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David G
Bunker Hill KinderCare (Center Number 000063) Negligence

On April 26th, 2018 I took my daughter to Bunker Hill KinderCare (Center Number 000063)

It was a direct blow to our family when at 5:30 pm she was picked up and her mother noticed her two front teeth chipped, busted lip, and a hit on her chin.

As parents, we inquired to what had happened and the Center Director, Ashlynn Snelling, was clueless about what had happened to our daughter. She asked her staff after we filled a report if our daughter had fallen, cried out loud, screamed, or interacted with other kids that would have caused this, and no one saw when the accident happened nor, did they see the blood on her lips.

Three incident reports were filled stating the names of the four people that interacted with our daughter that day: Kim, Tam, Yesenia & Amber.

To say that there was Child Care Center negligence is an understatement. Bunker Hill KinderCare (Center Number 000063) made no effort in caring for our daughter when she fell nor, did they communicate to us when it happened.

No one could tell us what had happened to our daughter. We were informed that no closed-circuit cameras nor parent cameras are present in their facility. Interestingly enough, I had received pictures of her first three days but received nothing from the facility today. I asked to see any pictures taken today of my daughter to correlate the time that the incident happened but was informed that they had not been downloaded.

We are fully aware that accidents occur in any facility but to not inform or hide this information from the parents is unprofessional, inconsiderate, and should be concerning to any parent that wishes to enroll their child at this location.

Effective immediately we will be removing our daughter from this location for her safety and care.
Horrible daycare. Stay away. My baby was there for only a week before I had to pull her out. I went to visit during lunch on the 1st day and saw a little baby on tummy time playing in his own vomit. Nobody noticed him. As I got closer to him, I noticed there was snot smeared on his face. Nobody noticed. He rolled over and was covered in poop on the front of his onesie. Nobody noticed until they saw me staring at him and looking around the room for anyone to notice him.

The workers eyes were always glazed over. There was no enthusiasm. The "sing-along songs" or whatever played over a cd player that skipped constantly ... nobody noticed. They just continued playing it.

My baby's hands were always FREEZING when I would pick her up. She was cold, but nobody noticed or did anything about it. And they would not let her have a blanket.

Babies would cry and cry in their cribs without anyone coming to their aid for the whole lunch hour I was there. They seemed to think this was normal and didn't even bother to hide it while parents were watching.

The place smells BAD.

And worst of all, the day I pulled her out of there I caught a worker yelling at the children in the 3-4(ish)-year-old class. That girl was walking so aggressively toward a scared little boy, I actually felt obligated to intervene (even though it wasn't my kid's class) because it looked like she would have hurt him. When I walked in she snapped out of it when she knew she was busted. I asked if this was typical behavior for her in her classroom. She replied that she was only doing it because the kids were being "very very bad" then explained that they had a toy and were running with it. Ummm, isn't that what 4-year-olds do? VERY unprofessional.

I was disgusted. I found MUCH better childcare at a 1:3 teacher-to-child ratio that was actually CHEAPER than this god-awful place. Don't settle for this. Keep looking.

My CURRENT place (NOT kindercare) has instructors that treat my daughter as if she is their own child/granddaughter. They ask me to wait a minute if we are talking and another child starts to cry. They never leave them to cry in a crib. My daughter is happy and sweet after 6 months with this place and she lights up when we enter the building. The rooms aren't freezers. The children are allowed bibs and aren't covered in vomit when we pick them up. The workers are enthusiastic and everyone lights up when they see each of the kids. When the older kids grow out of the infant class, you see them still always wanting to tell their old teachers hi and get a hug from them. It's a family atmosphere. It is NOTHING like that at Kindercare. Again, don't settle!

I feel terrible for all the kids we left behind at kindercare. I wish I could talk to their parents and tell them what I saw happening to their children and what I know about my current CHEAPER childcare.
I had the same experience of the other posters. I watched a woman yell at a group of kids.
Michael O
Bad place for kids.
:-( this place is not good. When my baby was 8 weeks old they sent him home with dried up poop in his diaper..that was the first straw. They are under staffed and cannot give the the children (especially the babies) the attention they need. My husband picked my son up and he was unattended (for who knows how long) rolling around on the carpet (on the toddler side where no one takes their shoes off) note**he is an infant...he came home with horrible rug burn on his face that we had to take him to the doctor cause it was raw and swollen.

These people are unorganized and overpriced for the quality they provide.

Also have seen cockroaches in there..and it smells bad...moving on
Terra D
From the outside this daycare seems and looks like a friendly modern daycare, but I had the most horrible experience with this school. My son was 3 when he first started daycare because we (his parents) we're extremely cautious about leaving him anywhere. The director was friendly and kind, his teacher Ms. Hannah was also very informative and nice, but not even a week into his schooling my son not fully able to speak told me his teacher PULLED HIS EAR because he would not go to sleep!!!!!! I was balling my eyes out for days and felt so horrible. I realize that he is just a 3 year old, but my son does not and has never gotten his ears pulled so I knew he was lying nor would he be capable of lying and knowing what the consequences would be. I immediately un-enrolled him and placed him at a daycare where a family member worked. I would NOT recommend this school at. The rooms smell like urine and the feeling is just not a good one.
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