care for their little one , I know am blessed I found it.
Katie R
We looked around a lot to find a great daycare for our 3 month old baby girl and Blandi Child Learning Center stood out from the rest. The Director, Ms. Fernandez's enthusiasm was contagious the day we first walked in and continues to be every morning and evening when we see her. She is someone who clearly loves her work and she has created a wonderful center based on decades of childcare experience and a clear vision of what a daycare should provide.

Our daughter's caretakers/educators are very loving and sweet. They've been taking excellent care of our daughter. My initial hesitation towards daycare in general quickly turned to relief knowing that she was in the care of nurturing experts. I love that Christina (who mainly looks after our daughter) writes us detailed notes about her feedings, diaper changes, sleep, etc. everyday.The center is clean, calm, and inviting and they seem to be doing a great job with children of all ages there. We feel very lucky that we found this place!
Kristin J
I love this place! Needless to say...... my 15 month old does too! I visited several daycare centers after keeping my daughter home for 1 year. We were very attached. It was time for me to go back to work and I was uncomfortable with the whole daycare thing until the day I met the daycare director, Mrs Blandina Fernandez. mrs Fernandez is the most passionate, dedicated, kind spirited woman you will ever meet. She greets me with a warm hello, lots of smiles everyday, and treats the parents like her very own family. She is so generous and runs a well organized daycare. All of the children are happy and are learning so much everyday. My daughter says, "hello" and "thank you" everyday when she was only 14 months! . The staff are all very kind and patient and are dedicated to meeting the unique and individual needs of every child. The daycare is not over crowded and Each classroom has several teachers. Also the staff members are very knowlegable, and are treated with the upmost respect. My daughter loves her teachers and never wants to leave. I've heard so many daycare horror stories and I'm sooo lucky to have found Blandis Learning Center. When I pick her up I am given a detailed daily report of what she ate, themes, nap times and potty training, along with the interactive learning assignments and toddler art work. This is a real leaning center! my daughter is learning everyday and receives homework in order to reinforce the skills she's learned that day. I can't say enough great things about this place. If your looking for quality daycare, and a place that will feel like home to your precious little one.... Look no further!!!!!
Gaelle K
We recently got enrolled in Blandi Child Learning Center. We cannot say how much we are impressed so far with the proposed curriculum. Our son is 14 months old, and he was in another center for about one year... my goodness, this was so bad; thus we needed to find a center that suited him better. Blandi Child Learning Center gives you a daily report of what the boy has learned, how much he ate, how long he slept and the potty's thing. Every morning, the caretaker or Ms. Fernandez takes my son and straight brings him to the bathroom to wash his hands. Just in a week, we have finally a happy child, who comes home far less frustrated and does his homework :-)
Yes they have daily homework (trace lines, trace A or 1 or 2 etc...) easy stuff to give them the sense of sitting down at home doing whatever they have learned during the day. I am not claiming that my boy does it on his own, I am saying that he ENJOYS sitting down for 2 minutes to do his homework. The learning is sensible. We noticed the difference right away. Do not look further. We made that mistake and waited too long before finally considering Blandi Child Learning Center (well it is on Kennedy Street NW bla bla bla...)! Just get a tour and you will be convinced! does not verify business credentials including licensing information. You are responsible for performing your own research to select an appropriate care provider. does not verify business credentials including licensing information. You are responsible for performing your own research to select an appropriate care provider.
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