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Danielle E
This is for the Sammamish Kindercare

I ultimately pulled my kids out of the Sammamish Kindercare after two weeks there. It wasn't a happy experience for me and I don't recommend it to others.

In those two weeks, my younger daughter (18 months) had one kid smack her in the face with a door and on a separate occasion came home with a bitemark on her arm (very visible). The kid smacking her with the door I didn't like but I understand when there are kids around, things happen (though I wasn't happy that the kids were so unsupervised two of them could play near the door area.)

The bite I was a bit more upset about, owing to the fact they never noticed it. I had to contact them about it. After I called the supervisor and she talked to the teachers, she told me no one saw any biting and no one noticed the bite mark on her arm while she was at the school.

That told me a lot on how observant they are around the children. Please remember, these are 18 month olds we are talking about. While I don't expect eyes on them every second, I would expect a somewhat close supervision. That they missed both the initial bite and never noticed a very visible bite mark on her arm afterwards made me very concerned.

The final straw was when my older daughter was slapped on the playground. Now, please note, for this story I SAW EVERYTHING. This is not a circumstance of a 4-year-old relating it to me and me sharing it second hand. No, everything said here is from my own observation.

At the end of the day I was picking up my children. All the kids were on the playground. As I was asking the teacher about how my daughters did that day I looked around and located my daughters. While the teacher was talking to me and we were both observing my daughter, a boy slapped my daughter across the face.

There is that one second where everything sort of stops, that "Did that really happen?" second where you are processing what you thought you saw did indeed happen.

After that second, the teacher restarted her talk on how their day went. I had to tell the teacher, "I think we need to check on my daughter first!"

I went over to my daughter while the teacher went to the boy. To make a long story short, I was EXTREMELY uninpressed with how the teacher handled the situation. The boy was never placed in any type of timeout or any punishment at all. While the teacher was talking to him, the boy was looking everywhere, and finally wandered off before the teacher finished speaking. The teacher didn't stop him.

The teacher didn't ask how my daughter was. The only thing she said to my daughter that related to what just happened was, "We'll make sure he keeps his hands to himself from now on."

There was no mention of writing up the incident, talking to the boy's parents, etc. All in all, she was unconcerned that my daughter had just been slapped in the face.

--- I should add here this was an unprovoked slap. There were no arguments or anything physical happening before the slap. My daughter was just hit out of the blue. Again, I know this because I WAS LOOKING RIGHT AT HER BEFORE IT HAPPENED. I mention this because when I called the center supervisor later she said the teacher mentioned something about kids arguing, and I said, "Stop right there and save your breath. I saw everything, and your teacher is wrong." ---

After seeing how poorly the center took care of the incident while I was standing there watching, I no longer trusted them to take care of my kids or felt safe leaving my kids there. In two weeks there were three disturbing incidents. I wasn't giving them any other chances.

I will say I liked several of the people there, I felt the facility was very safe, and I felt the upkeep and cleaning was done at a good level. That's the reason I give it 2 stars.

I should also say my kids were there during the summer and that the facility was going through some sort of inspection. Perhaps with both of these going on the facility was a little more lax than usual, I don't know. Give that the weight you want to.

Overall though, there is no way I'd take my kids back there.
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